Low Carb & KETO CANDY Recipes | DIY Keto Halloween Treats

October 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(tuba music)
(doorbell rings)
(locks turning)
(squeaky door sound)
– Oh, dearies, look at the good costumes!
Oh, Marvin, look at the costumes.
(dramatic music)
all those sweet candies
will rot your teeth.
Have some sugar-free candies instead.
Take as many as you’d like!
(upbeat spooky music)
– [Alyssia] Happy Halloween munchies!
It’s candy time and with
so many people looking
for low-carb and keto options,
I thought this Halloween
we’d go sugar-free on the channel.
But don’t worry.
It does not have to be
scary or disgusting.
I have done homemade cleaner
candies on the channel
many times, but never low-carb.
The good thing about
low-carb candy is that it
is lower in carbs and sugar,
but the bad news is that
it’s easy to feel inclined
to keep eating.
So, which candy should we make first?
– Man, sugar free candy is the worst.
– Yeah, it tastes terrible.
– I wish I had a delicious
Almond Joy instead
(magic sound)
(upbeat spooky music)
– [Alyssia] For my low-carb
almond joy, I start
by combining unsweetened coconut,
low-carb, sugar free maple syrup
or liquid sweetener of choice.
I have linked this one in the description.
Coconut oil, full-fat coconut
milk, vanilla extract,
and a pinch of salt in the food processor.
Blend together and then
press the mixture down
either in a sprayed mold or a loaf pan.
I have done pans in
the past, but this mold
made it so much easier.
It’s also linked in the description.
Then, press the almonds down
so that they hold on top.
I used a little dab of that
sweetener to hold as glue,
and freeze until set.
(magic sounds)
in the meantime, melt some
sugar-free or low-carb
chocolate chips in the microwave
or using the double boiler over the stove.
I find it depends on
the brand of chocolate,
but if it isn’t getting smooth enough,
you can always a teaspoon
or two of coconut oil.
When the coconut bars
are frozen, remove them.
These molds make it so
easy to pop them right out.
Then, we can coat.
First, I dip the bottoms
in chocolate and place them
onto a sprayed baking rack.
Here, I can pour the chocolate on top,
letting gravity help me coat the rest.
If you wanted them even lower in carbs,
but still delicious,
I like to drizzle them with chocolate
rather than coat them completely.
They look so pretty and you get the flavor
of the chocolate without it needing
to be quite as coated.
Either way, let them set
in the fridge or freezer.
I prefer to keep them in the freezer
and then thaw them out
as I’d like to eat them.
I have done Almond Joys in the past,
but I think this recipe is now perfected.
And the molds made it so much easier.
They are absolutely
delicious, a sweet bite,
but still enough salt
to balance the flavor.
And it’s just amazing that the ingredients
are so much cleaner.
(spooky music)
– You guys!
Check this out!
– No way!
– Where’d you get that?
– That girl’s sugar free candy just
transformed into a delicious almond joy!
– Oh, man!
– I wish all these
gross sugar-free candies
would transform into Reese’s cups.
(magic sound)
(upbeat spooky music)
– [Alyssia] For low-carb Reese’s,
start by melting low-carb
or sugar-free chocolate
of choice.
And fill the bottom of the molds to coat.
It will depend on your mold and how big
you want them to be, but I
try to coat the chocolate
about half way up the mold.
I found this easiest to do
with the back of a spoon
or a popsicle stick.
Freeze for about ten minutes.
In the meantime, make the filling.
Melt peanut butter and
coconut oil together
in the microwave or on the stove.
Make sure that the peanut
butter has no added sugar
to keep it low carb.
You can also use almond
butter, if preferred
or sunflower butter if needed.
Stir in your sugar free
powdered sweetener and salt,
seasoning to taste.
Spoon a teaspoon of the mixture depending
on the size of your mold into the center
of the chocolate cup.
Freeze to set, and in the meantime
you can melt the rest of your chocolate
for the top layer.
Add the chocolate to cover
the frozen peanut butter cup
and freeze for another 15-20
minutes to finish it off.
These are probably the easiest of the day,
but they might be the
most impressive looking.
The powdered sugar in
that peanut butter mixture
gives it a texture that’s just like
the inside of a Reese’s.
You know how it’s a little big thicker
and better than regular peanut butter,
sort of pasty or chalky but in a good way.
If you’re a Reese’s fan,
you know what I mean.
And I promise this does not disappoint.
(magic sound)
– You guys, look!
It’s a Halloween miracle!
– Oh, whoa!
– Oh, snap pea, you guys are so lucky!
I want some peanut M&Ms
(magic sounds)
– Low-carb peanut M&Ms are last.
This was a toughie to figure out
and it’s sort of a cheat,
but delicious nonetheless.
I start by melting low-carb
appropriate chocolate
however you’d like.
Stir in shelled peanuts, and
I also used macadamia nuts.
What a fun way to keep them low carb,
because macadamia nuts are higher in fat,
and lower in carbs.
You could really use any nuts.
Toss to coat.
I prefer to use salted nuts, by the way.
Use a fork to fish out the nuts
and let the excess chocolate drip off
before adding to a parchment-line
baking sheet to set.
Try to get the peanuts
separated as best you can.
It’s a bit meticulous, but the fun of M&Ms
is eating them individually,
not as a cluster or bar.
It is that easy.
And into the fridge they go to set.
That’s it?
Okay, so they’re chocolate covered nuts
but, they will satisfy
the craving just the same
and I think that they should actually make
macadamia M&Ms after trying these,
because they were seriously
so perfect and salty-sweet.
And I love that I don’t need to consume
any of that food dye to enjoy these.
(upbeat spooky music)
– Almond Joys are so good.
– Halloween rocks!
(magic sound)
– [All] Whoa!
– This is amazing!
This is the best Halloween evah!
– [Alyssia] All of these
candies will need to be stored
in the freezer or fridge as
they will melt on their own.
I’ve included these recipes
in my holiday e-book
that I released last year.
I’ve also made these
three pages of the e-book
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So, whether you’ve
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Thanks for being here, have
a happy Halloween month,
and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.
(witchy laugh)
(upbeat spooky music)