Low Carb Crack Slaw – BEEF vs. CHICKEN – SO GOOD!

October 25, 2019 0 By William Morgan

welcome to highfalutin low-carb the
weekly web series where we find and test
the best low carb recipes this crazy
Internet has to offer today we’re going
to be wrestling with a dish so oddly
named that it’s almost embarrassing to
say get ready for crack slaw! this
one-pot dish is a beloved and apparently
addictive weeknight staple of many in
the online low-carb community consisting
mainly of cabbage and ground beef along
with some Asian flavorings crack slaw is
massively popular online so much so
there’s even a recipe for it on food
dot com and it’s called crack slaw so today
here in the highfalutin headquarters
we’re going to pit the traditional
ground beef recipe against a 2nd
contender chicken crack slaw now who’s
going to win this epic battle stay tuned
and find out ok guys so as you know
we’re going to pit the chicken against
the traditional beef recipe and normally
you would brown the ground beef and then
add your ingredients add the slaw or
your cabbage i’m going to use bags
cabbage today coleslaw mix because it’s
supposed to be an easy weeknight meal
right so that’s an easy way to do it you
can also just shred a head of cabbage so
we’re going to use Kristie’s. we’re going
back to the wonderful well of Cooking
Keto with Kristie. we’re going to use her
recipe for crack slaw it’s the most
popular one on youtube so that’s what
we’re going to do let’s begin we’re
going to brown this beef now normally
you were going to brown the beef in and
keep add the vegetables there what I’m
going to do is brown the beef set it
aside then brown the chicken and then
set it aside then cook the liquid
ingredients with the cabbage just for
the purposes of us testing this and then
we’re going to divide the cabbage
mixture and I’m going to add the beef
and the chicken into each one and it
will play them it looks at them alright
so let’s see what’s up
now you’ll notice Kristie’s recipe that
she uses bacon fat and that’s fine if
you enjoy that I probably know it but
this was some pretty fatty ground beef
that I’ve got so either chose to omit
the bacon fat yet but I am going to
add bacon fat to the chicken the ground
chicken is probably a lot of the breast
meat i can just sort of tell by the
color it’s probably breast meat and
not thighs or dark need so I’m going to
add some bacon fat to that when i’m
leavin ground that for sure now while
that’s browning i’m going to prepare to
cole slaw mix most importantly a little
sip of Bourbon never hurt anybody now
were going to take this up and you would
think that you would be tempted to drain
this and if you’re eating low-carb and
not low-carb high-fat you can drain that
but I actually I’m going to keep that in
that’s going to create a lot of the
thoughts i mean i bought a fatty cut of
meat on purpose so that it could be used
in this way instead of adding additional
fat you know Kristie added the bacon fat
to her beef I could have bought ground
chuck but instead i bought ground beef it’s
about seventy-three percent i think it
was seventy-five percent so that’s a lot
of fat in that but that’s what we’re
doing here this is keto this is um high
fat low carb low carb high fat however
you want to say it so let’s reserve this
and then we’re just going to honestly
use the same skillet and cook our
concoction turn the skillet to the stove
and I’m going to reserve this and just
move this out of the way so it’s not
becoming involved in any of our raw meat.
that is not fun. alright so here’s
our bacon fat
now again at home you’re just going to
be using one of these meats. whichever you
like I mean I assume. unless you want to
hold your own highfalutin battles at
home and let the family decide which
they like or if you’ve got a person in
the family who likes chicken and one who
likes beef whoo that’s hot I’m going to
turn that down! Shoo! I’m cooking the hell out
of that chicken. then you could split the
recipe up this way I’m obviously just
doing this for the purposes of wanting
to taste these two different recipes
together and not have 27 servings of
crack slaw around. because 27 servings
of crack slaw makes you a crack addict!
I got to say I love a cast iron skillet
don’t you? I mean I’m not brave enough to
scramble eggs in it or anything but
it just really holds a nice even heat.
