Kirkland / Costco Protein Bar Round-up – the Serious Keto Review

October 1, 2019 0 By William Morgan

what’s going on guys it’s Steve and Connor
from SeriousKeto and today we’re gonna
be reviewing the four protein bars sold
at Costco that was pretty extreme
there’s a lot there’s a lot more intense
than my typical intro so yeah we’re
gonna we’re gonna review the Kirkland
Signature brand protein bars but before
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new video so joining me today I’ve got
my son Connor
probably the last time you and I did a
video together that was back on the
daddy-daughter kitchen Channel and I
think we were doing like carbonated
fruit and a whipping siphon yeah so
probably like over eight years ago
yeah you’ve you’ve grown a little bit
just a little all right well you you
you’ve been lifting I have been eating
some protein I do
been eating some protein bars I probably
two a day okay so what is your criteria
for protein bars well I wanted to have
at least 20 grams of protein you want it
to be similar to if you just drinking
like a scoop protein powder and those
usually have like 24 25 grams protein
and I want it either to be easy to eat
or to taste really good if it’s really
easy to eat it can taste bad
if it’s not so easy to eat then I want
it to taste good alright so we’re
looking for well first off all of these
have at least 21 grams of protein so
we’re good there the net carbs range
from three on the one that Connor says
is his favorite to five on the cookies
and cream what do you wanna do first the
chocolate chip or the the brownie oh we
can do the brownie first alright when I
cut smaller chunks for me because I
don’t want to go and use up all of my
net carbs in one video all right I can
tell you that this one is a little stiff
to cut I think this one might be a
little bit chew
I don’t find these enormous ly
chocolatey no no they’re not like some
other protein bars that you get that are
basically like Hershey bars that’s not
what this is this is some it is not
sweet no it’s not chocolaty and like a
wookie steak it’s chewy no Star Wars
joke I mean you can tell it’s supposed
to be chocolate but this is the sort of
thing that I think in order to eat an
entire bar I would need a beverage you
know if I weren’t doing keto a big glass
of milk to try and wash this down this
is a bit of a job workout – yeah it’s
it’s okay on a scale of one to ten ten
is the the rainbow unicorn of protein
bars I probably wouldn’t eat anything
less than about a six and to me this is
right about at six yeah this is um I
just needed because it’s easy to eat if
it tasted any worse probably wouldn’t
need it all right moving on to the one
that you said your juice is the best bar
ever chocolate chip cookie dough three
grams net carbs 21 grams of protein
I like the texture on this a lot more
it’s easier to eat easier to swallow and
chew than the chocolate and it tastes
really good yeah it still is his well I
was cutting through it I noticed it was
still just as dense as the chocolate
brownie but texture wise it does sort of
remind me a little bit of cookie dough
as well I like it I was just it’s one of
the best protein bars out there I would
say okay all right you’re maybe being a
little more generous than I would with
I would say it’s a solid 7 I’d say it’s
probably a nine okay there you go
next we have the cookies and cream at
5:00 net grams of carbs and 22 grams of
protein you know I could tell even
before I started opening this it’s like
a yeah this one sticks to the wrapper
it’s like I’m trying to open up one of
those sort of bit of bit-o-honey set the
name of that candy bar that you you want
to grab yeah it might have predated you
that’s that was the type of candy that
if you’re my age you didn’t like getting
at Halloween does you like take one
piece and you were just chewing it for
the next hour and a half it seems on the
box like it’s gonna be a lot lighter in
color and this is essentially the same
color as the the cookie dough one it may
look the same as a chocolate chip cookie
dough it’s harder to chew and it tastes
a lot worse yeah it’s a little harder to
chew but someone gave this to me and
then tell me what the flavor was and
said what flavor do you think this is I
think I would say shipping carton yeah
that’s pretty awful it’s it is my least
favorite out of all four of these it’s
the hardest to get out of the wrapper
and in my opinion its source tasting
nothing about this tastes like ice cream
or Oreo and in addition as the most net
carbs if you’re into that thing
so which I am so yeah I would I would
hate to waste a quarter of my daily net
carbs on this it’s right around a 5 for
me this is one of those where you know
if it’s bundled with some other protein
bars I would I would take it but I’d
never buy this off the shelf yeah it’s
like a 4 out of 10 you know we still eat
it because I mean it’s less than a
dollar for one of these protein bars
which it’s kind of
bargain so for the price it’s okay I can
tell you already just grabbing the
chocolate peanut butter chunk this is
this is gonna be a soft one I’m excited
about this I can’t I already I love this
this is a softest one by far it’s super
easy to chew through super easily you’re
out of the wrapper super easy to cut so
on your sort of convenience and easy to
eat scale this is tops yeah I this is
still chocolate chip cookie dough I
think it’s just it’s so good the best I
would flip this out I would call this an
eight what I call this I called that a
seven you know what I’m gonna try
another bite of that you know another
bite of that the chip just for
comparison sakes I because it tastes
like if you have a real chocolate chip
cookie and you bite like they’re cookie
without the chocolate chip set that’s
what it tastes like yeah you’re right it
is like getting a bite of chocolate chip
cookie that doesn’t actually have a
chocolate chip in it it tastes more like
the cookie dough than chocolate mmm
I got I’m gonna stand by my decision I
reap this is a strong strong eight if I
could only have one of these four would
be this one this one it’s the best all
right but unfortunately the two best
ones each compared with one of the you
know not so good ones so regular price
for these is you get you get the 2-pack
so a total of 20 bars for $17.99 that’s
the regular price not sale priced so
less than a dollar a bar for protein
bars which is pretty hard to beat even
for a crappy tasting bar it’s
it’s a good deal I think we’ll probably
wind up agreeing on you know the the
order of the last two but I would go
number one number two three four
yeah one two three four all right well
there you go our review of Kirkland
brand protein bars we had another video
coming up for a brand new protein bar
just released I will send a sample pack
of these check out the link right up
above for that and thanks for watching