Over 30 pounds of fat loss in 90 days Pruvit Keto//OS and a Ketogenic Diet. Keto OS Review

October 9, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi and welcome to my 4th Pruvit update. I’ve
been taking Keto//OS for about 90 days now,
exactly 90 days now, and I wanted to give
you a little update video on my progress.
But first I want to congratulate you for even
finding this video and congratulate myself
for doing anything for 90 days in a row and
that’s epic for me. So, yay, we’re here
90 days later. So, let’s see. This is not
a professional video; this is just me talking
to my smartphone. So, I’ve got my notes
off to the side here, I’m going to say um
a lot, I’m going to pause, I’m going to
look away, I’m not going to be looking at
my phone, so I’ll apologize for all of that
upfront, but I do want to get this information
out there and I do want to document the fact
that I’ve been doing this for 90 days and
where I’m at after 90 days of taking Keto//OS.
So, bear with me if I mess up a lot, because
I probably will. So, first off, let me put
the disclaimer out there. I’m not a doctor.
Any advice that I give you or anybody gives
you, take it as information only, go do your
own research, go talk to you doctor and certainly
consult with your doctor before you start
any weight loss, diet, meal plan, exercise
or any of that kind of stuff. So, take all
my information as information only and go
do your own research, and that’s what I’ve
done, I’ve done my own research as well,
but I do encourage you to do that. And I say
that in all my videos, but I really do mean
it, go do your own research and prove out
anything that I say of anybody else says so
that you know and are comfortable with the
information that you have. Let’s see, okay,
so let’s review 90 days. I’ve lost 30.6
pounds, and that’s about 2.3 pounds a week.
That is a little over a third of a pound a
day and that’s kind of the plan that I put
out there and that’s what I’m, so I’m
pretty much still right on track to lose 100
pounds in 12 months. I’ll probably beat
that if I stay on track, if I fall off a little
bit, I might still make my 12 months.
But, for right now, I’m on track for where
I want to be. And just a little recap, and
I went through some of this stuff in my previous
video, so if I go really fast through this,
go back to my other videos and I spend some
time talking about this, but I don’t want
to have the people that’ve seen the other
videos have to sit through all this. So, I’m
going to go really quickly through this little
update. I’m taking Keto OS twice a day and
it is 6:33, I’ve been out for a couple hours.
I sat up in bed about 4:30, was wide awake
and so I came down to my office and started
writing my notes for this video. It’s a
beautiful thing. I went to sleep about 8:00,
so it was kind of early, so I’m not surprised
I was up at 4:30. And I like getting up early
in the morning, my body is in ketosis, it’s
in that burning state and I get my best work
done when nobody is around and there’s no
distractions and I’ve got lots of energy.
So, before I forget, I’m going to take and
make up my little Keto OS and drink some of
it while we’re on this video. This is one
of the charged versions, it’s got caffeine
in it, so that’s going to give me some kick
this morning, this is one of the travel packets.
I have the canister back in the kitchen, but
I normally don’t go up there. Oh, I almost
spilled, I’ve done a good job at not doing
that, but that’s why I kind of have my hand
around the mouth of this. This is a really
fine baby powder consistency substance. So,
it kind of goes everywhere if you let it.
I have a funnel for this scoop one and let’s
make sure this all gets in there. Alright,
you can take this and just drink it like it
is, and I do often times, just shake it up
a little bit, it dissolves pretty easily and
it tastes fine the way it is, but I kind of
like variety.
I like variety in what I drink and what I
eat, so what I’ve been doing other than
making a mess this morning. Is taking these
little drink packets I’m not going to show
the brand, well I don’t think I’ll show
the brand it’s crystal white, they get something
out of that. But I only put about a half of
a pack in these and let’s see if I can get
that open. And that’s pretty much enough
to give it some different flavor, this is
a fruit punch. I like the mango peach, this
tastes kind of like a, if you take Keto OS
by itself it takes like an orange dreamsicle.
And that’s pretty cool if you out the peach
mango in there it tastes even more like that,
but I also do this fruit punch from time to
time to give it a little different flavor
so half a pack of crystal light fruit punch
and away we go. So, I’ve been drinking one
of those once in the morning and I don’t
usually drink something when I wake up. I
usually wake up between 4:30 and 5:30, today
was 4:30 it was an early day. But usually
I try to drink something between 6 and 9.
