Pick-a-Better Snack Nutrition Education

November 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I’m Lisa Yoder and I’m a nutrition educator for
Johnson County. Um we take the pick-a-better snack program to
14 different schools
in Johnson County and
each program is for weeks 25 minutes a
and we’re going to different first and
second-grade classes to talk about
nutrition. I bring a different fruit or
vegetable into the classroom
and we have it as the snack each week
and so we talk about that fruit or
and then we also um give them
information so they can make
healthy choices for their body. I’m
Sonya Scott
and I am a first grade teacher at Hoover
elementary a lot of parents also
communicate to me that they really
enjoyed the program
their children are trying new things at
home. Um the one thing that I really
enjoy too is that
children are encouraged to be brave and
so no matter what they try to
the vegetable or the fruit they might not
think they like it and then they try and
actually love it and so that
that’s neat to see. My name’s Rachel
Laria and I’m the first grade teacher at
Hoover elementary school in Iowa City
it’s funny because the kid becomes like
the cool thing to try
the new thing and who likes it who
doesn’t what they like best and uh talk
at their tables about what’s that the
best choice
sometimes they’ll have like three different
ways you can try it and then they’ll talk about
what their favorite was
and then in the lunchroom on the
district has started doing more fresh
fruits and vegetables and
I’ve heard kids say “Oh we’ve had that in pick-a-better snack!” And then they all try it.
So it gives them an opportunity to
recognize foods not just in our classroom
but into the lunchroom and then hopefully
others areas of their life
and want to try and be more healthy. My
name is Melissa stall
I’m with the Iowa State Johnson county
extension office
and I teach pick a better snack. My
program is a little bit different
in the fact that I teach classes to
through sixth grade so of course I have the
9 lessons that I teach but I of course
gear them towards
whatever grade level that is we talk
about the food pyramid with
every grade level just according to what
they would understand.
We call it our healthy puzzle and so
we have to have the healthy puzzle
pieces all put together you kinda can’t
one without the other. Well its
remarkable because
there’s even changes in in a
session there are amazing changes from
the beginning of that session to the end in
the nine weeks
kids who would not touch anything kids
who were
we focus a lot on being brave and trying
new things because
really what’s the worst that can happen?
You might not like it
but the look of amazement that they get
even with the older kids that are
that have been a little more tentative
um, the fact that they actually like
I’m Ronda Mervick and I teach third
grade at Kirkwood elementary school. At
our school we have a lot of
families that are
are lower-income and I feel that
having pick a better snack is offering
choices of food that they may not get at
home and so with
they go to the store with Mom or Dad
they have the opportunity to say
oh we had that at school and I like that
and I’d like to try it so I think that’s
good that they’re introduced a new thing.
My name is Chris Nay and I teach third
grade at Kirkwood elementary
I also like the extension activities
the the extension service offers that I
can use
in the classroom during the week when
Melissa not there so there’s lots of
great handouts
and things that the kids can work on and
then I can reinforce that
almost on a daily basis with kids. Hi, my
name is Amy Andreson I’m the principal of
English Valley’s elementary school in North
English Iowa.
Well I think pick a better stack goes so
perfectly with the
Healthy Kids Act here in Iowa because
there are a lot of changes that have
come around
the last three years and I think we’re
gonna continue to see some of those
changes so
this just meshes so well with those I
think it’s impacted as
just that the kids are a little more
open minded to try something
and some of the things that shelley has
brought in are things that we are
unfamiliar with
for example today and we all know
pineapple but many of our kids have not
ever had fresh pineapple
and if you only had canned pineapple
you’re really missing out
so you know just having that experience
so that maybe next time that the store
they can tell their mom or dad hey you
know can we try
the the pineapple that’s fresh. I am really
learning about
how to make a difference in your life
it’s too late.