Lose weight in 2019 with #PaGuMi – the healthy keto diet

Lose weight in 2019 with #PaGuMi – the healthy keto diet

July 29, 2019 4 By William Morgan

Hi! I’m Erick Kalugdan
I started 4 months ago weighing 190 lbs
and it is considered “obese”
my metabolic age was 56 years old

after a few months
I lost 28 lbs at 162 lbs
but that is still considered “overweight” so I still need to lose weight
my physical age also decreased
by 8 years
my physical age is now 48 years old
So, four months ago I had my 40th birthday
and my family’s wish is
to stop my maintenance medicines

During that time, I had no
idea how to do that
I tried so many types of diet
and different types of food
but I found it hard to find the exact solution
to completely eradicate the need for maintenance meds
My maintenance meds during that time was for high blood pressure/hypertension
and also, cholesterol
so, what can I really do?
Until I discovered
Mimmo clinic
My friend, Sir Rico Colayco, manages the clinic.
manages the clinic.
They have a program called Nutrigenomics
when you go to the clinic
they have consulting services and test
that will help you determine
the baseline.
I had my blood test taken
and the Anthropometric test
took my weight
and other
information or stats
that will determine your health condition
before and after
4 months ago I was at 190lbs
and that’s considered “obese”
and because of the anthropometic test

we learned that my metabolic age is 56 yrs old
even if I was only 40 yrs old
the goal is to be 5 years younger
than your actual age
so ideally my metabolic age should be
35 years old
but then again, 4 months ago,
it was 56 years old
after 4 months of PaGuMi

now I lost 28lbs
so that’s 162 lbs

and my metabolic age decreased by 8 years
it’s now 48 years old
so in 4 months I got younger by 8 years
but we still need to lose more weight
and be healthier
now my goal is not
to have a body like aqua man
as I discussed this with my wife
what is her ideal body. it was not aquaman
she said it was like goblin
so I searched Google for “goblin” and I got this
but what she was really referring to was
this korean novela hunk ‘goblin’
of course, happy wife, happy life!
the challenges during that time
I’m very busy I don’t have time for the gym
actually I don’t have time and budget to go to the gym
my sole excersise is
walk from one meeting to another
or driving which are
both non rigorous exercise
most of the time I work on my desk
it’s either I’m programming
or sending emails
or in meetings
all of which require me to just sit
when I’m outside my only option since I move from one place
to another, is to sometimes park in open areas so I can’t bring food because
it will spoil
so my only option is to eat
in fast food chains. so what food can I order from those places?
I also have maintenance meds
as mentioned earlier, for hypertension
and cholesterol. When I get hungry
during that time
my hands shake
and I have cold sweats

and I experience extreme hunger always
then I discovered
because of my consultations at Mimmo clinic
the program called PA-GU-MI
PA-GU-MI what does that mean?
others think it’s a diet, it’s not
because when you say ‘diet’
it’s like you’re
depriving yourself of food
and that you will eventually feel very hungry
with PaGuMi, you’re not deprived
and you will not feel much hunger
it’s also not a form of exercise
because I don’t have time for gym
it’s not an exercise program
so PaGuMi is more on
‘healthy choices’
you will still eat until you feel full

what’s important is you eat the right food
it’s one way of choosing
the right food to eat
PaGuMi is not ‘diet’ nor ‘excersise’
it’s ‘healthy choices’
it’s a way to choose what to eat
the purpose of PaGuMi is first
for you to be ‘Healthy’
it’s better if you have
blood chemistry taken before PaGuMi and after
a few months so we will know it’s not just
you losing weight but you are actually getting healthier

so the goal of PaGuMi
is first for you to be ‘healthy’ then the side effect
is you lose weight
isn’t that a great side effect?
now let’s start with the ‘macros’
they have something called ‘macros’
which are from different types of food
you have carbs, majority of which
are converted into sugar
once you ingest it
there is also proteins, these are the viands
and then we have fats
later we will discuss the different kinds of fats
some we don’t realize are fats, there are good fats
and bad fats, these macros
are needed by our body, which is like an engine
actually, like a hybrid engine
it can use two kinds of fuel
later we will discuss the two fuels
that can be used by our body
basically, everything we eat, the macros
like carbs, protein and fats are used by our body
to do it’s job
such as breathing, sleeping,
walking, thinking
etc. those are the needed by our body
to function properly
now for some history…