I try to do that because I’m going to forget
my work day starts and the phone starts to
ring and I’m going to forget and then I’m
going to look up and it’s going to be 11
or 12 o’clock. So, between 6 or 9 and then
I usually drink another one between 2 and
4. And that just seems to work for me, I usually
eat around 11, 12, 1 and then I take a Keto
OS after I eat and I usually drink water with
my meal either a flavored water, or just plain
I’m not a big water guy that’s one of
the things I need to do. I need to drink more
water and we’ll talk about that but I’ve
got a big old gallon of water that I drink
out of also but I don’t drink enough water.
So anyhow let’s see where else are we, I’m
basically eating low crab, no sugar, if I
can prevent nothing premade nothing from a
box all fresh food if I can and moderate protein,
high fat, probably need to up my fats I’m
not quite eating as much fat as I want. Do
some research on the positive effects of eating
good quality fats. But basically, it’s a
low card high fat, or keto type lifestyle
similar to Atkins or paleo diet those are
all kind of a low carb, high fat meal plan.
And I’m more or less following a ketogenic
diet than anything but I’m not real restrictive
on saying I’m only going to do this or I’m
only going to do that. I’m going to do what
feels good to me and what tastes good to me.
So, I’m basically following a ketogenic
meal plan but not strictly so let’s see
I’m not counting calories I eat a little
more some days a little less somedays and
some days I have to remember to eat I get
busy drink my Keto OS, there’s been a couple
times I realize it’s, 3:30, 4:00 and I realize
that I haven’t eaten yet. So, then I obviously
need to eat something, for the first 60 days
I did no exercise whatsoever, I walked a little
bit. I don’t really consider walking exercise
and I’m not talking about sleepwalking or
walking for hours, I’m talking about walking
around the house of walking around the block
or whatever.
But I purposely didn’t do anything for the
first 60 days because I wanted to see what
the effect of a Keto OS was going to be and
I didn’t want the you know exercise to have
any effect on that, so the first 60 days I
didn’t do anything plus I didn’t want
to I didn’t have the energy, I didn’t
feel all that great so ad the first 60 days
went on and I got more energy, more energy
then I started adding a little more waling.
I’m up to walking 2 or more times a week.
And I do want to get up to eventually walking
every day but I’m not there yet and then
within the last 2 weeks I’ve added, this
will be the third week I’ve added going
to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I think I
went three times the first week, three times
the second week and I’m probably going to
get 2 in this week because I have a travel
schedule this week. So, I am going to the
gym but I’m not doing crazy heavy lifting
that’s one of the big mistakes that I’ve
made in the past, is every time I’ve decided
to try to lose some weight I started and exercise
plan and before I figured it out and got my
eating right. So then ultimately what happens
is I start exercising a lot and then I get
injured and then I stop. So, I go for a couple
weeks or a couple months and I get injured
and then I stop. This time I decided that
I wanted to make sure to be very careful to
make sure I didn’t get injured so I’ve
been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises and
some light machines but not anything heavy
not trying to press a bunch or squat a bunch,
I’m just going and mainly doing old dude
exercises and they’re still kicking my butt.
So I’m doing that and like I said don’t
go and worry about the exercising program
until you get your eating right and if you’re
doing something for the first time in many
year like I’m doing that I really hadn’t
done much in the last 20 years so I knew I
was going to need some transition and working
my way into it, so don’t worry about the
exercise, worry about your eating and get
that under control and get some good nutritious
food in you and get your weight coming on
before you go into a bunch of exercise.
And actually, if you’re doing exercise before
you get your eating under control, sometimes
that exercise can be part of what’s messing
your metabolism up that’s keeping you from
being able to lose weight because you might
be building muscle, you might be requiring
your body to get carbs you might be doing
other things you know definitely consider
that. Quick recap on the keto OS itself, it
tastes good, eliminated my cravings, eliminated
my hunger pains those were a few things or
me, those were things that always killed me
on any kind of diet or plan that I tried.
I just could not kick the cravings, could
not kick the hunger pains and that’s gone.
