Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day  (Keto Dairy Free Pizza) I Keto While On My Period

Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day (Keto Dairy Free Pizza) I Keto While On My Period

November 8, 2019 6 By William Morgan

hey y’all so the plan is that we are
going to be I guess remodeling our house
so I guess I’ll take you along with me
as we start the beginning of it
so we are here in unclaimed freight the
plan is to find some furniture I think
we may begin some other stuff Arno as
well but I guess I’ll share with you
what we’re looking at y’all tell me if
y’all like it or not
so y’all my mom was looking at this one
but I don’t like how low it is but she
likes like it’s a good length as well
but it’s just too low
it’s not like I’m tall but sometimes I
like to pretend like I am I really do
like this table and the table right
there next to it that one is this one’s
a little sturdier yeah this one is a
little bit sturdier yeah look at this
chair look at it this so cool it’s cool
kind of scary in a way there yeah we are
really filling this table well mainly my
mother but yeah I like it too
why can’t y’all just imagine me
recording like okay let’s practice
so y’all my first meal of the day is
going to be bla bla bla bla bla okay
alright y’all so so far we have a
potential new kitchen table and we’re
planning on getting some more stuff as
well y’all just gonna basically do the
house over I guess in a way right y’all
it’s a little cold so I got on two
jackets now but um yeah so we’re about
to walk into GNC and get some vitamins
– you know for a better life maybe get
rid of this sickness as well
the main purpose y’all was to get some
vitamins but of course had to get some
smart sweet speech rings my mom has not
tried these I’m gonna let her try a few
of mine I know she’s gonna love them
it’s gonna be addicted like her daughter
is of course
hi YouTube family y’all oh
my gosh I’m feeling so much better I’m
not as sick as I was like that’s great
cuz your girl was second other night
quote like I mean I wasn’t like
overdosing or nothin like that you know
huh no let me stop that I mean I say
that because I don’t want y’all thinking
something’s wrong with me I’ve been
taking the recommended amount of I quote
okay okay alright and I’m feeling great
I’m feeling wonderful I’ve been having
all the tea all the water all the lemons
like yeah I feel like I slept so much
that I made up for all the mislead
throughout my life alright so much this
weekend oh my gosh it felt amazing
that is going to be a lazy keto full day of eating
video I hope you guys sit back
relax grab a snack and enjoy the video
anywho my love’s let’s go to the gym
today is going to be an upper body day
okay y’all so we are done with today’s
workout whoo I am sore as can be just
great you know they said it’s like
weakness leaving your body so yeah
weakness big oh we’re going to rush home
post my video and then we will start
cooking some delicious keto friendly
okay YouTube family so first meal
of the day I have two ribeye shops some
green beans some strawberries then I
have my pasta zero noodles and I tried
to like mix eggs and bacon into it y’all
oh I don’t know I think I know it’s
gonna be good but try to mix it together
it just was not working well for me and
I was really trying my hardest over here
to be fancy with the noodles but I
failed I was really trying my hardest
y’all to make the pasta noodles to be
like aesthetically pleasing ah I’m
trying to be fancy over here and I’m
feeling but yeah it’s gonna be good all
this together is gonna be good period
I’m gonna be drinking water because your
girl is on her period yay we’re so happy
about that so yeah okay YouTube family
it is 5:19 I am currently running late
presume a class hashtag what’s new we
have a couple of new songs in super
class I’m pretty excited it basically
helps keep the brain active and I really
do appreciate that so um yeah let’s go
ahead and go to Zumba class
well you guys you know with time change
is darker now
so finish how do I get
done with Zumba class it’s gonna be
pitch black
it’s basically dark would I get to Zumba
class now Oh some case of temptation
because my body saying don’t go to Zumba
class but I know I need to gain weight
y’all so we about go home
it cook some dinner yeah that sounds
fine yeah
cooking dinner maybe having a snack too
as well because I’m hungry I’m so hungry
maybe cuz my period but I’m hungry so I gotta rat extra food
For tonight’s dinner we are making a
keto and dairy free pizza so what we
have we’re gonna make this workout ok ok
so we have 5 gram net carbs mission carb
balance wrap then we just have some
pepperoni next up we have dairy-free
cheese then we have shoutout to y’all
dairy-free butter and then we just have
some salsa I don’t wanna talk about ok
ok I said y’all we gonna make this work
okay we gonna make it work so y’all I
measured 1/4 cup of my dairy-free cheese
for this keto dairy-free pizza y’all
that’s a lot of cheese y’all oh don’t
think I’m gonna use all this ok y’all so
this is our keto pizza chef unique and
I still have this much left and I gotta
be honest appar gonna take some of this
cheese off of my pizza once it’s done
cooking because I am NOT gonna eat all
this oh I got to go take a nice hot long
bath so I’m gonna put this on a 170 I
know that’s really low but I’m just
gonna put it on 170 and once I get out
of the tub
I’ll see what I’m gonna do alright y’all
so here is our keto / dairy-free pizza
yeah I’m so ready to dig in and eat it
and just let y’all know I was always a
huge fan of thin crust pizza like I
would eat like you know back in the day
I would eat like the regular crust pizza
y’all but thin crust it’s just something
about it feel like right now I’m basic
we live in that life that thin crust
pizza lifestyle like yo this is just
awesome I’m just so happy
yum-yum-yum and to drink y’all I’m just
having some good old Greenville
Mississippi water hey YouTube bam bam so
y’all I am actually doing this editing
of this video before I go to Zumba class
because we are a consistent queen over
here my period is really trying to get
the best of me but no Satan not today
but it’s okay y’all we are gonna power
through it because all the other women
throughout I guess forever I’ve been
going through it so I can do it too in
and whom I love so in fighting chance
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