Make Eating Healthy EASY With This Mindset Formula

October 26, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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Because I want to share with you my tips of how to stay on track with your healthy eating if you’re already a subscriber hey
Welcome back. Thanks for watching another video, and if you’re new to my channel my name is Rachel ask
I am a nutritionist from Brisbane, Australia
I also own a gym called eat run lift and a blog of the same name
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Effectively you will need a notebook and a pen or you can use your phone if you’re not watching the video on your phone already
The reason for this is we’re gonna be working through some stuff to figure out why it is that you’re falling off track with your
Healthy eating all the time instead of just me giving you generic tips. We’re gonna figure out the root of the problem
I’m actually drawing a little bit from my mindset coaching program. Which is part of my 12-week online challenge
This is a method that I use personally, and if you want a kind of heads-up of where I am at the moment
I haven’t had a cheat meal in nine months
I mean I could if I wanted to but I’m in ketosis, and I want to stay in ketosis
So I just don’t have a cheat meal. I don’t think cheat meals bad things, but I think if you’re eating stuff which is not
productive to your goals
And it’s not going to help you get you where you want to be or it’s not nourishing your body or it’s something
That’s just you know it’s not good for you
You want to be limiting limiting that to a certain number of times per week?
It’s all about having a majority of your diet as healthy nutritious food
That’s actually going to look after your body my first step. Is don’t beat yourself up about it
You don’t want to be feeling a lot of guilt and shame for
Falling off track with your healthy eating and not being able to get back on because yes life does get in the way sometimes
That doesn’t mean that you should let those same excuses come back over and over again like yes
There’s always gonna be situations which get in the way, and it hard to get around sometimes
But if you are having the same thing making you fall off track over and over again
That’s when we know there’s an issue if you know you’re always
Reaching for the the chocolates or something and around like 3 4 p.m.. That’s when you know?
There’s a little habit there that you need to break, but other than that if you fall enough track
And you just feel like you can’t get back on top of things
Do not beat yourself up for it feeling guilty over
It is just going to lead to more negative thought patterns
So gonna break that now the point number two we’re taking out the notepad and we are going to figure out why this happened
This is a list that I want you to add to every time you have fallen off track or every time you do fall off
track if it does happen again in the future because
We’re gonna see if there’s a recurring theme here some common examples that I see from clients are things like stress at work
Or stress at home, or it was sitting around in the cup, and so I decided to eat it anyway
So if you just focus on the one last time that you fell off track and weren’t able to get back on top of things
With the healthy eating jump down what that reason was before I jump into the next point
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We’re up to step three and we’re gonna take that one obstacle, which you wrote down in the previous step
And what we’re gonna do is write down three things that we can do to which rest that next time it happens
So for me something that I used to notice was I was a stress eater, and I’d feel stressed
So I had one salty food. I had to remember food is not my therapist food
is there just to look after my body so three things that I do now when I am stressed ah go for a walk or
Go and get acupuncture or just spend some quiet time just sort of in reflection
Thinking through things I’m bad at slowing down
I’m the first person to admit that but I know I have to and I know
That there are other ways to manage stress other than eating now. It’s time to set some specific goals for yourself
I always advise not setting up physical goals of looking a certain way
But setting goals that you can measure and you can achieve
Maybe you do want to lose weight set that as a number goal or maybe you want to be able to do a certain number
of push-ups
Which I love setting those kind of girls like training goals because it makes you actually work towards it
So you want to set something other than having a goal body to make this work?
We’re gonna set a big lofty goal in twelve months
And then we’re gonna break that down with three smaller goals that are gonna
Help us get to that big one
So you jot down your 12-month goal then we’re gonna jot down a two-month goal
Then a full month goal then a six month goal
And then you’ve got twelve
Ideally these three little goals need to be building blocks to work your way up to your 12-month goal point five to make sure that
You I’m not falling off track is to read says your cupboards
Go through the pantry go through the fridge and make sure that there’s no junk lying around
you can give it to someone else if it’s someone if it’s like a housemates food or like a relative something don’t touch it just
Learn some most self-control. I know that sounds easy to say you can do it. I can do it
You can do it, but if it’s your food and the fridge or the pantry reassess
What’s in there and don’t eat it to get rid of it I?