I’m eating real, whole delicious foods,
the Keto OS doesn’t really have anything
to do with that, that’s more of the ketogenic
diet or the low carb high fat diet because
I’m actually eating kind of gourmet I’m
eating steak and pork chops, and I’m eating
vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and
asparagus but I’m preparing them in very
tasty ways and almost gourmet. So, I’m eating
less, I’m eating less often, and I’m eating
gourmet food. and there’s killer gourmet
recipes out there, all you’ve got to do
is go to google and search keto and put the
name of something behind it or paleo and but
the name of something behind it and you’ll
find all kind of really cool recipes. Weight
loss continues to happen, metal clarity, lots
of energy. Not energy like I’m going to
run a marathon I mean energy like I’m not
getting those lows during the day. You know
I get up in the morning I get a lot of energy
and then I start to get hungry you know around
9:30-10:30 and I eat breakfast. And then you
know for the next couple hours I was just
you know drained and foggy and not there and
then I end up eating a couple hours after
that. And then ii have a little more energy
and then I’d be drained all afternoon and
then I’d have dinner and you know I’d
have a little more energy and then I’d be
drained again and then I’d be wanting to
eat at 9 o’clock at night. That’s not
the case now.
Kind of the steady burn, I’ve got energy
all the way to when I go to bed, I’m going
to bed early not because I’m dead tired
but because I want to get up in the morning
and I want to get a lot of stuff done. So,
I’m purposely making sure that I’m going
to bed and I’m making sure that I’m getting
you know 7 to 8 or more hours of solid sleep
and that’s made a big improvement in that
overall plan. I’m testing my blood every
day I test it with ketone for ketones and
I test it for glucose. That kind of can get
expensive, it’s about two buck two fifty
for the ketone strips and about 20 to 50 cents
for the glucose strips, they’re not too
bad. So, some days instead of doing the ketone
and glucose I’ll just do glucose and somedays
I’ll use the little urine strips so I check
for ketones but it’s not as good of a measurement
but it will work. And they’re a lot less
expensive, you can get a bottle for I don’t
know 5 bucks and you get 50 strips in there
or something so it’s a lot more affordable
from that perspective. But I want to know
where my blood is where my glucose is so I
can see what foods are having effects on my
body, see how sugar is doing, see how I’m
doing with the consumption of sugar. I’ve
learned that I really have a sugar issue any
kind of sugar, may and made, tinge, straight,
real, sugar leaf it doesn’t matter. If it’s
got “ose” on the end of it glucose, lactose,
fructose, any of that it’s all sugar and
it really affects my body so I’m trying
to make sure that I have as limited amount
of sugar as possible. Both keto//OS and this
flavored pack have some sugar in it but I’m
starting my day so I’m not so worried about
that so I would not be drinking this late
at night. As a matter of fact, if I do forget
to take my keto OS and I take one at night
I take the non-caffeinated version and I’ll
not put a flavored packet in it.
I’ll just drink it as it is. And that hast
cost me to have any problems whatsoever in
my sleep so I’m pretty good there. Let’s
see what else, I am getting good and better
sleep I was waking up 16, 15, 17 times in
the night I didn’t know that until I started
wearing this Fitbit and then after taking
the keto OS after a week or so I get restless
maybe 2 or 4 times a night I don’t wake
up at all it used to be 19 times restless
waking up 6 or 7 times now it’s restless
3 or 4 times. And I think that’s just like
when I’m rolling over or turning and I’m
not waking up so that’s great. It’s easy
to use at home and on the road, got a canister
I can mix it there, the canister is a little
less expensive. And then the packet you just
saw me use, I can use it on the road so that’s
easy enough. I’m not on a hardcore diet,
I really have set my mind to I’m going to
eat when I’m hungry and I’m not going
to eat when I’m not hungry.
I’m not going to worry about calories, the
only thing I’m going to worry about is my
macronutrients. How much am I getting in fats?
How much am I getting in protein? How much
am I getting in carbs? I want my carbs as
low as possible, I’d like to keep them under
50 a day. I may dial that down some more as
I start working out, but right now your muscles
want carbs and all of that, so I’m not worried
so much about that. I’ll see how my weight
goes. If it starts to plateau for a long period
of time, then I might start addressing some
of those and then start upping my fats and
lowering my carbs and see if I can get the
weight to start up again. And I get plateaus
all the time, I get plateaus where for 3,
4 or 5 days I don’t lose any weight. I really
haven’t bounced up, but I have hit to where
I’m not losing any weight and then I end
up losing a pound or end up losing a day or
two days or whatever, and that’s why I’m
saying I’m on a 2.2 pound per week average.
