Lunch at the Buffet – Not a keto meal!  🏝 Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 5

Lunch at the Buffet – Not a keto meal! 🏝 Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 5

October 28, 2019 1 By William Morgan

just had my
cappuccino from the grumpy
bartender. Ah…
My favorite one will be there later.
So I’m just going to head back to the room and I’m gonna change into my bathing suit and then head over
to the beach. My daughter is with some friends and my husband is sleeping.
He had a reaction to something that he ate. So he took some benadryl and now he is sleeping.
I’m just gonna head into my room. …change. Maybe I’ll relax a little bit before going to the beach. If you’re new to my channel,
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Hello! Hola!
What’s going on? Hola! Como estas?
Yeah, you want to go to the beach? Okay.
So we just about headed for lunch. You should see the crowd. You should see the lineup for lunch. Wow!
Found a way to avoid the flies. I don’t them in my food. So I just keep everything covered.
I’ve got some plantains covered up. My fruits. Got some bread on the table. Covered up. Otherwise, flies just go for it.
Just a tip if you decide to come to this resort.
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