MEAL PLAN & PREP LIKE A PRO I  Full overview incl. recipes, tips & cooking hacks.

MEAL PLAN & PREP LIKE A PRO I Full overview incl. recipes, tips & cooking hacks.

September 14, 2019 2 By William Morgan

they have those super bland bowls of
food that they prep in advance and there’s
nothing wrong with it
but I feel you can do this a lot better
and that’s what we’re gonna bring to the
meal prep game I’m in Sao Paulo Brazil
and in this video I’m gonna show you how
to do a food prep how to find good prep
recipes and I’m gonna give you a ton of
tips along the way how do you start a
meal prep and how do you know what
you’re gonna make the best way to start
is to make a meal plan or a menu on
paper and the first question you want to
ask yourself is what can I eat and this
of course depends on your macros whether
you’re in an energy surplus or in an
energy deficit might determine what kind
of leeway you have and what kind of food
choices you want to make now I’m
currently not tracking all my macros but
I do make sure that all my meals contain
a protein source and a filler such as
vegetables or soup or any other
low-calorie filler and this is crucial
for satiaty now if you do track your
macros you want to use My Fitness Pal or
any other tracking device to plan your
meals ahead and it can help to make a
list of foods that you can eat and use
those in order to search for recipes
which we’ll get to in a minute when it
comes to planning your meals and making
a good meal plan in general there is one
golden rule keep it simple so say you’re
eating for meals a day then you want to
keep the majority of those meals very
very simple say only 5 minutes prep time
and spend say 20 or 30 minutes on a
large meal that you could also already
partly prep I already have a lot of easy
5-minute prep recipes on my channel so I
do recommend you check those out so you
do know your macronutrients now it’s
time to get your micronutrients in place
I’m not gonna go into too much detail
about that now but you do want to make
sure that you eat a variety of
vegetables different protein sources and
that you keep a balanced fat profile so
you know those are a few things that you
want to take into account which brings
us still to the big question
what are you gonna make and here’s where
my method comes in and it does variate
little bit of what I see mostly what I
usually see is this person X decides
their macros and he or she starts to
fill out those macros with food for the
cup sources they use rice put a protein
source they use chicken and then they
have little bit of fat left and they
fill this out with walnuts in that case
you get off some pretty weird
combinations so you have for example
half avocado 23 grams of chicken and
three walnuts and that’s a combination
you can make but it does not make a meal
or they have those super blands bowls of
food that they prepare in advanced and there’s
nothing wrong with it but I feel you can
do this a lot better how by adding more
flavor by adding a sauce I mean where’s
that sauce at it needs sauce and that’s what
we are gonna bring to the meal prep game
so what I do instead of combining
individual ingredients that often don’t
really combine is to search for recipes
and to tweak those and I did find that
there are some dishes that are better
for prep such as stews pasta sauces
soups curries and any kind of slow
cooker recipes those tend to keep very
well in the fridge or in freezer and
they often do get better overnight
because all the flavors combined and by
doing this you can enjoy a lot of
different flavors throughout the week
such as in your food Italian foods
Mexican food and a lot of these dishes
can also be combined with starches such
as fries potatoes quinoa or you could
just eat them playing by themselves if
you want to make such as I do recommend
that you store those separately because
they might get soggy otherwise when it
comes to searching recipes I find that
Pinterest is one of the best platforms
to do so their search engine on the site
is a little bit wacky so I do recommend
that you use Google in order to search
for recipes on Pinterest and when it
comes to finding good recipes good
search terms are key I’ve often found
that certain terms don’t give you the
desired results if you search for keto
recipes or low carb recipes for example
you often find recipes that are
extremely high in fat and thus very
caloric and that’s not something you’re
always looking for so try to make it
more specific the more specific the
better it’s best to decide beforehand
what you want to eat and then search for
those kind of recipes such as salads or Mexican foods and within that you
can be even more specific so category
specific such as omelet rep or chicken
soup or Mexican salad you can also use
ingredient specific search terms and if
you would fall out for example a keto
diet that this is what you want to use
you want to look at the ingredients that
you can eat and then look for those
specifically such as spinach cauliflower
avocado or cauliflower recipes and you
can tweak a lot of recipes that you find
you have to be a little bit creative for
this you can replace more fatty beef by
lean beef for example you can replace
regular rice with cauliflower rice you
can add avocado you can add pumpkin you
can add shirataki noodles you can
make omelets with mostly egg whites and
you can often add a little bit of extra
protein and here’s no tip while you’re
making um you plan make sure you also
make your grocery list at the same time
all right what am I going to make today
we’re gonna make Mexican fajita chicken
and veggies three minute tomato soup
pasta sauce and Thai pumpkin soup and if
you’ve been following my vlogs you have
probably seen that I make this pasta
sauce and 3 minute tomato soup for
quite a bit now because it’s one of my
favorite dishes to prep and Menno loves those so he’s been eating this a
lot then I’ll link all the recipes and
micros in the description box below
ready let’s start shopping
they have those everywhere in Brazil
it’s the cashew nut fruit and
apparently they only stay good for about
I think only one day at least a very short
time and
they yeah they sell this everywhere I’ve
never seen this before in any other
and this is another thing they have it’s
made of the palm tree and it’s sort of
I’d say almost a natural spaghetti I
think it’s basically this made into
thinner slices they have this also in
different forms even make lasagna sheets
with it definitely take one of these
I’m just back from the supermarket I
have all my ingredients now let’s start
cooking first I started with browning
the meat cooking the rice and boiling
the pumpkin because that would take the
longest and while all those things were
cooking and my oven was preheating I
started chopping the vegetables I
started with the fajita chicken I
chopped all the vegetables and chicken in
strips and combined those on a baking
sheet then I added the taco spices some
olive oil and some lime juice I mixed it
all well and put it in the oven then I
started chopping the vegetables for the
pasta sauce well of course occasionally
checking on my other food then i shortly
stir fried my veggies you want to
slightly under cook them because
otherwise it will get soggy and you’re
gonna heat this again I combined the
veggies meat pasta sauce salt and a
little bit of sweetener and mixed it all
well quick tip for getting better at
estimating portion sizes estimate the
weight before you actually weigh it by
that direct feedback you get better at
estimated meanwhile my pumpkin was
completely cooked through all I had to
do was just drain most of the water add
the Thai curry paste coconut milk
chicken stock cubes and mix it all well
now while I cook I always keep a bowl to put all my garbage in to keep
my kitchen clean and in the end while I
was already cleaning my kitchen I made a
big batch of my three minute tomato soup
it’s a wrap and in my next video I’m
gonna show you how I incorporate those
dishes that I made stay into meals
throughout the week and if you liked
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