If you don’t lose weight for 2 or 3 days,
don’t freak out, sometimes stuff is inside
you, your body is you know metabolizing it
differently, it’s going to get flushed out,
sometimes you’re drinking water and when
you happen to weight yourself you have lots
of water weight. I weigh myself mainly in
the morning, that’s usually the best time
for me, I wake up, I’ve not eaten or drunken
anything in several hours. So, I go to the
restroom and then I go weigh myself. But that’s
what works for me. And then one of the big
reasons why I’m eating. Right now, I’m
eating two meals a day, basically eating around
11 or 12 o’clock and then eating again between
like 5 and 7, and I’m doing that because
I want to give my body time to repair itself.
If you do any kind of research whatsoever,
you can find intermittent fasting and fasting
out there. It’s biblical, it goes back for
centuries, and I’m doing it because I know
I’ve been hard on my body. I know I’ve
eaten a lot of foods I shouldn’t have eaten,
a lot more of those foods, drank a lot of
alcohol. I’ve been a salesman for my entire
career so I’ve been out of the country and
all over the world.
And I’ve eaten a lot of really great food
and far too much of it. And so, I know I’ve
messed my body up. So, I want to give my body
the opportunity to repair itself, and it does.
Your body will, over time, fix a lot of the
things that you’ve done to it. So, I like
the intermittent fasting because I think it
gives my body time to do that and you can
do some research, there’s lots of science
behind going periods of time. Now, I may go
up to the time of doing a full-day fast or
two-day fast or maybe even someday a 7-day
fast, but don’t talk to me about a 7-day
fast right now. That’s not an issue I’m
ready to talk about. 7 days without food,
I don’t know about that, but I could see
that would be beneficial to do that once a
year or twice a year and there’s lots of
science behind why that is. Right now, I’m
doing a 16, 17-hour between meals and that’s
pretty good for me. Let’s see, I’ve talked
about a bunch of stuff that’s working, let’s
talk about stuff that I’m struggling with.
I forget to take my Keto OS, that’s a big
one for me, I get busy. When I get up in the
morning, everyone else is asleep, I don’t
want to wake everyone up so I don’t want
to go in the kitchen and get a bottle of water
and then start it or we have a wine cooler
in the garage and I actually have a couple
bottles of water stuffed in the white wine
side of the cooler. But when I open the garage
door, the alarm beeps, it chimes, and then
the dogs can hear the door, and then the dogs
wake up and then the family wakes up. So,
I don’t go out there and do it. So, I just
say I’ll do it when everybody wakes up and
that doesn’t happen sometimes. Sometimes
I look up and it’s 11 o’clock and I have
to go and rush and take one late or I only
end up having one a day. So, I want to have
a better job at taking this twice a day, because
I really do feel better when I take it twice
a day. It’s kind of like I take it in the
morning and that gets me 7 hours or so and
I take it in the evening and it gives me my
that other 7 hours and then I’m sleeping
for the rest.
So, I do want to start taking this. I think
I’m going to go buy a refrigerator for my
office. I used to have one right here in my
desk and it died and I never replaced it.
So, if I get one and put some cold water in
it maybe I’ll drink more water and maybe
I’ll drink my Keto OS on time. That’s
why I had the cooler in my office before or
the refrigerator in my office before, was
to make sure that I drank water, and that
worked because it was cold, it was right there
and I’m kind of a cold-water guy. Alright,
let’s see what else we’ve got here. Again,
the Keto OS, taking it twice a day. Fats,
it’s going to sound funny, but I’m not
eating enough fats. I’m eating really good
meals, but I’m eating, I don’t know, my
brain keeps going back to kind of the low-carb
thing. So, I kind of default to not adding
butter to my vegetables and I should, not
making things with higher fat set in them.
I really need to start making more casseroles
that have fat in them, more things that have
cheese and dairy, and I’m having dairy,
and I know on the paleo side they don’t
do dairy, but I’m doing dairy. Only high
fat dairy, so again, that’s kind of on the
ketogenic side. But I do need to eat more
fats because it’s fat what keeps your body
burning. It’s kind of funny, you eat fat
to burn fat. I know, I know. Do the research
though, it’s proven, it’s a fact. So,
I’m going to find ways to up the fats, I
was eating an avocado every single day, I
kind of got off of that, mainly because I’d
buy avocadoes and I would get that at Costco
and I would get 10 of them and then in five
days, five of them would be rotten.
So, I need to find a way to freeze them or
put them in those food saver bags or do something
or just buy smaller amounts. And I’ve tried
to buy them at the grocery store, but they
don’t seem to be the same quality, So I
do think I need to go to the farmer’s market
or something and get my avocadoes more often.
