Net Carb vs Total Carb on a Ketogenic Lifestyle –  Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Net Carb vs Total Carb on a Ketogenic Lifestyle – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

August 1, 2019 10 By William Morgan

so I’ve gotten a few questions asking me
about how I do the ketogenic diet asking
about total carbs versus a net carbs so
today is a video where I’m going to just
take a few minutes to talk about the
difference between the two and some
ideas that I have about looking to help
you from a psychological point of view
hello and welcome to mind-blowing health
and wellness of Violet I’m Violet I’m a
psychologist working out of Montreal
Canada the reason I make these videos is
to help people to understand that our
mental health and our physical health
work together to create our overall
feeling of well-being and so we need to
understand physically how we’re doing as
well as psychologically how we’re doing
so we’re talking about a ketogenic
lifestyle whether you’re the following
total carb or net carb seems to be
getting a lot of combative controversy
between people that some people feel one
is better than the other so I want to
talk about the idea of total carb versus
net carb and help people decide what
would work well for them and the first
thing I’m gonna do is explain to you
what a carbohydrate is to begin with
carbohydrates are sugar molecules so we
have things like sucrose lactose
fructose those are all sugar molecules
they can be combined together one or two
molecules at a time to create simple
sugars and when we have simple sugars
it’s easier for our body to metabolize
sugar molecules can also be combined
together to create complex carbohydrates
and those are more like the beans and
lentils potatoes like the starchy foods
so those are a bit more difficult for
our body to metabolize and they help us
to feel full longer and that’s relative
when I say we can feel full longer
eating carbs because obviously we all
know if you eat fats you feel full even
longer but compared to simple carbs you
feel full longer and then we have fiber
which is again a collection of sugar
molecules that are bound together in a
certain way that they create insoluble
fiber or soluble fiber so they react a
little bit differently in our body there
is debate about whether or not insoluble
fiber is digestible so some people react
to it some people do not we also have
sugar alcohols again sugar molecules
that are connected together and there’s
extra hydrogen’s on them and again
there’s a question
mark as to whether or not people react
with some people react to them some
people do not so this is where the whole
net car total carb controversy starts to
show itself because for those people who
react to fiber for those people who
react to sugar alcohols when I say react
what I mean is for those people who
consume fiber or consume sugar alcohols
and their body shows a reaction as if
they ate sugar then it’s difficult for
us to be able to safely say just don’t
count fiber don’t count sugar alcohols
for some people it really doesn’t need
to be counted so then basically net carb
is when we subtract sugar alcohols and
fiber from the total carbohydrate
content of the food and we only use the
resulting number from that so if the
total carb
is 20 grams and there’s 10 grams of
fiber and sugar alcohols then the
resulting net carb would be 10 verses of
course total carb is we just take the
total carbs completely and we use that
in our calculations for the day so when
I started my key to jannat lifestyle I
began using net carb and I will say that
the reason that I started using that
carb was not because I had some ideas
about net carb versus total carb in
truth the reason I started using that
carb was because the app that I
downloaded to check my carbohydrate
intake used net carb with that being
said over the course of my ketogenic
journey I have lost weight although that
wasn’t my original goal my original goal
was to solve a hip issue that I was
having on the right side I wanted to get
rid of that inflammation I also realized
by doing net carb and doing a healthy
ketogenic diet that I was able to solve
my back problems I was able to solve all
the information that was happening in my
body and lose weight I have also gotten
to maintenance using net carb why am I
telling you this it is actually possible
to use net carb and lose weight it is
possible to use net carb and solve your
metabolic issues I do want to point out
since learning about net carb versus
total carb I have verified in the app
that I’m using to make sure that I never
go over 50 grams total carbs per day
so that I have to check for myself
because obviously 50 grams is the max
that you can still say that you’re doing
keto so that doesn’t change however I am
still calculating based on that curve
the number one reason that using that
carb can be very beneficial to people is
because it’s just easier when you start
