July 23, 2019 4 By William Morgan

hey guys it’s Leigh and today I am back
with another low-carb / keto recipe if
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upload new videos so today I’m going to
be making bacon-wrapped zucchini Spears
I’m gonna start off by preheating my
oven to 400 degrees then I’m going to
take my wash to zucchini cut off the
ends this is the knife I got from brand
lists for $3 it’s pretty nice
then flip them down the center turn them
over and do it again
I’m gonna throw in a bowl and do the
rest of sorry about the noisy gloves but
I’ve stitches in the back of my hand and
I really don’t want to get any of the
stuff in the cut so I’m gonna be wearing
these loud gloves oops that these loud
clothes so I’m putting a little bit of
olive oil
now mix that around and try to get them
all coated it’s best I can and sprinkle
the rest with pepper onion powder and
garlic powder
and escapee back there next I’m gonna
take a pan that I have covered with
parchment paper I really wanted to use
oil but we’re out of foil I have my
bacon here this is low-sodium just
because that’s what I choose to use use
whatever kind of bacon you like so we’re
gonna take any season to zucchini spear
and wrap the bacon around it
depending how big they are you might
want to use one and a half pieces or two
pieces and place them on your tray okay
so here you have it I actually still
have this much zucchini leftover that I
am just going to do something else with
so now you’re gonna do is pop these in a
400-degree oven until the bacon gets to
your desired level of crisp eNOS
we like crispy bacon and we want the
zucchini to be a little so on the softer
side so it could take up to 40 minutes
start checking anywhere at around 20
minutes and just keep an eye on it you
can turn them over if you like if you
want to make sure it’s crispy on both
sides but you don’t have to do that so I
will be back with you when this is done
here they are straight out of the oven
these actually cook for about 45 minutes
and I decided to chop up what was left
over and fry them in a pan with some
onions so here they are I have put them
on a plate with some paper towel
underneath just to drain off some of the
bacon grease guys these are so good
seriously if you’re looking for a
low-carb keto snack or side dish these
bacon-wrapped zucchini sticks are
perfect you can season them with
whatever you like if you’re not a big
fan of onion and garlic season them with
whatever your favorite seasonings happen
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