But there’s other ways of getting fat, it’s
not just avocadoes, but that’s a quick easy
one because I like avocadoes. Let’s see
what else have we got here. I’m not eating
enough green vegetables. I’ve been doing
a lot of research on the value of green leafy
greens and green vegetables and there’s
tons of vitamins in them that we need every
day. We are deficient in a lot of those, a
lot of our elements come from being deficient
in vitamins and I don’t want to be a pill
popping vitamin freak, just eating a handful
of vitamins. I want to get most of my vitamins
if I can from my food. So, I’m trying to
figure out, they say 7 servings a day of green
vegetables. 7 servings, really? Dude, that’s
a lot. For me, that’s a lot. I can do broccoli
in one meal and I can do a green salad maybe,
spinach and kale and mixed greens, but man
I just don’t do those every day, I don’t
do those multiple times a day. I’m just
not the type of person to stuff spinach on
everything because I’m supposed to. So,
I need a trick, I need to figure something
out and I think what I’m going to do is,
prior to doing the ketogenic diet, I was trying
to do a fruit smoothie. Don’t recall a diet,
but having a fruit smoothie instead of meals
or in between meals to keep me from being
hungry and there’s a whole bunch of reasons
why that wasn’t good for me, the sugar is
the main reason, but I do think I can make
a vegetable smoothie.
We had been putting spinach in our fruit smoothies
to make sure that we got a serving of green
vegetables in every fruit smoothie. I don’t
think I can take 7 helpings of green vegetable
and put them in a blender and drink that.
I don’t think that’s going to probably
be tasty, but maybe I can take one or two
of those a day mixed with some fruit. I’ve
not been eating a lot of fruit, so I’d have
to figure that out, but I’m not eating enough
green vegetables, I need to work on that.
And then adding this working out has slowed
my weight loss. Not significantly, it’s
not stopped, and that’s not the only reason
that my weight loss has slowed a little bit,
but it definitely has and I can tell that.
And what that means is not I’ll stop working
out, because that’s good for me, I can tall
that I’m building up muscles in my arms,
in my shoulders, in my back, in my legs, and
I can tell, I can feel that. So, I want to
continue to do that, but I know I need to
make some adjustments so that I continue to
burn fat. So, I know if I’m building muscle,
muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale
is not going to go anywhere and they tell
you don’t even worry about the scale and
I believe in that. For some people, for me,
I’m a math and science guy, I measure everything.
I need to be checking boxes off, I need to
be hitting milestones. So, I’m going to
have to change my eating a little bit and
maybe even increase my cardio a little bit,
so that’s why I say I need to add that walking
and walking on an incline so that just burn
some more calories and burn off some more
fat. So, I’m not probably getting enough
exercise if I’m going to build enough muscle
and I’m not eating enough fat, and I’m
not eating enough greens, and I’m not drinking
enough water. So, how did I lose weight messing
all those things up? And that’s the beautiful
thing. Oh, and let’s throw in that I’m
cheating too. I’ve had a handful of M&M’s
two or three times in the last couple days.
The wife and kids made up a whole bunch of
trail mix, so there was leftover M&M’s.
So, hey I had some M&M’s. I’ve had carbs,
I’ve had some rice, I’ve had some different
things. I’ve not really had pasta yet. I’m
going to try to make some vegie pasta, well,
I’m going to do a spiralizer and do some
zucchini and do a sauce over that, maybe an
alfredo sauce over that, but I haven’t done
that yet. So, anyways, I’m losing weight
because I’m staying in ketosis, I’m burning
fat. And I really believe as long as I can
stay in ketosis, and I know I’m in ketosis
because the pee strip, I know I’m in ketosis
because the blood test says I am. I know that
when I don’t take my Keto OS, my ketone
numbers go down, and my glucose numbers…
I don’t know that my glucose numbers go
up so much without the Keto OS, but my glucose
numbers go up and down very much determined
by what I eat. I’m really watching what
I’m eating and I want to make sure that
I’m taking my Keto OS every day, twice a
day, to make sure that I have enough ketones
in my body to keep me in full ketosis completely
and I’m going to continue to lose weight.
