Out of Ketosis | How It Affects My Work Day

November 5, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi everyone! It’s Esther here. I hope you’re
having a great day. It is Monday. It’s a
workday. For those of you that have seen
my previous few videos you’ll know that
I am currently out of ketosis right now.
I’m doing a little experiment where I’m
getting out of ketosis. I’m going to
check my blood ketone levels to show you
how it looks like out of ketosis once I
get my blood monitor in. And then I’m
going to go through the process of
getting back into ketosis. I’m going to
document the whole process, check in with
my blood ketone levels for you guys to
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I said it’s a work day. I just wanted to
quickly check in. Have a little chat on
how being out of ketosis is affecting my
work day. I’m a business development
manager meaning my main role in my
company is to go out and find new
business for the services that we offer.
So good amount of the day I’m out on meetings
with prospects. But I also spend a good
portion of the day at my desk when I
don’t have meetings cold calling and
emailing potential new prospects. Because
of this I take my health very seriously.
That’s why I always try to eat healthy
and have a good exercise program going,
because I don’t get as much movement as
I should during my work day. So this
morning like I said I’m out of ketosis
now. I wake up at about seven o’clock which
is late for me. Because I feel pretty
low energy now in the morning being out of
ketosis. When I was in ketosis I could
wake up between 4:30 and 5:30, and I
typically go to the gym, get a good
workout in before I ever start my day.
But this morning being out of ketosis
I woke up at seven o’clock.
I didn’t go to gym in the morning and I
woke up with my stomach just growling! I
was so hungry waking up so I got really
ready really quick went on my way to
work. Stopped by Starbucks and I got one of
those spinach feta wraps that they have
and a black coffee. That held me over. I
felt pretty bloated after eating that.
But it was enough to make me full for
the time being. But couple of hours later
I was already hungry again. I had
meetings going on so I couldn’t go snack
or anything. And then by the time like
eleven o’clock rolls around I am
starving. I’m like talking my colleagues
already talking about lunch plans and
seeing what they’re doing and then we
head out to eat around eleven-thirty. So
the breakfast really, it only held me
over for a couple of hours and then I
was hungry again. And before I got onto
the ketogenic diet I had very similar
experiences. Like I would usually get
hungry every two to three hours and I
would eat five to six meals a day. We
went we have lunch. Feeling pretty good
after that lunch. A little bloated again.
A couple hours after that, I would say
around two maybe 2:30, I was so tired. I
was so tired I had trouble concentrating.
I went to the break room. I had to get
another cup of coffee just to hold me
over for the rest of the day. We had a
meeting, like a team meeting around 3:00
and without that coffee I
don’t think I would have been able to
stay awake for that team meeting. So
definitely I just hate that feeling of
like being tired after eating lunch, and
that’s the feeling I used to experience
all the time before i got onto ketosis.
Because i was burning sugar like I am
right at this moment as my main energy
source. So I remember having those
insulin spikes after lunch and then
crashing around two to three in the
afternoon every single day. I didn’t know
what was going on at the time.
I didn’t know that was the reason for
my crashes. I thought i was eating
healthy. I experimented with a lot of
different diets. I did like a high-carb
diet, high protein diet, but no matter
what I did I always had those crashes late
after or afternoon around two to three
o’clock. Definitely didn’t like having
that feeling again now that I know what
it is. It’s like, I’m just like why am I
even putting myself through that. When I
was on any ketosis my work day ran
pretty well. Like i said i would wake up
around 4:30 to five thirty in the
morning. I would go to the gym, get a good
workout in before I even started my
birthday. After I got my workout in I go
home start getting ready for work and
that’s when I would have a bulletproof
coffee. Once I have my bulletproof coffee
I am just like, so high energy and that
coffee will usually hold me over for
several hours. So usually I won’t eat
anything until lunchtime or sometimes
even past that. I’ve gone an entire work
day after a bulletproof coffee just not
eating any meals and not feeling hungry.
And that’s because when you get your
body used to burning fat when you don’t
put that in your body nutritionally your
body will know to burn your own body fat
and it will be able to survive
off of that and give you enough energy
to not only get through the day but to
thrive throughout the day. So I never got
those crashes. I never got hungry missing
a meal. And that was great so when I had
a busy work day I wouldn’t have to worry.
Like, I would be able to work without
experiencing those miserable feelings
that you get when you have a crash after
eating a carb heavy meal. So i was
able to work really efficiently. I was
able to work with a lot of energy and I
was able to wake up early. And when you
wake up early your whole day is just more productive!
Anyways I just wanted to share that
experience. I don’t know if you guys that
are on ketosis, if you have
experienced similar things. I’m sure some
of you have because I have colleagues that are
now on ketosis. And we talk about these
things things. I’d love to hear your
experiences so comment below if you know
what I’m talking about here. Hope you
guys enjoyed this. If you did give it a
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if you haven’t already. I will talk to
you next time. Thank you so much for
watching. Bye everyone!