Low Carb PESTO CHICKEN In the SLOW COOKER!  Keto Friendly

Low Carb PESTO CHICKEN In the SLOW COOKER! Keto Friendly

August 1, 2019 1 By William Morgan

hey guys it’s Leigh and today I am back
with another low carb recipe and this
one is pesto chicken in the slow cooker
this is a super easy recipe and what I
like about it is you can make as much or
as little as you like just pour in more
chicken and more pesto sauce if you have
a large crowd to feed or if you want to
put some in the freezer for later all
right to get started I’m just going to
layer some chicken in my crock pot and
this is the frozen chicken I got it
samms and it says what’s dropping it
it says cook from frozen so that’s what
I’m gonna do once I have a layer I’m
going to take my granulated garlic
garlic powder or whatever season that up
some some onion powder and some black
then I’m going to take this jar of pesto
that I got at Aldi it is six point seven
ounces and pour that on top okay sorry
about that my battery died so I’m just
going to cover the chicken with pesto
put a little pat of butter on each piece
and repeat the process until I have as
much chicken in the crock-pot as I want
and I’m just going to cover it so I’m
going to set this on high for five hours
I’m not sure exactly how long it’s going
to take because that chicken is frozen
but just make sure to cook it until your
chicken is completely done okay so this
is done it has a couple more minutes on
the timer but it’s done I’m going to go
ahead and take the chicken out and put
it on a plate now my husband and I will
eat it just like this with some side
dishes and for my daughter I’m going to
be making some sandwiches or she’s gonna
be making sandwiches I’m gonna shred it
up for her and put it on this ciabatta
bread then I’m going to add some
mozzarella cheese and some of the bacon
that I get the pre cooked bacon I get
from Sam’s and then just toast it and
she loves them it’s kind of a take on a
panini she gets at Starbucks that she
really likes so if you like this recipe
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Thanks for watching bye