So how do I lose more weight? Obviously, cut
back the cheating, drink more water, eat more
greens and eat more fat. It’s all pretty
simple. And I didn’t come up with that myself,
I’m not brilliant, I study a lot. Go to
YouTube, look at ketogenic diet, look at keto
OS, go look at ketosis, go look at Dr. D’Agostino
and all the research that he’s done. There’s
just tons of good stuff out there. Go and
research it. Okay, rambling on, so let’s
wrap this up. So, as I’ve said before in
previous videos, I’m not paid by Pruvit,
I am a Pruver distributer, whatever you call
the Pruvit people.
I’m not doing this to make money, I make
a pretty good living doing my corporate sales
job. I want to continue to be able to do that,
I’m taking Pruvit, I’ve got some friends
that are taking Pruvit, and I want more friends
to take it because I want more friends to
be able to lose weight and a lot of people
are were where I was, at 286.6 pounds, morbidly
obese. I’m down over 30 pounds from that,
I have not suffered for it, I have not had
to go days without eating, I have not had
to eat bars, and saw dust, and grass and dirt.
That’s what most of that other food tastes
like. I’ve eaten very rich favorable foods
that I like and I can eat them on the road,
I can eat them at home, so I want other people
to do this. If you do this with me, you do
it with somebody else, I don’t really care,
I’ll throw my information in there somewhere,
but whatever. If you need my help, let me
know, this is my mission. I want to lose this
weight and I want a bunch of people to come
with me. Let’s see, what else? I’m running
out of time here, I feel like I’m going
on way too long. So, I’ve been taking the
Keto OS. So, what kind of side effects are
you having? I’m not having any side effects,
if you take the Keto OS on an empty stomach,
you might get a little bit of an upset stomach
or if you have a sensitive stomach, you might
get a little bit of an upset stomach. Just
take half of one of these and then take the
other half later or eat something and then
take the Keto OS. That’s going to be with
anything, if you take vitamins on an empty
stomach or you take any kind of other supplement
or a protein shake or any kind of drink, if
your stomach has nothing in it, the first
thing you put in it it’s going to start
working on. So, if that happens, do that,
not really been an issue for me. So, I really
have had no side effects. Let’s see, okay,
so here’s the end of this. I am taking a
bunch of the research I’m doing and interesting
things I find on the way and I’m posting
them on my website, AnthonyFlatt.com, under
the menu item to the far right called champion.
I need to update some stuff because I’ve
got a list of things I’ve found that I really
like that I’m going to add to that but I’m
also adding them to Facebook. Either to my
Anthony Flatt Facebook page which is just
www.facebook.com/AFlatt. I put a bunch of
stuff there but I’ve got a bunch of people
on there that are wrestling people and are
family and are people internationally whatever
and they may not all really care to hear about
my weight loss strategy, my weight loss journey,
every single day. So, I’m starting to pull
off of that and I’m putting most of the
stuff under www.facebook.com/builingthechampionwithin.
And I’m going to start putting most of the
stuff there and some notes on my Facebook
page. Today I’m still kind of doing both
but eventually I’m going to transition it
over. And then let’s see, so what I think
is most important is you to find something
that works for you. if it’s this great,
if it’s not this great. Whatever it is do
something, I went far too long of saying I’ve
got to do something, I’ve got to lose some
weight. And as I said in one of my previous
videos, you can do that for 20 years and on
your tombstone, they’re going to say yeah
he needed to lose some weight. So, do something,
get healthy, lose some weight, eat healthy,
let food be you medicine. We’re all far
over medicated, the pharmaceutical industry
is making billions of dollars. The number
one sales guy in the world is a pharmaceutical
sales person, they’re the highest paid commission
of any sales person. That should tell you
something alone, the pharmaceutical companies
are the big guys that are funding all of the
lobbyist. So, are all pharmaceuticals bad?
Maybe I’m not ready to condemn to whole
industry but I do know that if you do some
research and you look at high blood pressure
meds and statins and beta blockers and all
of those things, all of which I’ve been
taking which is why I studied them you’re
going to see some very serious side effects,
you’re going to see some very serious issues.
And there’s ways to get off of those by
eating food, again talk to your doctor, work
with your doctor, come up with a plan, don’t
take what I say, do your own research but
you definitely should look into that. And
then again last thing, if you have any questions
if you buy something from me, I don’t care.
If you have any questions that I can help
you with send me an email to Anthony at anthonyflatt.com
I’ll do what I can to help you or send you
to somebody that might be able to this is
my mission, I want to lose 100 pounds I want
people to come with me appreciate it, take