Meal Prep – Egg Roll in a Bowl with Sweet & Sour Sauce

September 21, 2019 0 By William Morgan

can anyone tell me how do you make an egg roll I’ll take it you’re such a jerk that was the most anticlimactic thing ever oh man it’s supposed to be like you just push it but now I feel like I’ve got egg on my face because you guys did so quickly anyway let’s get on to the video guys dang it what up guys and welcome back to the fitnah inca kitchen where today’s quickie meal prep video we’ve got another banger for you today and the good thing about this beggar it’s one that you can literally hammer out in less than 20 minutes and it’s also a really good late-night recipe because sometimes you got that really big urge for craving for something that’s really good but you don’t want to have something that’s going to bloat you this one is actually really plant dominant and it’s super delicious we’re gonna be making an egg roll in a bowl with a very bootleg sweet and sour sauce to go with it because what is an egg roll without some sweet and sour sauce it’s very simple it’s pretty streamlined you just need to get you just a bag of some broccoli slaw choose your choice of ground protein or some veggie ground and then as long as you have some soy sauce you are good to go and lastly I’m gonna show you how to whip up a super simple sweet and sour sauce now this is not the one that you would actually get into the restaurant we’re trying to capture that essence with just some common household items that you probably have right now in both your pantry and your fridge all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves for this delicious egg roll in a bowl with a bootleg sweet and sour sauce then let’s get started first everyone do add a little bit of oil to a pan and then we’re gonna toss in some garlic and then some onion I’m gonna use some green onion because this is an egg roll if you want to use some white onion or some red onion you can use that too I just think that the green onion is a little less potent and then some fresh ginger get this going and we just want to season and flavor the oil increase the heat to medium-high and now we’re going to toss in our choice of protein I’m going to be using a very lean ground turkey now giving the toss in your broccoli slaw put that right on in there be careful of the edges you don’t bring yourself a guy this dip and just want to fold everything together this leg this just continue to fold it and sometimes that can be a really big bonehead and I didn’t choose the right skillet for this get yourself a really big skill so you won’t be struggling like me I’m gonna swap it out sink much easier to toss the food around and and you won’t believe it this is why I love this one this is a really good late-night recipe we got home real late from class or from work or from the gym and you don’t feel like be in the kitchen too long this is the perfect one cuz look all you got to do now just add a little bit of soy sauce just a low-sodium soy sauce and you’re finished the recipe is done you are good to go okay now this recipe is fine as is but you know this is the fit man cook kitchen so we’re gonna we’re gonna step it up just a bit so I thought it’d be cool if I show you how to make a really quick and easy bootleg sweet and sour sauce using pineapple as the base of it we’re gonna pour in some crushed pineapple mainly juice you don’t want a whole lot of the pineapple pieces but it’s okay then we’re gonna add in some ketchup now if you’ve been following me long enough then you know that I’m not a fan of ketchup mayonnaise or vinegar so I’m gonna add just a little bit of sriracha for that red color and for some spice pour in just a little bit of low-sodium soy and then a little bit of water a little bit of rice vinegar and then of course some arrowroot air with what’s gonna help it to thicken up give this a good mix take the skillet off the heat and add in another skillet where we can actually cook up the sauce so we’re going to set it on a medium heat then we are going to pour in the sauce now you don’t want it too hot because if it’s too hot that it’s going to burn the sauce and what’s gonna happen is the sauce will become really really sliding so we want to gradually heat up the sauce so that way it thickens up when it starts to simmer like this just begin just to stir and continue doing it it heats it’s going to thicken this one again it’s bootleg because RF chunks of pineapple in there but I just think that adds to the texture and the personality of this particular dish now from a portion control standpoint you can keep the sauce and the egg roll Bowl separate until you want to eat them and just divvy it up that way I’m just going to pour this sauce right into the egg roll bowl and then quickly just toss everything together perfect perfect perfect and this is exactly what we want now this meal is perfect right now by itself it’s got so much flavor so much moisture as you can tell but if you want to have this meal with something else I suggest having it with some steamed cauliflower rice it’s also something that you can easily pop inside your microwave as this is cooking up so within 15 minutes you’ve got both the sauce the the egg roll in the bowl and your Steam client flour rice ready to go to eat and when you eat it with the steamed cauliflower rice it makes it even more plant dominant and plant powerful now this right here is an egg roll in a bowl with some kick to it I just like the fact that it’s glistening it’s just all that sauce you don’t need anything else mmm yo this is a hip-hip-hip tastes like an egg roll but it’s a much lighter and all my butt stuff like this is just so easy to put together and this is a budget-friendly recipe y’all these are things that you can get from your local grocery store right now from your local Walmart and or even Amazon mmm Joe that’s a job well done alright guys that is it for today’s recipe I hope that you really enjoyed it I know that you’re gonna love this recipe as always comment below how you would customize it maybe with some bell peppers I could even see someone throwing in some sugar snap peas you know the choice is up to you and remember to use some common sense and be sensible when you’re cooking these recipes don’t be like me get yourself a big skillet and don’t try to you know this you know toss the food together it’s all being crowded together give yourself some room some space to actually have some fun in your kitchen so get yourself a nice sized skillet for recipes like this if you like videos like this and new prep videos like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and remember guys to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to ring that Bell ding ding ding so you can be notified every time we post hot new content here in the kitchen alright guys thank y’all so much for watching until next time I want try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring oh I’m gonna eat this for my lunch today this is pretty good very good [Music]