off doing a key to doing lifestyle and
you’re restricting things out of your
using that carb allows certain foods to
remain as part of your your everyday
eating because the fiber is being taken
out and the potent and any sugar
alcohols are being taken out so that
means that for a good number of people
you can keep small amounts of bars and
snacks in your diet if you remove the
fiber out of the meal so this does allow
flexibility for those people starting
the ketogenic lifestyle who have a hard
time giving up what they would need to
give up to get their carbs if it was
total carb to be low enough to be within
that 20 gram range even that 50 gram
range for that matter so some people
will be able just to eat more
comfortably doing that carb
many of the fun foods that we eat are
high in carbohydrates again doing that
carbs allow some of those fun foods to
remain part of our diet the negative
side of using that carb is that for some
people so if we’re going back to those
people who react to the fiber for those
people who react to the sugar alcohols
by subtracting out those fibers but yet
they’re still affecting your body you
might end up not losing weight as
quickly or maybe not even losing at all
and that could be problematic you might
end up not solving metabolic issues that
you’re trying to solve because the fiber
and the sugar alcohols are affecting you
so pluses and minuses right because if I
if I’m successful when I first begin
using it using that carb that’s great
but I need to also pay attention to how
am i progressing there’s another issue
within that carb that I have which is
that manufacturers do not care as much
about our health as they do about the
profits and one of the things that I’ve
learned about is the idea that
manufacturers are allowed to label
something as zero carb if it has you
know 0.6 grams of carbs per serving
interestingly enough in math class we
would have all learned that if it’s
point six or more it rounds up to one
but for some reason 0.6 in the world of
food can round down to zero
now that might not seem like a very big
to most people but I want to point
something out if I’m presented with a
snack that the label tells me has zero
grams of carbs there’s a possibility
especially if I have a weight problem
there’s a possibility that I’m going to
eat more of the snack than I would if I
knew it had carbs in it what I’m saying
is that I’m much more likely to eat two
or three servings because it says zero
carb on it but here’s the problem
so if I eat two servings I’m now at one
point two grams of carbs that I’m
accidentally not counting it doesn’t
seem like a big deal when you’re coming
from the standard American diet world
but in the Kino world where you’re
eating 20 grams of carbs per day that’s
5% of my carbs gone right and so it does
become a big deal and if I had three
servings and four servings again I think
there’s no carbs in this so
manufacturers not being completely
honest about what’s in or how many carbs
are in something manufacturers using
other sugar alcohols that are known to
be by lavell Belen our bodies and
putting them as zero because well people
don’t often know that that’s nothing it
problematic one thing that I will say
that is nice about starting with net
carb is that if you’ve done really
really well within that carb and you’ve
lost weight and your metabolic issues
are beginning to be solved then you’re
feeling better then if you end up in a
stall if you end up just not feeling
like your progress is what you want it
to be you still have the option to go to
total carb and so you could kind of
jump-start yourself again by just
focusing on total carb and really taking
your carb count even lower now what’s
interesting about doing this is at what
you’ll see is that you will end up
having a few things eliminated from your
diet right away because when you do
total carb you’ll find out that there
are certain foods that we just can’t
make fit the 20 grams a day and still be
able to eat enough to get through our
day and that’s
I feel like sometimes we need to be put
in a position where we have to
re-evaluate how we’re eating so that we
can get to the results that we’re trying
to get to so I definitely would
encourage people that if you find
yourself stalled and you were doing
netkar switch dude total carb and see
what happens
and don’t forget 20 grams of carbs per
day is a limit not a goal so the more
you work on keeping your carb count
lower the better you’re going to improve
your success in terms of weight loss in
terms of metabolic issues the better the
better you’re gonna improve your health
overall I really want you guys to fight
for your health like a true wellness
warrior your health your mental health
your physical health it’s so important
so let’s get in there and fight for it I
hope you found this video helpful and if you
did like and subscribe I want to thank you
for watching mind-blowing health and
wellness with Violet and I’ll talk to
you the next time