Low Carb Cookie Dough Fudge! Keto Friendly Recipe  – Mind Over Munch

Low Carb Cookie Dough Fudge! Keto Friendly Recipe – Mind Over Munch

July 16, 2019 100 By William Morgan

The Munchers in Munchville loved to Jingle
Bell Munch,
All the sweets and the treats—they couldn’t
get enough!
Gingersnaps and shortbreads and peanutty brittle,
Pecan pies with cherry cheesecake in the middle,
Candy canes and pudding cakes, gumdrops and
Trifles and truffles and, of course, the old
yule log.
Every Muncher went WILD for the sweet Christmas
But, what no one knew was that Santa Claus
did NOT.
Though legends of St. Nick claim he’s sweet
in the tooth,
If you ask him yourself, he’ll say it’s
just not the truth.
“Buckeyes, biscottis, the peanut butter
I adore them all but, once I start, I can’t
stop ‘em!
My years in this business have taught me soon
There is always a crash after the sugar rush.
To visit every home ‘round the world in
one night,
I can’t stop for a nap when there’s so
little time!”
But from every cookie, Santa still took a
Because who likes thinking Santa’s on a
With the heaviest heart and a sad kind of
Santa wrote a letter saying he would resign.
“Dear Munchers, I’m sorry, but I have
some bad news:
I’m cancelling Christmas.
My belly has the blues.
All your sweets and your treats, I can never
After so many years, I’m now terribly sick.”
Santa sent off the note to the folks in Munchville
And when it arrived there, the whole world
stood still.
“No Christmas?!” they all cried.
“No sweet potato pie?
No figgy pudding or sugar cookies stacked
All the Munchers boo-hooed and bad-mouthed
Santa Claus
All the Munchers, that is, except for this
Mindy Munch read the note and then hatched
a grand plan:
“I can get Santa Claus back in his sleigh
She went to the North Pole and knocked on
Santa’s door,
Nobody would answer, so she knocked some more.
Mindy Munch gasped.
He looked very ill.
“Please don’t cancel Christmas.
I can help you, I will!”
Santa groaned and he said, “Sweet little
Mindy Munch,
All those sugary treats for me are just too
After every Christmas, the awful sugar rush
Leaves me crashing and sick for weeks,
sometimes months!
I try to take it slow, but I always misjudge.”
“But Santa,” Mindy said,
“you haven’t tried my fudge.”
Santa shook his head no, “Fudge is a sugar
“My fudge is sugar free,” Mindy grinned,
“and low carb!”
Just come to the kitchen, I’ll show you
how it’s made
So you’ll have a sweet treat to eat inside
your sleigh!”
First, soak some raw cashews and then blend
‘em on up
With vanilla paste, butter extract, and fiber
In a double boiler, heat cacao butter ‘til
Then add your blended mix and whisk it all
Grab a loaf pan and use some foil to line
Pour in your fudge mixture and add chocolate chips.
Pop it in the freezer and that’s just about
Now let your fudge chill ‘til it’s firmed
up a good bit.
Once it’s ready to go, grab it from the
Slice your fudge into cubes, it couldn’t
be easier!
Now, this is the best part, all that you have
to do
Is take a bite!
Tell me!
How does it taste to you?!”
Santa Claus took his time eyeing the fudge
He thought, “Sugar-free treats can’t be
all that tasty…”
After just one nibble, it didn’t take too
For Kris Kringle to see he was so very wrong.
“Sweet mother of Rudolph!”
Santa gladly exclaimed.
This sugar free fudge tastes better than the
real thing!
Mindy Munch, you genius, I can’t thank you
Mindy grinned and shouted “Just un-cancel
Santa let out a loud “Ho ho ho” belly
“Spread the news to Munchville: I’m bringing
Christmas back!”
Santa was freed from the sugar crash and rush,
He would never forget the year fudge saved Christmas.
The end.