Low Carb Sweeteners: on Keto Diet

September 21, 2019 0 By William Morgan

A list of low sweeteners for keto diet
When trying to lose weight it is important
to cut out sugar from the diet.
The body has to burn through sugar before
it can access its fat reserves, so we must
switch to alternative sweeteners.
IF you are following a low carb diet such
as keto, then you may be wondering which are
best sweeteners to use in the place of sugar.
In today’s video we share a list of sweeteners
that you may consider using.
1. Stevia
This is one of the most popular alternative
sweeteners and comes from an Indian herb known
as the stevia plant. This has a value of 0
on the glycaemic index and works well in low
carb recipes or teas. I
2. Xylitol.
This tastes nearly identical to sugar but
is much lower on the glycaemic index. This
is a sugar alcohol (polyol) which is extracted
from the wood of birch trees. It does not
cause a high spike in blood sugar and can
be used on keto. Be warned that this is toxic
to dogs, so keep this away from your pets.
3. Erythritol
This is another excellent sweetener which
is 0 on the glycaemic index. It is another
sugar alcohol like xylitol but is made from
fermented fructose. It is one of the best
keto sweeteners but does not taste as strongly
as xylitol.
4. Monk fruit
This sweetener is one of the healthiest alternative
sugars and contains unique antioxidants called
mogrosides. These make it taste 100-250 times
sweeter than regular sugar without the harmful
effects. It does have a slight aftertaste,
however works well when mixed with erythritol
in baking.
5. Chicory Root Sweeteners
This can be purchased from a variety of different
brands and works well in low carb pastries.
It has a slightly bitter aftertaste yet can
work well when mixed with other ingredients.
This sweetener is less likely to cause gas
or intestinal discomfort.
As you can see, there are a fair few options
to use in your low carb recipes, or to add
sweetness to your drinks.
These have a low impact on insulin in the
body, unlike regular table sugar and fructose
from fruits.
Try not to overdo it with these sweeteners
as they can cause a little diarrhoea in some
Sometimes it takes the body a little time
to adjust to the changes and using new ingredients.
Remember that the key goal of a low carb diet
is to lower insulin levels in the body.
Keep your carbohydrates below 20-30g per day
and you will lose weight very quickly and
lower inflammation throughout the body.
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