LCHF സ്പെഷ്യൽ  മട്ടൻ കറി |  KERALA’S OWN MUTTON CURRY- with Subtitles

LCHF സ്പെഷ്യൽ മട്ടൻ കറി | KERALA’S OWN MUTTON CURRY- with Subtitles

November 3, 2019 8 By William Morgan

Hello Welcome Everyone
Again I am here with One more recipe Video
How is your diet all ? Please be Strict
Today I am preparing you a Nostalgia
Mutton Recipe from Kerala
In our words , a special from our local area food
It’s recipe mixed with our mom style & my style …
Mutton Gives Best Fat to our KETO-LCHF diet ,
Eventhough Red meat , Mutton will not trigger Uric acid levels
like Beef , Camel , Pork meat etc
Among animal meat, beef is especially high in protein

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Fresh Mutton : 1 Kilo

Next – One Handfull Shallots 100grm almost

One Tomatto
Ginger , Garlic
Green Chilli , Curry leaves

chop the shallot using chopper or grinder
Not using Onion for this recipe
we are not consume whole mutton on a single day ,
So ingredients qty will not exceed the limits
So if needed can use one or two onions medium sized

I planned to saute chopped shallot first

Have a Cooker , with 3-4 TBS coconut oil
When Oil get enough heat , add Shallots
Add Some Salt
Mix Well

Chop Ginger , Garlic , Green Chilli , Curry leaves

I used garlic chopped earlier , that’s why it looks yellow ..

It’s all chopped well
Add Chopped Ingredients to Cooker Pan

This all together need to saute well
Mix Well

Chop the Tomattos

Still these not get enough … So please wait some more tiem

Add Chopped Tomatto now

Mix well until all ingredients cooked well inside pan
Now all of them cooked well ..and Oil get Clear Inside ..
So Add All Spices now


ONE Tea Spoon Turmeric Powder
Here , Red chilli not needed much ..Just One Tea Spoon Enough

One Tea Spoon Garam Masala
Mix & Saute Well
When get roasted smell of the added Ingredients
Add the Mutton

When powders are added , mix it all time ,
Other case they may be stuck it below
Add Mutton now
Mix them Well
Mix them Well
Need Some Hot water to the Cooker Pan

Add one Cup Hot water
Mix it Well

Check the Spices , Salt etc .. if all fine
Then Close the Lid and Cook in High Flame
Low the flame after First Whistle
Reduce the Flame to medium to low
20 Minutes now ..
and Off the Flame
Now pressure all gone , it’s time to open
Curry cooked well , and more water Inside
If using as Curry for Rice or Chappthi etc this is ok
But I am using for diet – for cooked veg or salads ..
So need to dry a little

Meat cooked well , also spices all fine
To dry up little , on the flame for a while

Add Some pepper powder – Half tea Spoon

if needed you can add garam masala as your taste ..

Water content almost ok , So time to off the flame

When it get cold , it will be more thick

Mutton curry is perfect now ,

Close and Keep shut , until to be served

As we saute shallot on starting , so no need of seasoning now

It’s Serving time
Mutton curry is dry now
This is ok for our menu

As we are not using grains here , So this gravy enough

For Salads or Cooked vegetables

Hopefully all like our recipe , Please try it out
and send us our feed back
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Thanks So much for viewing our Video
We used to eat with kerala vegetable thoran , this will give feeling of rice & meat ..

Thanks for Watching …..