Lazy Keto Day Of Eating I Keto Vlog

October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey YouTube Fam! So, how y’all doing? I’m currently in the car um about to go to
the gym of course I have my sugar-free
Powerade zero in the flavored mixed
berry I already had my apple cider
vinegar lemon and water this morning so disgusting
Today’s video is going to be
a lazy keto day of eating plus like a
keto vlog y’all know how that goes if
you’re a new to the channel welcome to
the fam I’m over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey here on
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button plus the notification bell as
well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads to my returning subscribers aka my
YouTube family I love y’all y’all ready
should know that I typically save all
this to the end of the video but I
decided to change it up and put in the
beginning anyway let’s go ahead and get
on the road so we can get this workout
in because today is going to be an upper
body workout yay
oh and just let y’all know I’m rocking
my McDonald’s I’m loving it shirt if you
don’t know I used to like work for the
office of McDonald’s and I was like
really die hard McDonald lover maybe one
day maybe one day I’ll do a whole little
story time about that but anywho y’all
let me stop talking y’all let’s go
okay y’all so I’m changing it up today I’m not doing
cardio on the treadmill I’m just gonna
do a couple of bodyweight workouts a lot
of them and just burn my upper body up
because you know we try to get the upper
body together so please pray for your
girl because I’m definitely definitely
definitely gonna need it
So y’all today’s workout was really great
like I feel so accomplished my upper
body area who got a little tingling
sensation like this is a really great
workout I feel like I did today y’all I
just don’t know what’s going on I just
don’t know what’s going on
first meal of
the day y’all it is 12:53 I’m having
steak one whole avocado and I’m gonna
put salt on top of that of course then I
have my zucchini veggie spiral that I
cooked a little bit too long and they
then I have two bacon strips as well I
would be having my hard-boiled eggs as
well right now but it’s still boiling so
whatevs and to drink I’m having my Coke
Zero and of course my good ole
Mississippi water
I’m currently watching
Lucifer y’all I’m on season 3 now and
I’m about to just snack on a few of
these keto candied pecans that are just
looking so good and they’re just calling my name over here
second meal of the
day y’all so I have a nice little keto friendly salad
going on so I have my
eggs in here cut them up and then I have
my ham in here cut it up as well yeah
I’m just so proud of myself over here
and for my dressing I just used apple
cider vinegar I did put some salt on top
of this y’all and yeah I’m just sitting
here watching some more episodes of
Lucifer yeah I’m literally addicted over here
last things I’m having tonight I’m
having one of the no sugar added
Outshine Fruit Bars y’all they’re so so
good and the one I’m having today is
going to be the black cherry oh it’s so
good y’all feel like this should be
a sin!
Hey y’all so this is the editing
version of myself coming in I know I
look a little rough but just please just
accept me as I am
Keto Krate did send out an email today stating that the
Keto Krates will be shipped out a
little bit later this month so I guess I
should be doing a video around the 12th
or the 14th or 15th something like
that whatever just want to give you a
heads up about that so please be on the
lookout for the March 2019 Keto Krate Review Plus Giveaway
because this is my month just FYI just
let y’all know my birthday is March 17th
which is Saint Patrick’s Day so when
it’s St. Patrick’s Day hopefully y’all will think of me
I really do hope you
guys enjoyed this lazy keto day of eating video
just want to let y’all know
that my arms over here toning up y’all
and like I don’t know how to act like
right now I feel like who am I right now
because my arms over getting toned up
like yes thank you finally
I truly appreciate you all watching this video
as always if you don’t hear it from anyone
else I love you so stay blessed and I
will see you in the next video bye : )