Pork Chops – Easy way to make tender juicy Pork Chops

October 10, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
today we’re cooking pork chops on the
grill I’m gonna cook these on the green
mountain pellet grill
seared first on my propane grill now
when you try them at home you can cook
them on a wood pellet grill cook them on
a propane grill charcoal grill in the
oven on the stove in a pan it doesn’t
really matter how you cook them just
that you do need to cook pork to 145
degrees to be all the way done today I’m
gonna use garlic powder to season these
and a little bit of Chef Geno’s barbecue
rub this is a local recipe so
unfortunately you can’t get it on the
Amazon I’m going to post our website if
they have one in link right down here in
the description but let’s get these guys
seasoned okay as I mentioned we’re gonna
use a garlic powder and we’re gonna do
this other rub so first thing you want to
do is get a decent coat of garlic
powder on here alright let’s get some of
these Gino’s rub on here. we’re gonna
let them set probably for about 30
minutes before we get them on the grill
because we want this seasoning to soak
into the meat as much as possible and
these are a room-temperature pork chops
they’re about a pound a piece so we’re
gonna get this on our own but I like to
get the fat covered too on the edges so
that way the fat is nice and tasty some
people like to eat pork fat some people
don’t I kind of like it so I’m gonna
keep it so we got these
coated on one side where to flip them
all over here
you basically do these same to the other
side so good decent color garlic powder
running out here looks like I’m going to
need to shop my handy amazon or go to
the store get me a little more garlic
powder I’m gonna get this side real good get
a little extra on here for some flavor
like I said we’re gonna let these sit
for about thirty minutes before we get
them on the grill all right
those look nice and nice and coated and
leave them set we’ll get them on the
okay so these pork chops have been
sitting for about 30 minutes with the
seasoning on them look how that
seasoning is really just kind of melted
in here and really that gives it a
chance to soak into the meat real good
and flavors the meat up a little bit you
know you can let the set a little longer
if you want the flavors will soak in a
little better one thing I did want to
mention too is this seasoning if you’re
on a low carb or keto type diet the
amount of carbs really depend on the
seasoning because the meat is primarily
free but this seasoning here the
specific seasoning says it’s about 2.5
carbs per tablespoon so I would say
there’s somewhere in the vicinity of a
tablespoon per pork chop here so let’s
call it 2 to 3 carbs that’s still
fantastic for a decent meal right here I
know this is not a full meal but you
might add a salad or you know some
cottage cheese all low carb stuff that
complement this stuff very well so let’s
get these on the propane grill get a
nice sear on them and then we’re gonna
put them over to the green mountain
grill and cook them to temperature so
again we’re cooking these till 145 degrees. okay so we’re gonna get these on
the propane grill first this is just a
typical propane grill but you can use
charcoal if you want to sear them you
could just put them right on the
whatever grill you using but I like to
get a really nice sear on these so we’re
gonna put these on here probably leave them on
about two minutes a side just to rotate
them and get some really good sear marks
grill marks on there and then we’re
gonna get them over to the green
mountain okay so these have been on for
about four minutes total I flipped them
and switch them around look at the nice
sear marks on those
so I like to like I said I like to get a
nice sear on those we’re gonna take
these right now and move them to the
green mountain grill cook them to 145
okay so we’re gonna get them on the
green mountain grill here I have the
temperature thermometer in the one the
thickest part right along the bone here
so the bones gonna take the longest to
cook and get to the right temperature so
that’s why we want it right along the
bone so that we know these are cooked to
145 degrees and safe to eat so again
we’re cooking to temperature not for
time probably going to be somewhere
between 15 and 20 minutes but to
temperature 145 degrees okay so these
pork chops have been on for about
between 15 and 20 minutes they are 145
right now so we’re gonna go ahead and
get them off the grill look at how nice
and juicy those are
look at that
those look absolutely delicious and
we’re going to take them off here
we’re gonna let these set for about five
or ten minutes just let them set on the
cookie sheet all right so look at the
hose I’m going to take them inside and
get them covered and we’re gonna cut
into in about ten minutes okay so these
pork chops have been resting for about
15 minutes we’re gonna go ahead I like
to cover them with the towel if they’re
on the counter keeps a little more heat
in so we’ll get this guy of course the
biggest one right get this guy on here
I’m gonna add some mushrooms it’s cooked
in butter and a little bit of seasoning
there’s probably actually that’s
probably not as big a portion as you
could take and a half a cup there’s
about three carbs and as we said before
there’s about two carbs in this pork
chop so five carb meal right here that’s
pretty good so let’s cut this guy open
see what it looks like on the inside
well it’s not too bad it’s pretty look
at how moist that is right there and the
final step here let’s taste it mm-hmm
that seasoning we got on the outside
excellent and the tenderness inside,
excuse me, that’s a little bit uh 145
degrees we cook those two right there so
again pork you don’t want to undercook
that and mushrooms five carbs enjoy this
if you try it at home remember to like
my video comment let me know how your
turns out and tune in next time thanks
for stopping