My BIGGEST Trader Joe’s Fall Grocery Haul YET!

October 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(upbeat music) – Hey, HealthNut’s,
welcome back to my channel. My name’s Nikole Goncalves
and today I am doing probably my biggest Trader
Joe’s fall haul yet. I’m really excited because
I got some cool things I’m so excited to try. I love going to Trader Joe’s even though we don’t have them in Canada. Anytime Matt and I are across the states we will go to a Trader Joe’s, or a TJ’s, as you Americans like to call it. And they just have the coolest stuff, it’s always an adventure going into a TJ’s and I got some really cool things I’m excited to share with you guys today. And these are items that, I didn’t wanna just pick up novelty items. Usually they have fun
pumpkin spice products, not all of them I would
just eat in my regular life, maybe there’s too much sugar, maybe it just sounds kinda weird, but this time I really
wanted to pick up things that I hands down will be
using in our meal prep, in our everyday meals for
our week, and weeks to come. I got a lot of food, so, very excited. By the way, if you guys
are new to this channel and you don’t know about Trader Joe’s, I actually have a whole playlist about all of my Trader
Joe’s videos, taste tests, lots of stuff, so I will link
that playlist down below, and if you are new, be sure to subscribe. I post videos every single week here. Recipes, wellness and lifestyle videos, and vlogs and sometimes hauls. So, let’s hop right in,
I got a lot of stuff and I can’t wait to
share it with you guys. And also, I just wanna eat it,
so, I can’t hold off anymore. I gotta eat it so we gotta film this. Let’s do it. So I got my Trader Joe’s
brown paper bag here and I’m gonna start with the freezer stuff so that we can get it
back into the freezer and it doesn’t melt. Usually we don’t pick up
a lot of frozen stuff, but since the weather’s
getting a little bit cooler, I feel like it would last longer in the car on the drive home. Some stuff was a little
soft when we got home, not gonna lie, but it’s fine. It’s gonna be delicious. So we got this frozen cauliflower. And I thought this was really cool ’cause you got the different
colors, it’s organic, and I thought this would
just look really pretty, so I got that. Just basic cauliflower,
nothing too exciting, but, I don’t know. Colors in food always
make me really excited to eat it so I’m excited. That it’s like naturally colored food. So there’s this huge craze right now happening with the cauliflower gnocchi, hopefully I’m saying that right. I’ve asked you guys on Instagram before and you said it was like, no key. Like, no key, does that make sense? Okay. So I actually got four bags. We just have two. I got one for Kailey who is
part of the HealthNut team. Apparently it’s really good. I haven’t tried it and I
don’t even know what’s in it. I’m guessing, oh wow, these
ingredients are really good. There’s like five ingredients
and they’re using sea salt not regular salt which,
there’s a big difference. So, I’m really excited to give these a try because of all the hype. Let me know, have you guys tried these? Leave me a comment down below. I’ll let you guys know what I
think of them once I try them. Next up I got this Harvest
Spaghetti Squash Spirals. I thought this looked really interesting, I don’t know, the packaging
kind of won me over, it looked very festive and fall. And I like that it’s already
shredded spaghetti squash and that they’re already in spirals. I don’t know, I just thought
that was really cute. Okay, I actually didn’t
look at the ingredients. I thought it was just spaghetti
squash frozen into spirals. It actually looks like there’s the sauce and everything in here. Says there’s heavy cream, kinda wish I knew that before I got it. I’ll try it, but I don’t
do so good with cream, it sometimes upsets my stomach, but, I’m sure it’s gonna be yummy. You guys should try them out,
let me know what you think. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram because I will probably
show you guys what I think about a lot of these products. Next up we have some Mushroom Risotto. I’ve tried this stuff
before, it’s really tasty. It’s just one of those
quick go-to dinner sides to add to chicken or
whatever your main is, and yeah, it’s just a tasty treat. Oh, and then I picked up
some Garlic Naan bread. Is it Naan or Naan? I don’t know, let me know down below. I recently, this was
actually a couple months ago, I made the best Indian feast, ever. Oh my God, I’m gonna have to find where I wrote my notes for
it, but it was so tasty, I did it for Matt and
some friends of ours, and I picked up some Naan
bread just at Walmart, it wasn’t the best one, it had
a bunch of weird ingredients. But this one here seems pretty good and this is a garlic one,