all right that been out a lot of water
that’s not fat that’s water so i
actually may drain some of that off
let’s see okay i’m going to switch
utensils now just for food safety sake
hush thank goodness
so I’m going to try to leave as much of
this water as i can probably leaving
behind some of that precious making fat
we put in there as well but just a
little too much water all right so we’ll
be back okay so we’re back now and this
is where you would already have your
meat brown in your pan you would leave
the fat in the pan and now you are going
to add the coleslaw mix or your chopped
cabbage to the pan but since I Brown two
different meats and set them aside
before the purposes of this
demonstration I’m going to add a little
more bacon fat just a little bit that’s
about a teaspoon and a little splash of
water that’s just to loosen the pan up
from where we could call that chicken
which is a little dry so at this point
imagine that’s your grief and your fat
from your meat we’re going to add
coleslaw mix now this can get a little
rambunctious but remember that it’s
going to cook down so don’t be too
scared I believe this was a one pound bag
16 ounce package of coleslaw mix a lot
of the recipes I’ve seen say 14 get
out of life a lot of the recipes I’ve
seen say 14 ounce bags and I didn’t see
a 14 ounce bag so I got a 16 ounce and
we’re making do okay so now we’re going
to add all the other things that make
crack slaw, crack slaw and a lot of those
are Asian flavors. ginger, garlic, Thai
chili paste, some other things so let’s
do this in order we’re going to do some
dried onion and this is dry diced onion
1 tablespoon the diced onion because
it’s dried it really absorbs a lot of
the fat that you’re cooking in and sort
of rehydrates itself yeah onions do have
carbohydrates but by using a
concentrated form of them you get a lot
of the flavor without a lot of your just
pure sugar that you would normally see
so let’s just keep adding some of these
things I’m trying to turn this down a
little bit salt and this is a tablespoon
chili paste there’s about six carbs in
this so you’re just using a tablespoon
of it but it gives a lot of flavor so in
remember this is one going to be for
possibly six servings depending on how
hungry or not you are just keep this
moving okay and this is toasted sesame
oil the
sesame oil is a little bit of a sticking
point for some people I mean it
obviously is a seed oil which would have
you know polyunsaturated fatty acids
which we’re not looking for those are
inflammatory to a lot of people but
we’re using a very small amount of it
and truthfully that taste you get that
tell-tell Asian flavor a lot of that
comes from in restaurants comes from
toasted sesame oil it’s just good so
we splurged. now here’s where we add a
sweetener to this Kristie uses sucralose
so i’m going to do it as well i don’t
really know how much to put she didn’t
really say I’m going to add it to 1, 2,
3, 4, 5. i’m just going to do that you know
the teriyaki flavoring is what we’re
going for here so i’m going to add it to
our coconut aminos with the sweetener
and let’s get that incorporated lastly
ginger you can grate your own garlic and
crush your own ginger and that’s what I
would prefer to do but again this is a
weeknight meal so I use a minced, jarred
product of both of those don’t tell
anybody I think this is where we can
pull this off of the heat I’m going to
pull the cabbage off for now and this is
where all right because I’m doing two
recipes i’m really only going to use
half of this chicken here there’s no
need in wasting i will get that juice in
there don’t get in there again you would
have kept your meat and make a mess you
would have kept your meat in the pan and
cook the cabbage on top of it but for
the purposes of today’s demonstration
this is what we’re doing so i’m going to
add the meat to this and get a decent
little single operation looks pretty
good looks interesting it’s not the
prettiest thing in the world can I
reminds me of like um chop suey which I
hate! All right so let’s add the ground
beef to this one just about half of it
I’ll reserve the rest of this and make
another meal with this later get juice
in there okay let’s combine that all
right does look pretty so let’s play
these and see what happens okay so here
we are we’ve played it our chicken
crack slaw and our ground beef crack
slaw all right so let’s take this let’s
do let’s do the ground beef first that’s
the first one that’s the original let’s
see looks good looks really good in that
comforting soul food sort of way. let’s
see what this is like
my first reaction it’s really tasty I
see why they call it crack slaw. the
sugar the sucralose or the sweetener
whatever sweetener you’ve added that makes
a really teriyaki Asian flavor in this I
can see how this would be addictive for
sure I could eat a pan of this I’ve had
one bite but i can tell you i could
eat a pan of it yeah uh-huh right
i’m also going to say that the thai
chili paste is good but you probably
could have done the same with sriracha
or a dried product a dried Asian chili
or something that may not have had as
much sugar and carbs in it there were
definitely some compromises we made here
in relation to ingredients so if you are
keto some of those may not work we
obviously substituted soy sauce and
instead of using soy sauce you can use
tamari but I just chose to avoid that
all together and use coconut aminos or
liquid aminos – Bragg’s Liquid aminos – and
the toasted sesame oil that’s a seed oil
It was literally just one teaspoon in the
entire recipe but the flavor it gives is
really worth it okay let’s try the
chicken. I’m sweating about it! Shoo! Okay,
alright let’s try the chicken well it’s
not the same I mean it all kind of has
just this grayish I mean it looks good
in that family casserole sort of like
you know it’s good all right let’s see
oh my god good it’s really good!
Crack Slaw is really crackalackin’! You
heard it here first all right folks
there’s no winner to here to declare
except crack slaw in general! Go! Find a
recipe online. I used “Cooking Keto With
Kristie” because I know all of her
food has been really good but just go
find a recipe and do it this is the
kind of thing that’s a little bit more
of a staple in your diet than the
super fun recipes we’ve been doing
before. breads and biscuits and candies
and cookies those are exciting and
they’re pretty and they look good on You
Tube videos but your day to day food
truthfully of eating low-carb should be
simple and that’s the thing i struggle
with as well you know just doing these
recipes I’ve solved my weight loss has
stalled because well I’ve been making
bread and biscuits and mud cakes and all
of that in preparation for these videos
and that lets me know is that something
i can’t do every day but something like
this done smartly is absolutely
wonderful but most of our food needs to
be simple it doesn’t need to be cakes
and breads and pies but that’s for you
to decide. Crap! My battery just went dead
right in the middle of trying to tell
you about eating simply which i guess
was the Internet’s wake of saying stop
preaching and just let them go make some
cracks all so you heard it here first!
Crack slaw is crackalackin’! We’ll see you
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