PLANT BASED ON A BUDGET, Cheap Easy Meals | No. 2

January 24, 2020 0 By William Morgan

we are on a week two of building a plant-based pantry on a budget let’s jump in! For these next two weeks I spent about a $105 and only ate about $94 which leaves us with $6.70 cents per day for the next 14 days. I shopped at costco and sprouts for this and if you hear any little pitter pattering that’s my dogs.. Some items may be more expensive or less expensive depending on where you live. You may or may not like any of these items and you can just swap out compatible fruits or vegetables for items that you don’t like or that aren’t in season for where you live. You could swap out pineapple for mango, avocados for hemp seeds.. you do you. If at any point you decide that you like this video then give it a thumbs up down below to let me know that you want more videos like this and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel just hit the subscribe button down below and then also hit that notification bell to let you know whenever I post a new video. I post videos on Thursday but that will let you know exactly when I post a new video and sometimes I might throw in a surprise here and there, you never know. So as I said in the beginning we are building a plant-based pantry on a budget. We’ve done one week which is kind of two weeks but I’m just going to call them one week. I don’t really know what to call them. It’s week one we’re on week two but it’s really going to be four whole weeks because we’re doing two weeks at a time. So anyway if you have not watched – Koda can you lay down please – so if you have not watched the first week of the budget meal plan we’re going to be using some of the ingredients from that week in this week so if you have not watched that video yet you need to go down below in the description and click the link to the first video and check out that video first and or you can go to that video after watching this one, whatever you want to do, you do you. So if you’re ready to see a week two’s grocery list and recipe ideas then let’s get started. I’m going to show you all the food that can be eaten in a single day for these next two weeks so these are frozen bananas, frozen cherries, red onion avocado, a tomato, pineapple, limes butter lettuce head, salsa, peanut butter from week one, LIVfit superfood blend also from week one, chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), rice also from week one, and some soy milk. So now you can screenshot this and you can have this on hand if you would like a little reference but it’s also down below in the description. I also put the macros here for you: the protein, fat and carbs if you want to know those. And now for the grocery list: here’s all the fruit that I bought, I put the amounts and how much I paid for them. All this information is going to be down below in the description for you. Here are the veggies that I bought, I know the veggies are lacking, we’ll kick this up a notch as the week’s go on. And then here are the remainder of the items so I bought dried chickpeas but you can always buy canned it’s just going to be a little bit more expensive than buying dried and then these are the items from a week one that we’re also going to be using this week or some optional groceries i’m using himalayan salt and fresh peppercorn and this is just something people tend to have it on hand already in their pantry and also for some spices i would recommend getting one spice every time you shop they last a really really long time and they’re also really really good for you and add a lot of flavor to your dishes so I like to use cayenne pepper for my lime or lemon water it’s really good for circulation and for getting rid of toxins in your body i also like cinnamon in a lot of dishes it’s good for regulating blood sugar and ground turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and it also has four percent iron in just one teaspoon which is amazing and also ground cumin has seven percent iron in one teaspoon so that’s going to be the main reason why i’m going to be using two American ground cumin in these recipes again they’re optional buddy added extra iron is really nice now for the meal prep I’m going to start with garbanzo beans I’m gonna put the instructions on what I did here down below in the description but as you can see I just washed my garbanzo beans and added water and I put it in a crock pot on high for four hours this was so easy to make totally worth it very little effort I highly recommend buying dried over canned you’re not going to have all the toxins from the chemicals that they used in canned goods and you’re going to save some money and then for rice I’m also going to put instructions on what I did down below in the description how much I used for both the garbanzo beans and the rice I made four days worth at a time and then I just froze all of my bananas you don’t have to do this but my bananas ripen really fast and I don’t like them when they’re brown so I freeze them before they get brown and now for some sample meals this first one isn’t really a meal it’s not a meal at all it’s just lime water I have a leader of lime or lemon water every single morning and I also like to add a cayenne pepper to this I also have this at night and as much as I can throughout the day now for the first recipe I’m making a smoothie so it is pineapple cherries and bananas blended with soy milk to make a yummy super creamy smooth eat all of these recipes can be easily taken to go in a cooler with an ice pack yum II now for the second recipe this is a banana peanut butter chia seed pudding it’s bananas soy milk chia seeds live fit powder blend it all together I added a little bit more soy milk so it wasn’t too thick and then I topped it off with some peanut butter and then I’m just going to store this in the fridge to let the cheese soak up all of the liquid and become like pudding tapioca pudding texture this could be easily meal prepped just make three or four of these at a time and store them in your fridge and then you’ll have a really quick meal ready to go now for recipe number three this isn’t really a recipe but I just mixing chia seeds with water stirring it together really well and then letting it sit for about 15 minutes for the chia seeds to soak up the water and then they get nice and crunchy and chewy and they’re a really good thing to have if you have the munchies now for recipe number for lettuce tomatoes garbanzo beans for lots of protein red onion avocado for some healthy fats and some raw apple cider vinegar I added actually more than a tablespoon I’m only showing you that i added a tablespoon but out as much as you want raw apple cider vinegar is a really good natural probiotic if you have salt and pepper you can add this if you want now for a recipe at number 5 i’m adding rice salsa avocado pineapple and then squeezing on top some lime and if you have some extra red onion add that and here is where i’m going to add a little bit of cumin and turmeric to add that extra iron into my food and again totally you can be easily stored in a container and taken to work or to school and once your pineapple and your avocados are right you’re going to want to pop those in the fridge I just puts it off the tops of the pineapple so that it’s a little bit better in my fridge and then I just cut off the section and cover what I have it use with plastic wrap and just leave that you’re my fridge oh that is it thank you so for my food see you guys next time no see you guys next time