Pan Roasted Almonds with Wasabi Lime Seasoning – a GREAT Keto Snack! Healthy Fat Bomb!

October 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video we are
going to be remaking a recipe my
daughter and i did probably five years
ago on our channel daddy-daughter
kitchen I’ll include the link to that
below so you can see how far we’ve come
when we did that video all we did to
season the almonds was just add salt
since then I feel I’ve dialed in a
pretty good wasabi lime salt seasoning
that I think is actually better than the
Blue Diamond almonds you get with the
wasabi lime seasoning on the subject in
Blue Diamond almonds you know when you
buy one of those little six ounce cans
that’s like four four and a half dollars
or you get a three pound bag of almonds
from Costco for $12 so there’s a pretty
significant cost savings in making your
additionally the macros on almonds are
great as far as ketogenic snacks go
you’ve got 15 grams of fat six grams of
protein and only two net grams of carbs
so let’s get into making the recipe what
are you gonna need first off you’re
gonna need one pound of almonds that’s
about three cups two packets of trool
I’m dehydrated lime and I’ll include the
link for that below two teaspoons of
wasabi powder and I will include the
link for that as well two teaspoons of
really finely ground sea salt we’ll talk
more about that in a second and 1
tablespoon of neutral oil I’m using MCT
oil you can use whatever you want so to
make our seasoning first add two packets
of true lime two teaspoons of salt
two teaspoons of wasabi it’s really
important that your salt be as fine as
possible so that it really adheres well
to the almonds so just to make sure that
we get things really really powdery I’m
gonna use a mortar and pestle to grind
my various seasonings together I’m gonna
transfer that mixture to a seasoning
shaker you don’t need a seasoning shaker
you can just sprinkle it on top of the
almonds when the time comes but you know
I’ve got it so I’m going to use it set a
burner to medium-high heat and add 1
tablespoon of neutral oil I’m using MCT
oil it’s super neutral it has a very
high smoke point swirl it around to coat
the bottom of your pan when the oil
starts to shimmer that’s usually an
indication that it’s around 350 degrees
which is about the temperature we want
when we add our almonds let’s add those
almonds you’re going to want to toss the
almonds for about a minute to make sure
that they’re well coated and then we’re
gonna turn the heat down to medium
somewhere between medium medium-low now
something to be aware of these times and
temperatures that I’m providing these
are based on an electric stove if you
have a gas stove this is probably gonna
cook a lot more quickly for you and
you’re gonna have to really be on top of
your almonds stirring them to make sure
that none of them burn we are at the 12
minute mark and the almonds are starting
to pop and crackle that’s a good sign
we’re probably just gonna give them
about one more minute and then we’re
gonna put them on a cookie sheet and
season them up
you’re gonna want to hit these pretty
liberally with the seasoning because a
lot of it will fall off and it’s just
it’s not as strong as you think it is or
you know maybe I just love Evan my
sinuses cleared by wasabi we’ve let our
almonds cool for about an hour and a
half so they should be nice and crunchy
these are good now I will say I like
mine even with a little bit more wasabi
punch so maybe the first time you make
these use the base recipe as I described
it and if you decide you want more
wasabi kick it up add another teaspoon
of wasabi if you want a little bit more
that citrus taste to it add another
packet of Tru lime you could also take
some powdered swerve and cinnamon and do
like some cinnamon sugar almonds or you
could create a barbecue rub and do it
that way if you enjoyed this recipe
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