MSc Human Nutrition – The Students’ View

November 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I studied anatomy and physiology and then decided that I’d like to do a masters
So, I really liked the nutrition side of physiology, so I looked for a nutrition masters
and that’s how I’ve ended up in Aberdeen.
When I saw that the Rowett Institute is one of the leading institutes of nutrition in the whole world
If they have more than a century studying a subject that I like, then they have to be good at it.
I’m really interested in microbiology and how nutrition influences that and
how that in turn influences health. So I wanted to get the background in
nutrition so I could really apply what I
All the facilities in the University are available to masters students
but we are mostly based in the Foresterhill campus.
In the first semester we did a few different courses in nutrition
and then in the beginning of the second part of semester we did our specialisation.
So you can, at the beginning, see an overall picture and then
choose what you like best. In the final part your project is based where your
supervisor is. So, my supervisor’s in the Rowett which is a fantastic new building that
we’ve got, but some other people are based in the Polwarth and there’s some commercial labs as well on site.
It’s one of the longest dissertation programmes in the UK for Masters
so we really get enough time to delve into the project.
I’m working with six people based here and also a few different people from other fields
because i’m taking their data and then I’m just working with the medical
statisticians who are helping you some different techniques.
All the staff are very approachable, also the different lecturers are from different parts of
the world so, on top of being experts in their field,
you also have experience of how people are doing things in the whole world.
The Human Nutrition Unit is where the majority of my project work will take place.
They’ve got kitchens where they develop new recipes and facilities where participants
can stay if there’s longer periods of time study and they’ve got all sorts of
ways of measuring body composition and as a student of Human Nutrition you do get
to have a go and those at the beginning of the year and see how they all work.
It’s given me an opportunity to learn more of an applied science. I did my
specialisation in the public health nutrition, so we talked a lot about
different programmes that different governments around the world are implementing.
So it’s just given me this understanding of how nutrition is
ingrained in the government; in the sciences and in the medical community.
Aberdeen is a pretty safe city. There are many students here and the people from
Aberdeen – they are kind and they
help you when you are a little bit lost on your first days.
I really enjoy coming here from California and getting
to experience Scotland. I’ve done lots of hillwalking and traveling in the area.
I’d quite like to get into public health, potentially working for a charity as
well but definitely food and people
I like to do research so maybe
after graduating from the programme I will continue with a PhD or I can go back
to my home country and start a career in academia.