Nutrition Q&A with a Dietitian! | أسئلة وأجوبة مع أخصائي التغذية

November 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hello guys and welcome back
to my YouTube channel our guest for today is Rita
she is a dietitian masters in AUB University
i got a lot of questions on my Instagram
concerning our topic for today
we are going to answer them actually Rita will
First question : What is the recommended amount of meal a day ?
The answer is that we should eat small frequent meals
Small meals but many around Five to six meals
we recommend to take breakfast then a snack
lunch then a snack and finally dinner if you want with a snack
when you say snack what do you mean by this term
it depends concerning how much this person need calories per day
if this person is athletic which means
he does a lot of sport then we should increase the amount of snacks
like yogurt, pain de mie
however if this person can not have a lot of snacks (Calories intake)
then the snacks are fruits, almonds any small snack
Another Question:
Other than healthy fats why are nuts a good food to eat ?
Nuts are healthy snacks
because a person can eat them during the day and they are recommended
they contain healthy fats
they are rich in proteins
and vitamins this is why
we should not eat a big amount of nuts
because on the other hand they contain a lot of calories
so if i’m allowed to eat a lot of calories a day
then i can increase the amount of nuts consumed per day
but for a normal person that does not do a lot of sports
then he-she can only eat around 6
that will give him healthy fats
proteins, minerals and vitamins
so if a person was carving something to eat can grab some nuts ?
off course but he-she should pay attention
that they contain a lot of calories
for example 6 nuts are around 50 calories
so i can not crave them a lot or to stop my hunger
because as said before they contain calories
Question: Do you have any tip for high school, university students
or the students that work on how to eat healthier ?
for example me when i’m in the university a grab cookies
or anything fast
so how can we manage to eat healthier
Nowadays in universities (Cafeteria)
you can find fruits
these as snacks are really important or even the small bags
that contains dried fruits with nuts
these are also good snacks
and sometimes in cafeterias you can find cooked food
like rice and chicken so it is better to eat these
than to eat sandwiches or any kind of fast food
it is find i can sit for a while and eat
Question: How do we reduce bloating ?
Bloating we should first find what is the cause of it
it depends maybe this person has an intolerance
on some kind of food. you mean by this allergy
yes maybe intolerance on Lactose which is milk or yeast
so he should find out and stop eating them .
or maybe this person does not have any intolerance on any food then
he should see what is the cause of bloating it might be fibers
that are found in beans or any seedy food …
so a lot of people can not digest these kinds of food
some vegetables can cause bloating
like corny flower or broccoli
if any bloating it is better to stop them
OK if i felt bloating how can i reduce it is there any way ?
or bloating can reduce on its own
no! we should know the cause so that it would not happen again
but i can do nothing to reduce it when it happens
drink water or eat some kind of thing
Question: We hear a lot that water is very important to your skin
and body
specially if someone wants to lose wait
water is very important to your body
and we all know that our body is made up of 60% water
water is beneficial in many ways one of them is
is that it helps the metabolism
to have a reaction in our body energy
i need to use water
if i do not have water then
i can not break down the food to extract energy
water is helpful it will help regulate my metabolism
not help me lose weight
Question: we see a lot of people putting lemon and mint in their water
they say that this helps your metabolism
is it true ?
the thing is lemon mint or any thing you put in water
it is really good.
specially in the morning true ?
yes! because it help the our GI track ( digestive system)
when i drink this water
it contains a little bit of acid which helps me
digest the food
and the warm water helps relax the GI track
so it is helpful.
Question: How can we avoid late night cravings ?
specially when we are home we get to open the refrigerator every now and then
what tips do you have?
what i want to clear is that we have a misconception
everybody thinks that eating at night will make you gain weight
i have no problem with eating at night at any time
what is important to me is the total calories intake.
you mean by that not to get over the amount of calories that a person should have
but let me tell you about the issue
people eat all the recommended calories during the day
they come at night have cravings and start eating
so when i start eating more than the caloric needs at night
here this is bad
How can i reduce it ? i recommend people
if you know you are going to stay up late
do not eat a big meal lunch or dinner
reduce the amount
do not eat at night and directly sleep you will not gain weight but
this might cause acid reflux
i have a question if during the day i did not eat
like people who work and have no time
they come at night and they eat this big amount of food
will this gain weight or no because they are already on the safe caloric amount
No here it will cause something
because do you remember at the beginning we said that they should eat
a certain amount of meals
so in this case for the people that do not have time to eat during the day
they have time at night
mix your meals eat your lunch as a dinner and your dinner as lunch
if you wanted to eat a sandwich at night eat it as a lunch when working
and your lunch as dinner steak or any kind of food
Question: How can we maintain our weight to stay on a certain weight ?
for me the best way is to keep exercising,
eating healthy the recommended amount of food
the we will stay stable,no weight change
i advice all to train and eat healthy
Last Question : Average of sugar a human being should consume in a day ?
for sugar we are talking about simple sugar
because we have two kinds of sugar the complex and simple
simple sugar like what?
like fruits,white sugar, honey, jam
these we call them simple sugar
we should pay attention to how much we are consuming during the day
it is recommended to only take 6 tea spoons of sugar for women
and 9 tea spoons for men
i just want to say something that a can of Pepsi contains 9 spoons of sugar
and we can only have 6
so this is why we should pay attention to what we consume and from where
Thank You Guys for watching
i just want to clear something
that the reason we did this video is to only help you
and we answered the questions that i got from you
we are not talking about weight ( thin or thick)
on the con-terry be proud of who you are
being over weight is not healthy for you for your body
it causes problems later on in life it causes diseases
that is why to prevent such problems we did this video
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