we need to change our mindset
we don’t ask much, like who
told us to eat what we eat now?
so here’s some history …
this is Dr. Ancel Keys
he conducted this study
in 1955
called the Seven Countries Study
what he was trying to prove
is that fats are the primary cause
of cardiovascular disease
that’s why we become unhealthy
like our heart or blood vessels
that was his theory
that fats cause cardiovascular disease
and because of that study
the Seven Countries Study
we came up with the food pyramid
where you see at the bottom
the food we need to consume the most
majority of which are carbs
bread, cereals, noodles, pasta
which are all carbs
vs other food groups on the upper part of the pyramid
and because of his study
the terms Low Fat .. No Fat .. Lite .. became popular
Lite ice creams
and other low fat foods
we also had ‘Fatphobia’
we got so scared to eat fat
because the study concluded that fats clog
our arteries and
is the probable cause of heart attacks or stroke
all because of his study
but in fact, he did not disclose
which is now being discovered
that his research, Seven Countries Study
is actually a total of 21 countries
where he took samples
the problem is not all 21 countries
yielded the same concluding results
that fat causes cardiovascular diseases
the results were random!
there was really no pattern. but what he did
is he only took only 7, which is 1/3rd of the
total sample. he just took 1/3rd
those 7 countries that have the pattern
that if you eat fats, it will cause
cardiovascular diseases
so that’s what he did
to conclude that
fats causes
cardiovascular diseases
it’s like he ‘tricked us’
and because of his study, which was also supported by
several government officials in the USA
and of course, the western diet also became
the filipino diet
which was assumed to be ‘healthy’
they have what they call S.A.D. the Standard American Diet
which now has a lot of
critics saying that it is not the correct diet
I also discovered that we have
an Obesity organization in the Philippines
Why? Because the trend of obesity in the Philippines
is increasing
this is the chart I got from their website
from 1993 to 2008
the rate of obesity
in adults male and female
is really increasing, and of course
I also made my research on
other trend has the same pattern
I took the total sales of the
most famous fast food chain in the Philippines
their total system wide sales

then I correlated it with same
years from 1993 to 2008
and when you overlap it
with the rate of obesity
they are almost the same
this does not stop with adults
this also happens to children, this is the rate
of obesity for ages 0 to 5 years old
even babies
their obesity rate is also increasing, and when you correlate
the total fast food sales in the Philippines
they are mostly the same
what’s happening?
this is the chart for 6 to 10 years old
the obesity is also increasing
and it’s also mostly the same as the
fast food sales
what Dr. Ancel Keys is saying
that fats causes diseases

and because of that
we are eating more and more carbs
and less fat or protein
what is the effect?
it is the charts we showed earlier – that obesity is increasing
from babies to adults, it’s increasing

so for me, his conclusion is not right

in fact, the one that causes cardiovascular disease is ‘Carbs’
what are those carbs? rice
those are the exact same things served in
fast food chains.

now let’s talk about our bodies

our body can use two kinds of fuel like a hybrid car
it can use gas and it can also use electric
the equivalent of gas is
Carbs which became the standard
which is converted into glucose
then glucose, which is sugar
becomes the fuel for our body
if we use Carbs as our fuel
like in a hybrid car, when you use gasoline
it’s not as clean and efficient as electric
Carbs causes inflammation
this is the inflammation of our arteries
this inflammation is the cause of
when arteries become inflamed and tear
the patch for that to heal is
cholesterol is not the cause
why arteries become clogged
it is the inflammation of the artery
that is patched by cholesterol — that is the main cause
it’s like saying ‘I had a cut
because I put a band aid on my head’
the band aid is the cholesterol
the cut is the inflammation
Carbs also raises insulin
Insulin converts carbs

