Lazy Keto Day Of Eating I Full Day Of Eating

October 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

good morning y’all so today is going to
be a lazy keto day of eating video so
go ahead and grab a snack sit back and
relax and enjoy the video so real quick
y’all I’ve got to head into the gym
today is cardio day so much fun it’s
really odd y’all because sometimes I’m
like really excited for cardio day and
then sometimes I’m just like
not really feeling it and today is that
day for me yo he’s taking on me to get
out this car Oh see there’s a bee right
here by my car so clearly that may be a
sign from God that I don’t need to go to
the gym let me stop playing let me go
ahead and go into the gym now
all right you guys so I have less than
30 seconds left here on the elliptical
barn so for our 283 calories okay to go
home because I’m about to death okay
also a moment of honesty I really in
truly do not want to work my
non-existent abs at all not at all so
weird looking myself right now in the
back but on yeah but I’m gonna do it I
don’t want to but I will
I’m over here procrastinating with this
whole little I’m working out my own
existing apps I guess I will unless
y’all know that the pants I have on
today yeah this is so like important to
me because I used to cannot fit into
these at all these are actually Nikki Blackketter I don’t know if y’all know
her y’all shit because I love her to
death y’all like she’s like a friend in
my head but um yeah I think this was
from her first ever collection or
whatever with Gymshark y’all and when I
had bottom I couldn’t wear them at the
time because they only had like I think
large and other sizes available and I
couldn’t fit into a large but I was like
this is gonna be my motivation and it
never happened y’all I was never able to
like pull them up over my butt and so
last month I was able to pull it over my
butt but I wasn’t able to get it like
over my stomach it was just
uncomfortable and today I just randomly
put the pants on y’all like the random
look like no like I did not plan on even
wearing these but I put them on I was
just like okay let me just see what it
looks like y’all our real life was so
shocked like oh my gosh right
I’m gonna cry on here like I told y’all
before I’m not ready to cry on the
internet yet but it was just so like
monumental for me I guess all right
maybe just a little bit too tight on my
thighs though y’all but the way I’m
feeling right now and a couple more
blunt she’ll nobody will be able to tell
me anything because I’m being really
feeling myself so pretty like that’s so
important like on a person’s weight loss
journey because you know yes we want to
lose weight but sometimes you get in
that Massett of you still feeling like
you’re still the same size as you were
well I guess I’ll stop talking because
Buzzard only had going loud and clearly
that means I need to get off this thing
is stop just
y’all I’m really honestly still shocked
that I can even like wear these leggings
though but um yeah let me tell y’all so
I’m hungry as can be but thankfully I
have some pork rinds here in the car
I’ve been fasting for about 18 hours so
um yeah have some pork rinds and then
when I make it home I’m gonna start
cooking some food are you guys the first
actual meal of the day I’m having two
chicken wings two eggs a little bit of
my keto and vegan noodles that I had
basically yesterday I just reheated them
and then two bacon strips that are burnt
but I’m still gonna eat them so I made
some peanut butter keto fat bombs I
don’t know what I’m doing it let me stop
so I put cinnamon on top and unsweetened
coconut flakes as well and I’m gonna put
either maybe some almonds in these in
about 20 minutes after I take them out
the freezer so I did make a video
regarding how I make my keto fat bomb
just a little plug or whatever y’all but
um yeah if you’re interested in knowing
how you can check out my video ok bye
alright you guys so currently here at
church um did not do my hair because
honestly just didn’t feel like it and um
yeah hopefully the meeting isn’t long
hopefully it’s like just an hour
it’s a missionary meeting so yeah let me
go always made it alright y’all so I am
here at Hot Tamale heaven again I am
their number one customer they even call
me like keto lady y’all like that’s
kind of funny to me but I have some
wings I have six sweet honey and six
lemon pepper
I basically rush they’re made something
to eat so I have one porkchop two boiled
eggs I did horrible with pili my eggs
you I don’t even know what happened and
then have my green oh wow these and I
agree means I have a broccoli and I’m
drinking coke zero over here oh I need
to get my life together
so y’all tonight I’m gonna have the so
delicious dairy-free vanilla bean
covenant milk no sugar
added ice cream and also I’m having the
lilies dark chocolate almond bar because
dark chocolate is everything and I just
love dark chocolate so much the next
building morning y’all so on the
weekends I do not fast so I want it
savory and sweet at the same time so
have my keto pancakes with my natural
creamy peanut butter on top with some
sugar-free syrup there’s some eggs I’m
broccoli and two chicken thighs and I’m
drinking Coke Zero
hello you guys so I’m about to go to
church we are having a concert there I
don’t even know if there’s food there I
hope there’s food if there’s food there
like I’m gonna be so happy like my soul
is gonna be happy so hopefully fingers
there is food there
hashtag lazy keto so I have some pork
skins and I have my code zero over here
yes so tonight’s dinner I just read
heated up my chicken thighs that I made
earlier today I have some green beans
and then I have my keto vegan noodles
right here y’all they are so good
they’re like a great little low-carb and
keto friendly substitute for noodles
hi YouTube family so editing version of
myself coming in so when this video goes
up it’ll be like around maybe Friday so
um yeah hopefully y’all are having a
wonderful Friday one of the comments I
received from my previous video was
about like my weight loss and just
getting details on that and I’m going to
do like a sit-down chitchat video
whatever with y’all but I do have a few
videos to knock out and then that that
will be good I will say that I feel like
my weight loss journey is going like a
little bit easier because I am
documenting it on social media and I
have y’all pushing me and on top of that
I don’t want to be like not you know
achieving my goals so yeah there’s that
2019 has definitely been the year of me
not just dreaming about doing stuff but
actually being a doer about it so you
know not being just a dreamer but be a
because hashtag Pisces I can definitely
live in my own little dream world y’all
like if you know what Pisces are if you
are a Pisces 9 times I think you know we
love to dream we like really be in a
whole nother world for some hard reason
I just don’t get it sometimes I’ve said
this before but I’ll say it again I
suggest like definitely suggest that you
document your journey whether or not you
choose to do it like online um you don’t
have to do that but definitely document
it because it really does help you to
stay like more accountable with yourself
and that’s most important I really want
to start doing like wait in Wednesday’s
y’all like okay for me personally I do
weigh myself every day that’s just a
personal decision that I chose to do but
um I feel like if I did that once a week
on here I feel like it would probably
mess with my head too much maybe so I
mean I don’t know how I’m gonna do it
like if I would do it possibly once a
week or maybe once every month I don’t
know what are y’all thing let me know
because like I said I just don’t want to
get too much in my head about it but um
yeah I really do love why should I wait
in Wednesday’s videos because they’re
just so motivating to me so maybe I
could start doing like little weight in
videos maybe in May or I couldn’t maybe
start doing it in June or something to
that nature but I’m just giving you a
heads up just wasn’t y’all know what
I’ve been thinking of but um yeah so if
you’re new to the channel welcome to the
fam I’m
here documenting my keto weight loss
journey and your girl is sharing everything
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YouTube family thank you so much for
watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed I will see you in
the next video which will be Monday! BYEEEE 🙂