OREO CHAFFLE RECIPE with copycat sugar free OREO FILLING | NO WHIPPED CREAM! | The BEST chaffle

November 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Today I’m going to share with you guys one of the most popular chaffle recipes on my website
ketofocus.com and if you haven’t visited before make sure you do I have it linked down below in the description box
It’s filled with tons of awesome keto recipes for you guys
But today I’m sharing with you how to make the Oreo chaffle. This chaffle is amazing
It’s basically two chocolate chaffles that sandwiches a copycat
Oreo filling most of the Oreo
chaffles recipes around on the internet use whipped cream as a filling. That’s not an Oreo
So I made up a recipe that uses a copycat
Sugar-free, you know friendly filling for you. So let’s get started
To make this recipe I recommend using the mini dash waffle maker just because it makes a little cute Oreo shaped chaffle
But if you just have a regular chocolate
Belgium waffle maker or a larger waffle maker you could do that, too
It’s just not going to be that little cute
Circular shape. Before we get started with making our chaffles, we want to make sure that we plug in our waffle maker
We’re gonna preheat this so it’s nice and hot when we pour our batter. The ingredient rundown for the Oreo chaffles
includes one egg one ounce of cream cheese
two tablespoons of almond flour a tablespoon of unsweetened one hundred percent cocoa powder
Don’t get the stuff that has any sort of sugar in it. Read the back the label
You want a hundred percent cocoa powder or cocoa powder cacao powder. I don’t know how to pronounce it
They’re probably different things than somebody’s probably gonna let me know that in the comments down below
Eh, okay, because I don’t know then we also need some monk fruit and some vanilla
so this is just going to make up the
Chocolate waffle the chocolate cookie part on the Oreo you want to combine all of these ingredients together.
I recommend using an electric mixer since we are using cream cheese in this recipe. You want to make sure that it gets fully incorporated
then we pour half of the
chaffle batterinto our chaffle maker and let it cook to your desired level of doneness. If you want a more
Softer Oreo then go with that if you want a crispy
Waffle shell then cook it longer
And then we’re just going to repeat this or with the remaining batter so we get our second Oreo shell
To make the Oreo copycat filling we’re gonna need the following ingredients
two tablespoons of unsalted butter that’s softened at room temperature a
tablespoon of powdered your throttle or swerve whatever you have on hand a
Quarter teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of salt just to enhance the flavor
We’re going to mix all these ingredients together with an electric mixer
And now it’s time to assemble our Oreo chaffle. Laying down one chocolate
chaffle spread however much frosting you want if you want to use the entire thing you can if you want to save some for later you
Can to it spread however much you want and then top it with the second chocolate chaffle
You have an Oreo Chaffle. So if you’re missing Oreos on the keto diet then just make this chaffle
it’s so easy to make it can be made in less than 5 to 10 minutes and it’s gonna be there for you when you
Have that sudden urge of a sweet craving or somebody else’s eating Oreos and you’re just like dying for an Oreo
Make this recipe instead. I hope you guys like this video
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To make this. Have a good one! Bye!