so it’s already seasoned and I’m telling you, garlic Naan bread warmed up with saucy curries and rice, is the best thing ever, so I got that, and I like that this one is frozen because I can just take it out and put it in the oven
when I wanna use it. Speaking of Indian dishes,
this is Channa Masala, hopefully I’m saying that right. This looked really good, this is, there’s no cream in here which I like. It’s just, what do they
have, the only dairy in here is ghee which I love to use, and it’s just a vegetarian Indian dish. I love this, I’ll usually
order this at a restaurant. I haven’t yet made it myself at home, but it looks really good, and I think it’s gonna go
good with that Naan bread. Naan, Naan, I don’t know
if I’m sayin’ it right. English is hard. Then, okay this I’m really excited about. This is Vegan Jackfruit Cakes. So, jackfruit, if you
don’t know, it’s a fruit, but if you eat it when it’s under ripe, like when it’s younger, it doesn’t have a, it’s not that sweet, so a lot of times a lot of vegans of plant-based cooking will have it in meat dishes. So it kind of pulls
apart like pulled pork, so you can make pulled pork sliders, you can make even fish is kind of flaky so you can make crab cakes out of it, so I’m really excited to try this. I actually have jackfruit, can
of jackfruit in the cupboard, so I wanna start trying
to use it in some dishes, just for fun and you know,
I like to swap things out. So this looks really good. I didn’t actually look at what’s in here. Ingredients are really
good, there’s cornstarch, which I prefer to use arrowroot powder, but the ingredients are not
bad at all, like pretty good. And there’s no added sugar. Love that! Okay, so I got that, and then
this was just a fall treat, I’ve been lovin’ mac and cheese lately. So this is Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, and it just looked so good. And also I got sold by the
very fall festive packaging, the maple leafs and I
just thought it was cute. So, this has a blend of Gouda,
cheddar and Parmesan cheese. Yum. All right, now we got
some frigerator goods. So, these next two items
I was so, actually three, I was very fascinated by. These here, Baby Cauliflower. Is this not the cutest
thing you’ve ever seen? I just think these look so cute, I don’t know what I’m
gonna make with it yet, maybe even a cauliflower soup,
and then you could kinda just roast some of the little
ones and top it on top. I don’t know, it looks so
cute, I was very drawn to this. And then also, hey, who
doesn’t love miniature things? Baby Zucchini, these are so cute! I’m gonna probably add
these to a stir fry. I just think that there’s something, yeah so satisfying about mini things. So, I’m all about that. The next thing that I
was very intrigued by was Butternut Squash Zig-Zags. This reminds me of those
crinkly french fries that you can get from McCain and stuff. These looked so fun. So I’m gonna bake these up
like fries that are crinkle cut and see what they taste like. So it says it’s good for soups, salads, stir fry’s, casseroles
or even a pasta swap. That’s actually really smart, I like that. I’m gonna make fries,
though, with ketchup. Organic ketchup. That looked really good. Okay, this next item is so good. I haven’t had it for a while, I might have it for
lunch today with Chloe, who’s behind the camera. This is their Mexican
Style Corn & Quinoa Salad with Cotija, Cotija, Cotija cheese. I always, guys there’s words I can’t say. And roasted poblano cilantro dressing. Cotija, I feel like you guys have told me how to say that before. It’s a Mexican cheese, kinda like a feta but more like mild tasting,
anyways, this is so good. I don’t know, I think it’s
the cilantro dressing, it’s delicious, and I need to remake this, it’s really, really good. Highly recommend trying that out. Next item is this Roasted
Cauliflower & Cheese Ravioli. I thought this looked really delicious. This with a nice marinara sauce I think is gonna be really good. Cashew’s makin’ a cameo, okay. Next I have Baby Beets. So these are just already steamed and ready to eat hot or cold, I like these ’cause you don’t have
to deal with the peeling and the roasting, and beets can
sometimes be a pain to cook, I’m not gonna lie. So I get these a lot from Costco, but I just saw them at Trader Joe’s and I thought I would try them out. They’re just a little
bit smaller than Costco, which is kind of easier to use. Then I also picked up some
already cooked lentils. I thought this would be really good just to add some extra
protein and fiber to a salad. I like things like this
because if we’re busy with work in the day and I need
to make a quick lunch, I can just easily throw
already precooked stuff into a salad or a bowl or whatever it is and get some protein without having to cook up some chicken or shrimp or tofu. I also find that lentils
can be harder to find already precooked, so
I just grabbed a pack and I just thought these