into glucose so it can be used as fuel
but if we are not that ‘physically active’
like we don’t work in construction sites
nor an athlete like Manny Pacquiao
nor a dancer
where our work doesn’t require daily physical activity
which is I think most of us have
we just sit down. work on a desk
that is called a ‘sedentary’ lifestyle
we only need very few glucose
what happens is if we have too much
glucose, that is, too much carbs
insulin stores them as fats
it’s not the fats we eat
that make us fat
but it’s the excess carbs, which we always have
when you have a sedentary lifestyle
those are converted by insulin into fats
called ‘fat storage’
these also produces those fats around our organs
like fatty liver
so the fats in our body
specially in the belly area
it’s composition is mostly insulin
when you get your blood chemistry
you will notice that your insulin level are very high
especially when you have BIG bellies
those belly fats
Carbs causes that.
Not the fats we eat.
Carbs elevates triglycerides
those carbs that are converted by insulin
into fats also add up
to the triglycerides
you’re also always tired
you also constantly want to snack
you always want to eat more
when you mostly eat Carbs
here’s a graph on the rise
of blood sugar when you eat the different macros

when you eat carbs
you become ‘high’ because of the high sugar contents

that only takes a while, just 4 hours
you will notice that
when you eat mostly carbs
like rice, pasta
we are already thinking of our next meal
after 4 hours, we are already hungry
the main cause of hunger
is Carbs
when you look at the graph
fats is not as high in sugar as carbs
but it’s sustainability is
way longer. you will not feel hungry immediately
if Carbs is your main source
you will feel hungry immediately in 4 hours
there is also what we call Carb Addiction
majority of Carbs is Sugar so it can be Carb Addiction
or Sugar Addiction. you can research on that
we always get hungry
we only have 4 hours before we get hungry again
that’s why when you want to go fasting
like 12 hours or 24 hours fast and your
last meal is mostly Carbs
last few meals are Carbs
you won’t last long. you’ll have headaches and be very hungry
it’s because of the Sugar spike caused by Carbs
which also drops immediately after 4 hours
you won’t sustain fasting for very long
if your main fuel is Carbs
you will also have cravings
you always crave for more Carbs
your cravings
sometimes you say you can’t do diets because you have cravings
if you want to remove those cravings, remove those
You always look for sweets
desserts, which is again caused by
Carbs (mostly sugar)
Carbs causes you to crave for Carbs
Your need to eat more, your cravings
cravings for sweets
Those are ‘addictive’
The more Carbs you eat, the more
you crave them. Just like Drugs
when you look at the brain chemistry
of Sugar Addicts when compared to
Drug Addicts, they are mostly the same
So if you’re craving for sweets now
you’re also an ‘Addict’?
let’s be careful. it’s hard to be an ‘Addict’
so let’s eliminate Carbs from our diet
so again, our body is like a hybrid engine, which can take Carbs
and the alternative fuel is Fats
aside from the Fats that we eat
our body can also consume
our Body Fats, mostly belly fats
those fats stored by insulin
those can be used as fuel for our body
to operate properly
so when they say ‘Burn the Calories’, those calories
can be Carbs or Fats
it’s a lot better if instead of burning Carbs
it’s better to burn Fats
that way, you will really lose weight
our goal with PaGuMi is to
make our bodies fat adaptable
to burn Fats as fuel
let’s shift from burning Carbs to Fats. So how do we do it?
our body’s priority is to burn
Carbs first. So as long as you have carbs
your body will not burn Fats
as long as you eat more Carbs
your body will first burn those Carbs
and when you have excess Carbs, they be converted to Fats
in our bodies. That’s why you won’t get thin
even if you exercise but eat up on Carbs
your body will burn those Carbs first before
burning any of your body fats
that’s why it’s very hard to lose weight,
especially when you mostly eat Carbs
Now when you use Fats as your main fuel
for your body
if Carbs are converted to glucose for fuel
Fats are converted to
ketones for fuel in our body
Ketones are cleaner. It’s the equivalent of electric fuel
in a hybrid car, which is a lot cleaner
Ketones can be used as fuel
for your body and for your brain
you are more alert
and your brain operates better if you use ketones
and you get longer satiety
you will feel full longer
you won’t get hungry in 4 hours
when Fats are your main source of fuel

you won’t get hungry immediately – Good!
we only eat when we’re hungry
you should not eat every 4 hours
sometimes you even add snacks in between
and most of all, you lose weight
when you eliminate those Carbs
and Fats becomes your main fuel
you will lose weight
how do we do this?
let’s avoid ArAsKa

