Perfect Sausage Casserole  🔥 | Jamie Oliver

Perfect Sausage Casserole 🔥 | Jamie Oliver

August 9, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Look at that, come on!
I’m just turning it around.
Okay lovely people, we’re gonna do the most amazing casserole
with a Catherine wheel sausage cooking over a brilliant ragu.
This is perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night.
It’s gonna be amazing.
I’m gonna peel two onions here
and I’m just gonna put them into quarters
and I’m just gonna put them dry actually into a pan at the moment.
I quite like doing this because you get
this char going on.
Then I’m gonna go for one chili.
I’m just gonna slice it up with the seeds in and we want a little
bit of spice happening there as well.
Finely slice a couple of cloves of garlic.
Straight in and still we haven’t got any oil.
We’re gonna go in with two level teaspoons of smoked paprika.
We’re gonna season with salt and pepper and
now I’m gonna go in with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
A slight reverse of your normal on a beginning to a ragu, so we’re gonna let that just
sweat off for a little bit, while I chunk up some butternut squash.
So be really careful, get the tip of the knife in like
that turn it around and do it on the
other side always cutting away from you.
You can use a little spoon just to take the
seeds out of the squash like that.
Cut it lengthwise like this and then I
want to chop it into like 1-inch little chunks.
Look at the colour, guys.
Move it around and look at that.
All of the flavours are sticking around the squash
and as soon have you’ve done that
we’re going to whack this in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius
which is 350 Fahrenheit for about half an hour.
Absolutely beautiful. Now I’m gonna go in with the chickpeas
and all the juices
and the butter beans.
Now you can change your pulses to whatever ones you’ve got available
or the ones that you like.
Chop those tomatoes up
add a little bit of water because it’s gonna reduce as it cooks down
and then what I want to do is put a little barbecue sauce in.
Just to give it a nice smoke, so about 100 mills is really, really good
and then I’ve got 4 beautiful homemade Cumberlands
and if you just unwind them like that right
what we’re gonna do is a Catherine wheel sausage.
Now if you unwind it and then join it together you get one very
large sausage and we’re gonna do it with another sausage as well.
We’ve got a lovely beef spiced sausage here.
Just talk to your butcher and get him to give you something great.
We’re just gonna flatten these out and then what I love
to do is join these together loosely and
just wind it up like this.
Keep it nice and loose
and then I’m gonna use nice long bits of rosemary like this and just
take the herbs off, but then we can
sharpen it up with a knife at an angle
and if you go through like this, it’s
gonna hold it all in shape and it’s
gonna roast completely different than if
you were just cooking a sausage on its own
and then what we can do with some
nice olive oil. You can take herbs like
nutmeg and just grate that over the top.
I’ll take some sage, take some bay
rosemary and just chuck them in the
little gaps like this and look at that
that’s gonna cook in a completely
different way.
As we are in the wood oven,
I could put a rack on top or I could try
and pretend to be clever
and yeah let’s be clever.
Look at that guys, that’s what
we’re talking about.
So the reason I would do this or the reason I’ll put it directly on the bars
over this in the oven
is so that we get nice crispiness
all the way around and when the fats cook out
that’s really good quality flavour
coming out and it’s going into your ragu.
So in the oven for 40 minutes and you’re
gonna have something really, really beautiful.
Just look at that.
The fats dripping into your little casserole.
It all absorbs that beautiful flavour really, really nice.
So let’s take our little Catherine wheel sausage
and let’s serve that on a nice big platter
and then with the sausage let’s just take the skewer out
and when you kind of cut through it
you get this fantastic little cross-section like that, which is marvelous.
You can bang that right on top.
Super cool, really good food for this time of year.
Proper comfort food. Right let’s serve some up
and love to have some with some nice steamed
and dressed greens.
Come let’s have some.
Nice big chunk of the sausage, look at that guys.
So there you go guys, I hope you enjoyed that until next time. Take care!