would become really handy for quick lunches, so I got it. I also grabbed some of
their Organic Tuscan Kale. I like grabbing this there
’cause I find it’s hard to find black or Tuscan kale, organic, already chopped up, so. Actually this is great
’cause I’m actually making my smoky white bean kale soup from “The HealthNut Cookbook,” so I’m gonna probably use this one to make it that much easier. All right, a few other
things on the floor here before I get into the
next bag, I got this. This is something I saw kind of on my way to the cash register, this is Unsweetened Almond
Cashew & Macadamia Nut Milk. Nut milk. This looks so good! Ugh, Chloe, you know what we should make? Steam this up, make some lattes. Herbal coffee lattes, Chloe
can make a matcha one. This looked really, really good, so I was excited to try that. I also, I mean not gonna lie, I almost finished the pack last night. These are just like my
guilty pleasure right now, and I blame my cousin
Caitlin from Caitlin’s Corner because she, a while ago, Instagrammed eating little peanut
butter sandwich crackers, and I remembered how much I loved them, and now I’ve been obsessed ever since. Just re-addicted, thanks Caitlin. Thank you. So these are just organic
mini peanut butter crackers, I don’t recommend getting them ’cause you’ll just eat them all
and crave them all the time, so, don’t get them. They’re awful. So I got these fall, what are these? Fall Leaf Corn Tortilla Chips. So cute, I was being very careful, awe, some of ’em are already crushed up. They’re very delicate, a
lot of the bags were broken, so I’m gonna have to just
be very careful with these. I’m trying to save these to use
for our Thanksgiving dinner. We’re doing family Thanksgiving
at our place this year for the first time, which
I’m so excited about. A little bit nervous ’cause
I’ve never done that before, luckily my stepdad’s doing the turkey, ’cause that’s a mission and a half. But, yeah, I just thought
these would be really cute for the party, if they last. Matt is a chip monster. Chip monster, like he can not be trusted, so I may need to hide those
if I need them to last. I also picked up some
Italian Tomato Paste. This is great for around the holidays because it’s in a tube so you can easily just use what you need,
put it in the fridge, and you don’t have to worry
about opening a small can and then not needing it all and
then the rest goes to waste, ’cause that happens to me all the time. Okay, so if you’ve been
following me for a while, you know I love Delicata Squash, and this is like the time
of year that they come out. It’s like now until the winter time. It is the best squash ever. It’s so good, you can eat the skin, the skin gets really
crispy, it’s so, so good, and they were 99 cents, so I got three. Yeah, I’m really excited about
the squash, it’s so good. It looks decorative but it’s, no you gotta eat it, it’s good. So I got some staples. If you guys didn’t know, I did a whole Trader Joe’s staples video,
things that I always get all the time, and this was in it. I love this, this is the Brown
Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta. It’s really good, this is a
really good gluten-free pasta, and I’m not gluten-free entirely, but I really love brown rice pasta, but this one holds up
really well, I like it. And you can’t even tell it’s gluten-free, it’s really good, I promise. Another staple, good
old Nutritional Yeast. This is so, so good. I just think that I could
put Nutritional Yeast on everything and it tastes good. Especially roasted or steamed vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli. Sprinkle a little bit of this on top and it just makes everything
better, I love it. This I thought was really
cute for the holidays. This is a Organic Tricolor Quinoa blend, so we got the white, the black,
and the red all together, and I like red quinoa because it has a little bit more of a crunch than white, so I think the mix is nice
’cause you get a nice mixture. And this would be good to
add into soups, into salads, things that you want your quinoa to hold up a little bit better. Oh, I just got some pink salt, super basic, nothin’
else to say about that. I also picked up their Everything
but the Bagel Seasoning. This isn’t even for
me, we already have two in our back stock, but every time I go I feel like somebody is
like, “Can you go pick me up “the Everything but the Bagel
seasoning,” so, I’m like, “It’ll cost ya, double.” No, I got some of that
’cause I gotta share the love for that seasoning, it’s so good. I also got some little potatoes. I like these ’cause there
is different colors. I don’t know, I like, there’s a theme. I like miniature things, mini potatoes, and things that have a variety of colors. I love these little purple
potatoes, they’re purple inside, so they look really cute
when you roast them up, and I just love potatoes, I love carbs. They’re the best. Okay, we also got 3 Seed