Let’s start with the obvious
Avoid softdrinks, as they become sugar when ingested
fruit juices
even if they say it’s organic or healthy
note that when you juice a fruit, the fiber is gone
so that is as good as sugar also when ingested
no alcohols
no liquors
no smoking. no drugs. those are prohibited
so what is ArAsKa?
Ar is for Arina (flour)
except for almond flour,
we will discuss it in other videos
but generally, we must avoid most flours
like bread
pasta. let’s avoid those. avoid those fried chickens
with breading as those are made of flour too

Ar – Arina (flour)
As – Asukal (sugar)
we must avoid sugar
the sugar that we know, also those
that we didn’t know are high in sugar like fruits
they have high sugar content
juices and softdrinks
we must eliminate all those sugar
Ka – Kanin (rice)

75% of rice when ingested
turns into sugar in your blood
that’s ArAska
Arina (flour) Asukal (sugar) Kanin (rice)
and when you remove those
no rice, no bread, no pasta
no sugar, no flour, what’s left?
the vian
that’s the meaning of the first 2 letters of PaGuMi
Pa – Papak (eat viand only)
Just eat the viand
if you can’t eat vegetables
or not used to eat vegetables
just eat the viand for the first 3 days
leave the rice, just eat the viand
just to remove your Carb cravings
what’s important is you remove your Carb cravings

there is not much discussion on Fats
PaGuMi is very similar with Keto that you have Low Carbs High Fats
but the Fats in Keto are not usually
described properly
there are different kinds of fats
there is omega 3
omega 6, 7, 9. but the most popular ones
are omega 3 and omega 6
fatty acids
not all fats are good
in PaGuMi, what we are promoting is
good healthy fats
Omega 6 is inflammatory like carbs
it can cause inflammation of the arteries
ideally most of your fats should
not be omega 6
omega 3 is non-inflammatory
you have to balance those two
omega 6 and omega 3
the ideal ratio is 1:1
but majority of our diets
especially if you eat mostly fast food
omega 6 is higher
than omega 3 by 5x 10x

they should be 1:1
omega 6 is from chicken fats, pork fats,
beef fats
so what’s left?
there are actually a lot of sources of omega 3
if you look at this picture or Google it
is a popular source of omega 3

avocado has omega 3
egg yolks have omega 3
the egg whites are proten.
the yolk is the omega 3 fats
macademia nuts
so what can we eat?
should be our replacement for rice
or bread
because when you eat the viand only, it is
very tasty that you need
something to neutarlize or balance the taste
so I use vegetables for that
like sayote, broccoli, cauliflower
you can actually make cauliflower rice
just grate it then steam it
that’s it! you can already eat it
that can be your rice replacement

eat more seafood like salmon
sardines, mackerel
those are high in omega 3
which is very good
the size of our protein (chicken, pork, beef)
should be Medium only
it’s like the size of a 1pc chicken
but if you can’t have just 1pc chicken at the start
during your first 3 days of PaGuMi
you can eat as many as you want
as long as there are no Carbs in what you are eating
only for the first 2 to 3 days
these are the next 2 letters of PaGuMi
Gu – Gulay (vegetables)
when you already don’t have your Carb cravings
because of the ‘viand only’ diet you did the first 3 days
you can now add vegetables in the mix
but it’s also better if you already have vegetables since day 1
as replacement to your rice
when you look at your plate
this should be the proportions –
50% should be vegetables
1/4 is fats
1/4 is protein
or your viand. for example
this is what I had one time
half of the plate is vegetables
which replaced the rice or bread
then chicken became my protein
mackerel became my fats
that should be our plate portions

if you like to know what are the other foods
we can eat, I post them in instagram
everyday, the ones I eat
you can check it in instagram
I’ll show you some examples
chicken breast
bell pepper, cucumber with red pesto sauce
in lettuce cups — it’s very delicious!
it’s chicken fillet
you can wrap it in vegetables
in one party
this is my paper plate
more than half is vegetables
chooks-to-go lechon manok (roast chicken), ham
and a lot of vegetables

