MY TOP SECRET – Sex Transmutation (How To Manage Your Sex Energy)

December 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Uncle C, back in the office. And today I’m going to tell you specifically
how to manage your sexual energy. Because every man has it. Every man has masculine drive. Every man has this rambunctious energy when
they come about and they don’t know what to do with it. Now you guys already know from all of my other
videos with retention from all of the other YouTubers that talk about retention, and they
talk about nofap and all of this, you already understand the benefits that come with it. But what nobody teaches you what to do is
nobody teaches you how to actually manage that energy what to do with it once you get
it. Once you get this feeling of, you know, I
got to find a woman I got to find a woman, why can’t I find a woman instead of constantly
making it about the women, nobody tells the men what to do with this energy. So I’m going to tell you today the most powerful
thing that you can do the most powerful thing possible is you transmuting your energy There’s
other YouTubers that talk about this. I’ve talked about this for many topics. Why you must learn this is because if you
cannot manage your energy, you’re in for pain. You’re in for a rude awakening, you’re in
for a lifestyle of very average. Because the men who make these mistakes early
have not figured out on transmute their energy oftentimes keep doing the exact same mistakes
every single year. Here’s what I mean by this. The Loverboy is that Chase, the women at 18
are typically the exact same lover boys that chase the women at 21, which are the same
men at 25, which are the same men heartbroken at 33, and so on, so forth. And this these men typically repeat their
lifestyle, they typically repeat all of these patterns, from one heartbreak to the next,
without realizing the mistakes that they’re making. They don’t realize what they’re actually doing
every single day. Now you see what they do with their time with
their energy with their free time. is instead of working on themselves is instead
of doing the things that actually gives man purpose and ambition, what they do is they
wasted on low level behavior. And now what you have is you have a generation
of men that think it’s very normal every Friday and every Saturday to go to the bar for the
next decade to chase women. Now, what does that do? it constantly puts the women at the higher
value than him in his head mentally, he’s no longer looking at anything as equal. He’s no longer looking at anything, as you
know, how can I actually better myself, what he’s trying to do is he’s trying to chase
the next tail. And this makes a very weak man, this makes
a very needy man. This makes a man that has no idea how to actually
win the dating game, a man that has no idea how to level the playing field. Now, here’s what I mean by this. Why you cannot play the same rat race as every
single man is because if you look what is actually going on out there you will see if
you take a woman who was an eight, eight or Nine on the attraction scale, let’s say looks
wise right? She will have direct messages and she will
have men in her inbox flooding her on every media channel. Snapchat she will have 20 on opens Tinder,
she will have 20 on opens Bumble, she will have 20 on opens Facebook Messenger, she will
have 20 on opens and Instagram she will have 20 on opens. So if you have a plethora of that many men
that all want to get to you. What does that tell you about the man if you’re
that woman that tells you that all of those men are weak and needy. Which means that in her head, she does not
want any of them. Because you have to realize women are biologically
hardwired to only want the strongest mate. That’s why 5% of the men sleep with 95% of
the women is because those five percenters those men who actually understand what attraction
is, those men that actually put in the work are ruthless when it comes to their time and
those words And understand that if they get a sliver of that man’s time or that man’s
undivided attention, all my they’re all yours, they’re perking up. They’re staring at him. They’re wondering what word is going to come
out of this man’s mouth because he has higher perceived value. Do you get that? You cannot be another man in the inbox, you
must manage your energy. Now how do you manage your energy your dad
didn’t teach you this. nobody teaches you this how you manage your
energy is through developing a skill, a craft or a purpose. Now,
I’m very biased on this because what goes hand in hand with the skill, passion or purpose
I think has to be your health. A man has to take care of his body a man has
to be lean. A man has to look like a warrior A man has
to be muscular and be strong. As you saw in my before and after picture
when I was very, very weak as a boy, I use that non attractiveness. I use that That very feminine look that very
soft look, I transmuted that into building an amazing body. It was my first love. I think every man needs to do this. You need to be universally strong looking,
you need to have that universal look to you or say hey, he looks like a man who’s strong. You need to have that. You do this by lifting the weights. You do this by eating the right nutrition
that should be a staple no matter what. But the next step past that is going to be
you having vision and you having passion and you having focus. Now you see what that transition into for
me was that transitioned into a business. My first business was building Cz fitness,
which was my fitness coaching company. I’ve coached hundreds of men to date. And eventually what I realized is that all
men typically build this body because they want that next step in confidence. They want that next step in masculinity and
for me with my journey with that transition to was dating and masculinity coaching because
I’m like, Okay, if men are building these bodies, because they realize that there’s
some sort of self improvement they need I would rather just go to the endpoint and cover
the entire spectrum, because I’ve been through it all. You see what this transition to for me was