Sweet Potato Crackers. Ingredients are super
clean, I just realized that there’s, okay that’s where the 3 Seed name comes into play. There’s flaxseed, black
sesame seeds, chia seeds. I love that, and there’s sea salt. So, I haven’t tried these yet. They looked really good. These would also be good if we saved them for our Thanksgiving. We may just have to do a trip again right before our Thanksgiving dinner, ’cause definitely these
are not gonna last. I wanna eat them today with some hummus. Oh, another pasta I got that I thought was very festive that I want to try, is this Yellow Lentil &
Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti. So I like the color, it’s orange, very Halloween-ey and fall inspired. Then I got this Traditional Marinara Sauce and this stuff is so good. It’s like one of their cheapest sauces and it’s the best and
every time I buy this I think about the girl
I saw at Trader Joe’s in Buffalo, New York and I ran into her, she was part of the
HealthNut fam and she’s like, took this out of her cart, was
like, “You need to try this.” And I had to try it. I loved it and I’ve been buying
it every time I go there. It’s so good, definitely need to try it. Trader Joe’s is the best to
get Organic Pumpkin Puree. This is the stuff you need to make my pumpkin pie
squares and my pumpkin pie, it’s so good, I’ll have
those linked down below. I’m stocked up for the season,
I’ll definitely need more, but I got a good start. Another staple I get every time I go is the Unexpected Cheddar Cheese. It says it tastes like an
old, an aged premium cheddar with hints of Parmesan,
and that’s exactly it. This is the best cheese ever,
it’s one of my favorites, and we actually got two of them, ones in the fridge right now. Another cheesy item I got is this Organic Creamy Cashew Fiesta Dip. I don’t think I’ve purchased this before. I was looking at it
and it looked familiar, but I think I’ve seen it on people’s YouTube hauls or whatever. I don’t think I’ve seen it on
my own or I’ve picked it up. Looks really good, it’s very orange, kinda looks like a queso dip, and the ingredients seemed pretty good, a lot of, yeah it’s all organic, super clean and first two ingredients is just water and organic cashews. Oh, there’s potatoes in here, too. Ooh, and carrots. This could be really good even warmed up. I’m excited to try that, so, that’s all the food we got for humans. I got a couple things for
Cashew because let me tell you, she’s like obsessed with this to the point where
she’ll whine for seconds. We got four packs but one
of them’s already open. Okay, these, what are they? Grain Free Dog Treats With
Peanut Butter & Banana. She’s obsessed, guys. She’ll do anything for these, it’s like her, like the
ingredients are clean but there is a little bit of
sugar from the cane molasses, which usually her dog treats
don’t have added sugar, so I think that’s why she
likes them to be honest, but I treat these more
like a healthy cookie and not something that’s a nutritious, everyday treat, you know. Although she does eat them quite often. But the first ingredient’s
chickpeas, peanut butter, and there’s coconut flour and
stuff, and banana in here, so they’re pretty clean,
I just, like I said, they’re definitely more
of a healthy cookie if you’re gonna compare it to people food. But we stocked up
because she’s so obsessed and she’s a good puppy
and I just wanna give her yummy treats to thank her
for being a good doggy. And being quiet while we film this. Not really, she was makin’
noise the whole time. But you know. Okay guys, that is everything I got today, or the other day, at Trader Joe’s. Let me know what is your favorite thing to pick up at Trader Joe’s
during this time of year, if there is like a novelty item that they have every single fall, leave me a comment down below. If you are Canadian or you
don’t live in the state’s and you wish there was a
Trader Joe’s, I’m sorry, I know I’m teasing you guys all the time. But you know you can
make the trip out there if you live close enough to the border. Matt and I are not that close. It’s like a good two hour drive, so we just make a day out of it. Or if you are just visiting the states, stop at a Trader Joe’s, it’s really fun. Maybe if we give it enough
attention they’ll come to Canada. I don’t know, but it’s fun, and either way I just
like sharing with you guys grocery hauls and what I pick up. But I will definitely be
doing some other ones, like a Costco one, and just let me know what grocery store you wanna see next, I’ll have a poll in the
top right hand corner, and like I said, I have a
whole Trader Joe’s playlist if you wanna see more,
they’ll be linked down below. So, thank you so much. I hoped you guys enjoyed this
huge Trader Joe’s fall haul and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye guys! (upbeat music)