in one restaurant
they have this platter
fried chicken, rib, texas hot link
pulled pork, taco salad
which became my rice replacement

this is their taco salad
even if you just eat this salad, you’re all good
you have meat, fats from the mayo
also fats from cheese
plus you have vegetables – and delicious
embotido and chopsuey
that simple!
no rice. no pasta.
no sugar.
you will find more at instagram.com/erickkalugdan
now what can we drink?
drink lots of water
when you lose Carbs
you also lose excess water
this is when you need to drink more water
around 2 liters per day
it’s better if it’s lemon water
just put the extracted lemon
say from lemonade
put it in a pitcher of water
when you put lemon in water
it becomes lemon water (alkaline water)
when you have alkaline water
it cleans the acids in your body
like uric acids, etc.
you can drink lemonade but the
sweetener must be Stevia
just give them sachets of Stevia
bring sachets of Stevia always
and give them when you order lemonade
don’t let them put their syrup
it’s high in sugar
you can drink coffee
you can put cream but
your sweetener must be Stevia
those are the things you can drink
now the last part of PaGuMi is
Mi – when you should eat
Mi – Minsan (seldom)
when should you eat?
first you must remember, everytime you eat, it spikes your insulin
even if it was just a snack
like a few peanuts
your insulin will spike
the more frequently you eat
morning snack, afternoon snack, midnight snack, etc.
your insulin spikes every time
you should avoid that
so on your first 30 days of PaGuMi
eat 3 times a day only
breakfast, lunch, dinner, no snacks in between
no snacks at night
to avoid insulin spikes
now what’s my exercise? it’s better if you go to the gym
especially if you have the time and budget for the gym
but in my case, I don’t
so my only exercise is the usual walking

I also discovered an exercise
that subconsciously
I don’t need to force my self to exercise
because it’s automatic
and what is it?

that’s dancing
and those are the only 2 exercise I have
I only dance at home with YouTube as my guide
I put links at the bottom
that points to those ‘dance moves’ that I follow
so that’s my only exercise
walking to the next meeting
when I pickup the kids, bring their bags
that’s all the exercise I have
actually, if you are doing PaGuMi, you don’t need to go to the gym
not needed, but encouraged
if you have the time to go to the gym
now, what do we need to do
get your ‘before’ weight
and blood sugar levels
so we know that you don’t only lose weight
but you are actually getting healthier
for your carbs, look at the nutrition labels
carbs should be less than 50g per day
like candies, chocolates,
juices, whatever you buy in the grocery
look at the nutritional facts
the carb content must be
a total less than 50g
so if you have a juice that has 30g carbs per serving
and soda with 40g carbs per serving
that’s 70g total in just 2 servings, you’re already over the limit
it’s very important we monitor that
as much as possible, the total must be below 50g
btw, vegetables also has carbs
but very minimal
again, carbs are ArAsKa
Arina (flour) Asukal (sugar) Kanin (rice)
let’s minimize those
they should total 50g only per day
increase your omega 3 (healthy) fats
I won’t encourage you to increase your
bacon, deep fried pig knuckles
crispy pork rinds
roasted suckling pig
you can have them but not too much
you should have more omega 3 fats
like sardines
salmon, mackerel, avocado
olive oil
those should be more in our
fat content
not those processed bad fats
and of course, pray
before every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner
pray before your meals and give thanks
that these meals
will make your body healthier
I also pray that you may enjoy good health
following this PaGuMi method
this PaGuMi life
What to expect?
in your first 10 days, the first thing you will lose
is excess water weight, which is heavy
when strictly remove Carbs from your diet
you can lose 5 to 10 lbs
those are the excess water weight in your body
after that, you will then lose the body fats
the fats stored by
insulin, those will be burned next
that’s around 1 to 2 lbs
you will lose every week

when you check your blood sugar
your insulin levels will go down
your blood sugar levels will also go down
I actually have a friend
who is type 2 diabetic
and when she tried doing PaGuMi
for a month, it reversed her diabetes
she had her doctor’s OK to remove her meds
for diabetes. It works! 🙂
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