Meal Prep: How To Store Prepped Food – Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

November 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi guys! It is our last meal prep Mondays of the
kickstart series but fret not if you
want more meal prep videos let me know
you like them by giving these videos a thumbs up and
I will keep em’ coming. Today I thought I’d
touch on a topic that I get asked about
all the time in the comments and that is,
‘how to store prepped food?’ So I talked a
lot about this in my meal prep ebook. If
you haven’t already gotten your copy get
it. It is a beginner’s guide and its gonna
break down how to officially prep for your
lifestyle and if you use the code
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So how to store food. The first thing to
consider is how many days worth of food
you have to store. I have a whole chart in the
ebook that breaks it down but I pretty
much prep for 4 to 5 days at a
time. There are some things like fish that
when cooked are only good for a few days.
So if I prep fish for the week I might
refrigerate 2 to 3 days worth and
then freeze the rest. So feel free to
reference that chart for specifics on
other items. In general let’s talk about
how to store food in the fridge and keep
it as fresh as possible. Now obviously
once cut the time it stays fresh will
diminish. So if you can wait to cut it
great, but then it wouldn’t be meal prep
and the way I see it if I don’t do it in
advance I probably won’t do it at all. So for
me it’s best to just do in advance. For
fruits and veggies if they dry out more
quickly I store them in an unsealed bag
with a little splash of water in there
to keep it moist. Greens are stored
best in bags that are sealed with a
little bit of air. It’s a good idea
to store cut fruits and vegetables in
glass containers lined with paper towels
which can keep the moisture out. I will
put a PDF in the description that I
found online which has a great guide to
how to store specific fruits and
vegetables. For cooked meals I store them
in the fridge within two hours of
cooking. You don’t really need to wait
long to store them. There’s a lot of talk
flying around about hot food and bacteria
if it’s stored too quickly, but most studies
have sorta debunked that and said that
actually the quicker you can get into the
fridge the longer its gonna be fresh
which sort of makes sense to me because
bacteria grow less in the cold. If you
don’t feel comfortable or have a thing
about it then that’s fine you can wait
until it’s cool it’s up to you.
The top shelf of your friends is the
warmest. So yogurt and cheese and other
prepared items should go up there and
then below that can go you’re cooked
meat. This is why the crisper drawers for
produce are usually at the bottom. They’re
colder. That’s also a good place to put
your raw meat if your gonna cook in the
next few days. The door racks on the best
for eggs and condiments and juices
because the temperature fluctuates when
the door is opened and closed, and these
items won’t be as affected by the change.
Try not to stuff your refrigerator to
full so the air can still circulate and keep
the food a safe temperature. Another
question, ‘Does food lose nutritional
quality when it’s cut?’ Maybe. But studies
show that if the nutritional qualities
last it’s very little and the truth
is as I mentioned earlier if I don’t
want to cut in advance I won’t do it at all.
So am I better getting in no nutritional
quality because I just don’t have the
time to cook every night or am I better
getting in the veggies anyway with just
slightly less nutritional quality
because I cut them in advance and set
myself up for success?
The choice is yours. So those are my
basic food storage tips and again they
are directly from my meal prep ebook
which is available at
Do you have any
specific types of meal prep you like to
see? Last week I shared a vegan
meal prep and we’ve done many clean and
basic preps so comment below and let
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