LIVE IT: Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy

November 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– What if I told you that one out of every five pregnant women in the United States goes to bed hungry? Now, what if I told you that
because they went to bed hungry their babies are now prone
to have a chronic disease as an adult. And not only that, but their grandchildren as well. This unfortunate fact is a huge problem. – [Dr. Mark] On the other
side of the spectrum, one out of every three
pregnant women is overweight. This again has the same negative effect. Their children, and their grandchildren will most likely have a chronic disease. – [Patricia] Dr. Lawrence D Longo, of Loma Lindsey University health, is one of the world’s
most respected specialist in developmental physiology. – [Dr. Mark] His research
on maternal health has been funded by the
national institutes of health for the last 50 years. – [Patricia] Today, we all know that smoking while pregnant has a negative effect on the child. Well, we can thank Dr. Longo for that. His most recent research has
been focused on nutrition in pregnant women. – It’s a very sobering reality to think in terms of how something that happened during one pregnancy can have effects throughout several generations. One finds a host of diseases related to the cardio vascular system hypertension, heart attacks, strokes to aspects of metabolism type two diabetes and now the whole pan of play of
nerve psychiatric disorders which are showing up. – [Patricia] Dr. Longo and
his team of researchers have studied how protein depravation during the course of gestation will have these effects on one’s health. – I think that as a society, we should give more attention to pregnancy and early life and development. – [Patricia] Now that we know
what the consequences can be as our children become adults, we can’t stress the health advice enough. – Eat a balanced diet with
enough protein and nutrients. Take a prenatal vitamin everyday with folic acid and DHA. And if you’re overweight, try as hard as you can
to get a healthy weight by the time you conceive. – To quote one of my friends the national institutes of health, every pregnant uterus is
a center for excellence. – [Patricia] There is your tip for the day on how you can live healthier, longer.