Nicole Makes Keto Chaffles | Low Carb Waffle Ideas | Ketogenic Breakfast Recipe

October 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Chaffle, chaffle, chaffle, chaffle.
What the heck is a chaffle?
(calm music)
If you’re on the keto diet,
you’ve probably had a chaffle.
A chaffle is a cheese waffle.
Not a chocolate waffle
which would taste better.
This is a cheesy, egg
based waffle because why?
Because keto and because no carbs.
Carbs are the devil.
This is my first attempt
at making a chaffle
so let’s see how it goes.
One egg.
A half a cup of mozzarella.
About two teaspoons of almond flour.
A splash of vanilla and
a pinch of cinnamon.
Y’all know I’m skeptical.
Anyway, I’ve got my little
waffle maker heated up.
Pretend this is keto friendly kind.
And we wait.
I think I’ll make another one
that’s gonna be the savory bread chaffle.
Look at my waffle.
Oh gosh.
Surprised at how good it smells actually.
This is when I get impatient
’cause I can feel like
I need to check on it
but I know it’s not ready.
Oh yeah, definitely not ready
but it smells pretty good.
In the meantime,
maybe I’ll go find some
keto friendly syrup.
Okay, you can see that it’s
not fully steaming like it was.
It’s definitely subsided.
Nice and golden.
It might, should go longer.
I don’t know.
I feel like I need to trim off this stuff.
Oh yeah, looks pretty good.
I’m gonna just do this
for like another second.
I want it to work.
All right, let’s just go in.
I can’t wait any longer.
Okay, now they serve it like a waffle
so I’m gonna put some butter.
Keto friendly syrups.
You’re just gonna have
to get over the fact
that it’s not real maple syrup.
Have to see which one’s
closer to tasting like syrup.
I guess this one but.
Looks sorta like a waffle.
So maybe if you just keep telling
yourself this is a waffle.
It’s a little salty from the cheese
but I am pleasantly surprised
that it’s not too eggy tasting.
It’s just more of a salty sweet thing.
It almost kind of satisfies
the waffle craving.
It tastes a little more like a waffle
than I thought it would.
A little less like an omelet
than I thought it would.
So for that reason, these
chaffles are pretty good.
Let me try to make it as a piece of bread.
It’s looking pretty good
but I’m going to flip it
like I did the other one.
I think you can use any cheese for this.
If you’re going the sweeter route,
the mozzarella is the suggested choice
because it just has a more neutral flavor
but if you’re doing this
for savory sandwiches,
I’d be all about some
Pepper Jack or some cheddar.
I’m going to make for my
sandwich, my savory sandwich,
a BLT because I’m still having trouble
steering away from the breakfast egg part.
I mean, I’m sure turkey on this is fine.
I couldn’t imagine a chicken
salad sandwich on this.
That’d be nasty.
It’s pretty toasted.
So there’s your chaffle.
Cheesy egg waffle.
It’s fluffy.
I mean, this is way better
than those egg white things
that they do sell in the grocery store.
I’m cutting it in half
because I don’t feel
like making another one.
There’s the inside.
A little mustard.
Some bacon.
Come here, Robby.
Do you know what these are called?
You should know what these are called.
It’s a chaffle.
Have you ever heard of a chaffle?
– No, I haven’t.
– I mean, that’s keto friendly.
It’s even got keto–
– I’m not keto though.
– I know you’re not.
You’re a little pleasantly surprised.
I thought it was gonna taste
like an omelet but it doesn’t.
– It’s very eggy forward.
It’s good though.
– But it would do if you were craving it
but you couldn’t have a waffle?
– Absolutely.
That looks good.
– This is a BLT.
Look at that.
This would satisfy my
craving for a sandwich
and I think this would really fill me up.
Really I think just a
half would fill me up
just like this.
Maybe add a little
avocado and this is good.
Is it bread?
Would it satisfy my craving for bread
if I wanted just a piece
of toast or whatever,
just if I was craving bread?
No but I would eat this for breakfast
and I don’t typically say that
but this would satisfy my craving
if I made these in advance
’cause it’s gotta be convenient
like a slice of bread out of the package
and it tastes pretty good.
So chaffles, I learned
something new today.
If you want me to try out
any new recipes like this,
send me a message, follow me on Instagram
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Instagram and Facebook.
Keto for life.
– [Robby] Keto for life.