One Year Keto Anniversary – What I Want to Share with You – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet I’m
Violet I’m a psychologist and the reason
I make these videos is because I want
everyone to understand that their mental
health their physical health come
together to create an overall feeling of
today I’m making this video it’s a
follow-up to the livestream that I did
the other day there are a few little
points that I wanted to make that I
didn’t get a chance to make and I wanted
to share my pictures with you without
further ado I’m gonna show you the
pictures that you should have seen on
Saturday so I’m gonna let you watch
those pictures while I give you the
little bit of what I didn’t get to say
the other day basically what I wanted
and by the way I’m wearing the same
shirt as I was kind of like just let you
see how hello I’ve changed so basically
one thing I didn’t get to talk about was
the fact that my attitude really did
change in the way that I feel myself so
right now I really do focus all of my
energy on whatever I’m eating is
supposed to push my body right it’s fuel
and you know not to say that I’ve never
I wouldn’t consider having something fun
to eat but from day to day a my everyday
my focus is eating something healthy and
so I do make sure that every time that
I’m gonna eat something the nutrient
density of the food warrants me eating
it I really I have made a video the
other day called diet as a choice and I
really do believe that every person has
a decision to make about what they’re
gonna eat why they’re eating it and how
it’s gonna affect our health I am
building the body today that’s gonna
take me into the next 10 20 30 years
every day I’m building towards that body
and so what I’m eating matters just as
much as how much I sleep how much
exercise I get right all the things that
I how much social I get all the things
that help me to be healthy I’ve decided
to lead by example I talked about a lot
of things in my videos and then I have a
two stepsons and a lot of young people
in my life and I want them to see that I
can have fun eating healthy so that at
some point if they have some changes
that they need to make that they can
also have fun while eating healthy I
don’t force my daughter to eat the way
that I eat however you’d be surprised
how often she chooses to you the way
that I eat I don’t make separate meals
so whatever we have for supper is what
we have to suffer and it’s rare that I
see her go back for something after
supper although it happens I’m not gonna
say it doesn’t but it’s rare one of her
favorite meals is solid with meat in it
which is something that I have no
problem making a lot of people have
families spouses and they’re trying to
do something different for themselves
and they want to be supported one of the
things I want to tell you though is that
you’re gonna get a lot of support from
the people who care about you when they
see that you’re healthier but until you
get to that point some of them are gonna
be skeptical some of them are gonna
worry I want to encourage everyone to do
what you need to do to feel healthier so
as you can see in my pictures
I’m smiling in the first set of pictures
and I’m smile into the second set of
pictures because honestly I did all the
things that I wanted to do back then I
engaged all my activities the same way
that I continued to do all my activities
today the difference being now I feel
even more energetic I really hope that
this video helps you to understand that
I do this for weight loss I did it for
health and so hopefully you’re gonna do
something spectacular for your health as
well I want to thank you for watching
and if you’ve made it all the way to the
end of this video please consider
subscribing and liking the video I
really can’t wait to talk to in the next