Used to do that to just give it to someone else who’ll eat it point six is to talk to the people you live with
And explain why this is important to you you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by having other people sabotaging your goals
So you really need to explain to them why it’s important?
And why you’re doing what you’re doing
Point seven is it’s time to plan out a new routine
So when it comes to eating healthy and staying on track with eating the right kinds of foods for your body?
I know it can be really difficult sometimes especially when you’re first starting
There’s a lot of information out there it can be tricky, so it’s about finding a routine for yourself
You don’t have to make all these big changes at once in fact
I do advise against that I feel like it is better to take small little steps and change little things at a time
So I’d love you guys to plan out a week of eating on that notebook or in your phone or whatever you’re doing this is
Going to give you a nice guideline to work along if you’re looking for some advice
I do have a nutrition guide available
I know I hate putting pictures and things
But really that’s what I made the guides for so
The nutrition guide does talk about food and it splits it up into different body types as well so your ectomorph
Which is usually tall and thin and tries to gain muscle your mesomorph?
Which is typically your hourglass shape which is the body shape that I have and your endomorph?
Which is the body shape which usually find it a little bit harder to lose weight?
and they tend to be a bit more pear-shaped if you can you should also plan out when you’re eating because
Sometimes what can happen is we get so busy throughout the day, and then by the afternoon
We have super super hungry
and that’s when we go crazy and
Tend to starts coughing down whatever we can we want to avoid that from happening and making sure that we’re eating
Apart from intermittent fasting. I’m not referring to that at all. I’m just talking about general healthy eating
It’s important to make sure that you’re eating enough calories at the right times of days
So it make sure you’re eating when you wake up the morning
You know you’re getting your breakfast ting you’re having your smacks you having your lunch
You don’t want to be eating nothing all day, and then coming home and destroying the cupboards at night
You know those people that you hear on who are always like oh, you know I was so good all day
I ate an egg and a rice cake and then I ate a whole pizza and a bunch of like chocolate and everything for dinner
Those people aren’t eating enough food when you eat enough food
And you satiate your body
You’re not gonna go off on some crazy fruit attack because those sort of episodes where you just decide that you don’t care about eating
Healthy anymore, and you just scoff down whatever
They’re the kind of things that can lead to you just
choosing worse and worse meal options as you go like it becomes easy to choose the bad breakfast it becomes easy to skip lunch and
Then becomes easy to order at dinner once you get a good routine in place that will drastically reduce the amount of times that happens
Step number eight is to look for meal
Inspiration that you like you don’t have to be eating salads all the time if you don’t like salad
There are other ways to get your vegetables in there are so many places on the internet
You can do this YouTube Pinterest blogs
I myself have a blog which has a recipe index in it too, and so you can check those out
I’ll link that in the description box for you and in my final step
We’re taking out that notepad again or the phone and we are going to make a commitment to ourselves
This kind of commitment is going to be different to everybody so this could be something like
For me personally mine is I am going to look after myself the best possible because I wanna keep my PCOS under control
Maybe yours is that you’re gonna choose the healthiest options that you can
because you’d really like to reduce your body fat percentage or maybe you want to be able to keep up with your kids or
Whatever your reason is there needs to be a commitment there without the commitment
what’s the drive and where’s your motivation coming from I get people messaging me all the time asking how to get motivated and
I think motivation is absolute BS. It’s more about habit
You’re gonna have motivation in the start to kick you up the butt and get you going
That’s when you’re going to build all these beautiful habits into your day into your week
And it’s the habits that are gonna sustain you if you want to share your commitment in the comments section below
I would love that I’m gonna go through and be reading them as well
I just think that’s a really great way to make it tangible when you’re actually having a type out and share it with strangers
It means that you’re really really serious about it
But I hope you guys have a new action plan lock down after this video, and if you haven’t yet
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