this transition to me speaking to the camera to me reaching out to people, to me telling
people what they have to do to get through all of these obstacles that 99% of the mass
majority of the population is stuck in. If you play that same rat race game you are
in for pain. The things that you have to do to transmute
your energy is you have to learn how to build a skill, build a craft, build a passion. Now, the easiest way to do this is not by
working harder. Do you do get that right? It’s not by working harder. It’s actually by working less. It’s about working less and working more efficiently. Now, you see
what makes Michael Phelps one of the greatest swimmers ever to walk the earth. It’s because he had simplistic living he had
a simplistic schedule. You see his schedule did not consist of Wake
up, go to class. You know, do all of these things go out on
Friday Saturday nights anything like that? Granted I’m throwing stuff out the top of
my head right now but his schedule is this wake up get in pool. Sleep repeat. Look at the greatness that came about. Do you get it yet? Michael Jordan wake up. Go on court. shoot free throws. outwork everybody sleep repeat. Casey Zander, wake up. Teach men how to become better builds his
body sleeps repeats seven days a week Leonardo DiCaprio wake up. get better at acting. You know by this point, maybe throwing a victoria
secret model here there if you need to, but sleep repeat. Do you get what I mean? You get better you transmute the energy by
removing the distraction. You often you often hear the phrase that men
say they don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough time to do that. I don’t have enough time to do this. The thing is, is if you give a task To a busy
man he’ll completed if you give a task to a very lazy man, he will never have enough
time. Now look what I mean by this. Many men occupy all of their time with snap
streaks. With chasing women with go into the bars with
getting drunk with getting high. With eating bad food with hanging with the
wrong friends, I wouldn’t have any time either. If I did that, you know how many apps I have
on my phone, I have three. I have PayPal, I have stripe to see how the
business is going. And I have Facebook to monitor my ads. That’s it. Because by me removing the distractions by
me turning off email notifications by me only giving my number out to a select few people. What I’m able to do is I’m able to zone in
and actually what I think is valuable to propel me forward. This is something that no men know how to
do. They know they don’t know how to transmute
their energy. And because of this, when I approach a woman
when I speak to a woman, I don’t have anxiety. All of the stuff that you guys have to watch
on your phone to stroke it too. I have no issues doing any of that in real
life, because I’m strong and congruent with how I’ve moved throughout the past few years. Now, I’m not saying this to be cocky. I’m telling you exactly what I did and how
I’ve helped other men and how I can give back how to master the dating game because one
of the biggest things that men want to do in this life is be respected and procreate,
procreate and carry on life to the next generation. The only way to do that is through putting
in the work. You see, men
aren’t taught how to be attractive. us men were dumb. If nobody tells us what to do, we’re stuck. Because doing what everybody else does, is
not attractive. Women don’t fall in love through their eyes
like you do. You have to put in the work so she sees value. So she sees perceived value. That is the only way because that will give
her the biological reason that is what she’s hardwired to do is to find strength and to
find men who are ambitious, that can protect if you want the success You must do what most
men are not willing to do. If you want success, you must go against the
grain of what the 99% will not do. You must transmute all of this buildup of
energy, all of this insane thinking that you have to keep going to these bars, you have
to keep drinking the alcohol, you have to keep buying the bottles of a vino, you have
to just stop thinking that this life is going to fall in your lap and you have to go out
there and get it. You have to build the business, you have to
understand how to advertise. You have to understand how to set up your
websites, you have to understand how to actually connect with the people. You have to understand how to have enough
perceived value that somebody wants to pay you for it. You see, that’s how you get out of the trap. That’s how you get out of the rat race. That’s how you get out of all of this stuff. It’s all interlinked. Making Money is interlinked with transmutation,
having values interlinked with transmutation, building a better bodies interlink with attraction
and dating, not getting complacent in the relationship and taking a woman for granted
and still staying on your masculine drive with hustle, ambition and purpose is still
part of the equation, work every day. Here’s why I’ll win and you won’t. And when I say you won’t, I solely hope that
you take that in a way that’s motivating so you can prove me wrong. Why will when is this? Well, I work seven days a week, 365 days a
year. I’ve just worked 365 days, while you work
five days a week and complain how you’re so tired and you still need your weekends, you’ve
worked 260 days a year, every three years I’ve worked a full year more than you. You will never catch up. Ever because I’ve transmuted the energy and
I’ve understand that the only way to feel the fulfillment. The only way to feel happy in this life is
to sacrifice and guess what fellows it’s a hell of a lot easier to do the work than to
never do the work and sit there every single day and regret what could have came. So here’s the thing at the end of this video,
what I Do every single time as I show you my link to my free case study, I put together
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evaluating what it is that I need with you, the last thing that I want to hear is of think
about it, okay, if you’re ready to commit that link is for you if you want a one on
one coach. However, if you’re just needing the information,
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