Low Carb STUFFED PEPPERS!  Low Carb/Keto Recipe COLLAB!  Gluten Free

Low Carb STUFFED PEPPERS! Low Carb/Keto Recipe COLLAB! Gluten Free

July 24, 2019 22 By William Morgan

Hi everybody and welcome back to my
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I’m going to be doing a lower carb
version of stuffed bell peppers this
video is part of a low-carb / keto
collaboration that I am hosting with the
YouTube collabs group there are a few
other ladies who are joining in so I
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the first step is to cut the top off of
your six bell peppers and of course you
can use any color peppers you like and
then you just want to take out the seeds
put them in a pan if they don’t sit up
nicely like mine are doing right now you
can cut just a little bit off the bottom
but mine is sitting up so nicely I don’t
think I need to do that so then you need
two pounds of ground beef you just want
to brown that up get that going and to
this I’m going to add two teaspoons of
granulated garlic or just garlic powder
two teaspoons of onion powder 1/2 – 1
teaspoon of ground black pepper and
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
probably adding about 1/2 a teaspoon I
almost forgot you need 1 tablespoon of
Worcestershire sauce
then you just cook that till it’s done
okay the ground beef is done I did buy
some cheaper ground beef this time so I
did have to drain a little bit of the
fat out but you don’t have to that’s up
to you next I’m going to take two cups
of rice two cauliflower you can do your
own in a food processor but I just
bought this this is from Trader Joe’s I
got it in my last Trader Joe’s haul and
it is actually still frozen I’m gonna
add this in and stir it around a bit
while that is cooking I’m going to
microwave two cups of beef broth because
I want it to be boiling for this next
step the broth is now nice and hot I’m
going to add one can of tomato paste
this is a six ounce can then I’m just
going to sprinkle in I don’t have any
measured measurements for this some
black pepper onion powder garlic powder
you could even do a little
Worcestershire sauce if you feel like it
I’m not going to so you want to whisk
this all together it smells good it
smells like tomato soup then you want to
pour half of it in your ground beef
mixture and half of it in the bottom of
the pan
and the reason I wanted it to be hot to
start off with is so it doesn’t take so
long to heat up once you get it in the
oven it’ll start the cooking process
a little faster then you add one cup of
shredded any kind of cheese you like I’m
using cheddar add this in you’re also
gonna add a little bit of cheddar to the
top later but this is just get mixed in
then just fill your peppers with the
mixture I’m using an ice cream scoop so
there’s less mass now you just want to
cover them with foil and pop them into a
preheated 375 degree oven
how long you cook them depends on how
soft you like your peppers my husband
likes them on the softer side but you
know anywhere from probably 35 to 50
minutes so I’m gonna check these in half
an hour and I’ll let you know exactly
how long it took to cook them so here
they are after 35 minutes
honestly the pepper isn’t done enough
for my husband so I’m gonna put him back
in a couple of them did fall over so I
had to put them back together there’s
still a little meat here in there but
before I put them back in I am gonna
take a spoon or two of the sauce and
pour it over the top just to get them
make sure they stay moist we do not want
it dried out that would not be good we
want to put the foil back on them and
put them in the oven for about another
ten minutes or so
okay so after that additional 10 minutes
I’m going to put some cheese on top it’s
just the cheddar I used on the inside
and broil them here is the finished
product and this is actually how I like
to serve it I like to put a little of
the sauce in the bottom and then put the
stuffed pepper in the bowl don’t forget
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