McDonald’s Keto Breakfast: The BEST Keto Breakfast Sandwich On The Planet?

October 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

and today we’re gonna start with the
king of all fast-food restaurants I have
a weird order for you
if you ask me McDonald’s should start
serving it like that okay let’s give it
a taste
what’s going on guys
Carlo Macapinlac here from and welcome to the
first episode of Keeping It Keto. Keeping
It Keto is a series of videos where we go
to different fast-food places and
restaurants and we order keto food
because listen life happens I get it
right so whether you’re traveling maybe
you just don’t have time to cook maybe
you’re in the middle of nowhere and fast
food is your only option
it doesn’t mean that you have no choice
but to go off your diet
there are ways around it and that’s what
the Keeping It Keto series is all about
and today we’re gonna start with the
king of all fast food restaurants I’m
gonna show you how to order McDonald’s
keto breakfast and keep it keto ok so I’m
just pulling up to the drive-through
window here step number one when you’re
ordering keto food at a fast-food joint
is listen you have to understand that
this is completely foreign to them ok so
number one you have to be nice to them
and number two you have to prep them
okay you have to prep them just wait
hi there this is gonna be a bit of a
weird order is that okay I have a weird
order for you
I just want two pieces of egg an
order of sausage just the sausage patty
and an order yes please and a side order
of bacon that’s everything
no drink today thanks so much how’s it
not too bad thank you just on visa
thank so much thanks man I love your
okay so we have our breakfast right here
it actually looks really tasty and I’m
going to show you a little hack on how
to eat this properly okay so we’re
actually gonna make a keto egg sandwich out
of this okay so as you can see we have
the ultimate egg sandwich right here if
you ask me McDonalds should start serving
it like this if McDonald’s puts this on
the menu they’re gonna start attracting
so many keto people because of it okay
let’s give it a taste
the egg actually holds the sausage
and bacon nicely until it falls
apart I don’t know about you guys but
McDonald’s has the tastiest sausage on
the planet
the bacon is nice and crispy
oh my god I could eat this every day. I’m almost done the sandwich and the
egg is still keeping everything together
this is awesome. Do you like how I’m drinking
Starbucks coffee okay so all in all that
was really good and this kind of just
goes to show that your imagination
seriously you guys your imagination is
the only thing that would hold you back
from staying keto when you’re eating out
at fast-food restaurants my number one
tip here is you probably notice I
ordered off the menu okay so if you’re
eating fast food the number one thing
that you have to ask is can you order
just let’s say a side order of egg or a
side order of bacon or a side order of
burger patty okay if they say yes that
is a complete game-changer because right
away you can just pick and choose where
you’re gonna eat right and as you
probably noticed I ordered off the menu
I made my own breakfast sandwich and it
was delicious okay so here are the
numbers of my McDonald’s keto breakfast
sandwich I have it written down here
it had 380 calories 4 grams of carbs 29
grams of fat and 26 grams of protein in
terms of your keto macros ratio it’s 4%
carbs 27% protein and 69% fat yes that’s
literally the perfect macros for keto
and it only cost me five dollars and 12
cents I mean I’m in Canada so it’s
probably a little bit cheaper if you
live in the US and you know what I get
it it’s a little bit pricier than an Egg
McMuffin I think an Egg McMuffin is like
four dollars but who cares
okay I’m showing you a way here that if
you pay a little extra you get to stay on
keto you still get to enjoy yourself
if you ask me it’s totally worth it now
here’s what not to eat at McDonald’s for
breakfast okay I mean obviously you
can’t have oatmeal you can’t have
muffins you can’t have a blueberry
muffin you can’t have a McGriddle if you
order an Egg McMuffin you have to eat it
without the muffin and that’s why I just
ordered off the menu now I want you to
comment below this video what is your
favorite keto McDonald’s breakfast I
want to know and I also want you to
comment below this video which fast-food
joint you want me to do next
alright that’s it for this keeping it
keto episode I’ll see you in the next
one okay the next question then becomes
how are you actually supposed to eat if
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