Ketoza – jak schudnać 13kg, rezultaty po 7 msc na ketozie.

Ketoza – jak schudnać 13kg, rezultaty po 7 msc na ketozie.

August 16, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Hi, welcome on our channel
today’s video on vlog format
subject: results on keto
after 7 months
but before we start talking, first coffee 🙂
lets make a coffee first
very quickly
today’s dinner, fish
quick espresso, because I had
one coffee today
lets go
coffee is ready, lets start
today we will talk a little
what we achieve after 7 months
hi honey
you manage to bring coffee? but you spilled a half of
I have coffee already
its here
please seat with me
how its going after 7 months on keto diet?
we are on diet? 🙂
its not bad
its even very well
today morning we wight our self
in general for me is superbly
I have reach my first goal
why is first goal
when I stared was first goal
sorry was only a goal
but once goal become closer I start planning second goal
so the earlier goal I start calling first goal
I reach this goal today
we recording in garden
we have to wait till he gone
who give him permission to fly on our sky? 🙂
so first goal is done
so its minus 13kg / 28.6601 pound
we lost
we 13kg and how is yours?
my result is a little more than 14kg
for Kinga is always better 🙂
my first goal was to clear out overweight
calculated in BMI
and I reach this goal
I think one month ago
that was my first goal
my BMI is now grean 🙂
BMI I’m sure you know, means body mass index
its universal index
to describe if someone is in healthy weight range

proportion of height, to weight and age
so I’m also in green on BMI scale 🙂
so it’s big success for me
but even biggest success for me is
when I found today in my notes
result in cm
its shocking
I didn’t check my data for a long time
and today I found
I have compared
cm from beginning of year
till today
and results are from moon
I also check today
but I don’t check like Beata, hands, legs etc
I check only my tummy
and today I check it
obviously I lost
4 cm
in last 2 months, I’m not checking frequently
my goal for now is to
have good looking body shape
when I see myself in mirror, its not bad now
but can be better 🙂
since begging of this year I lost
13 cm from my belly
its only one what I measure
for my next goal is another 7kg to lose
and this will be
it is possible, of course
but this will be very hard
because the last kilograms
are harder to lose
but plan is to lose another 7kg in my case
in centimeters
for now I’m doing great
from belly its minus 8 cm
form thigh also 8 cm

but the most important from ass
its minus 10 cm
its great result for me
today during weighting I did experiment

I did check how much I have in belly now
then I compare this in measure tape
maybe I will show you

once I compared with begging
its looks scary
I’m happy but scary
how big my belly was
its not maybe we will show you
I will show you now, how is the difference
pants what I have now, I bought them last year
Autumn last year
in Lidl size 18
I almost fit size 16
but had to return it and replace by 18
hehe you had to return it 🙂
because size 16 was to tight on thighs
I tough they will break during a squat
purpose of this pants was to have lose cargo style pants
for camping or motorbike trips
to change them easily and quickly
so I will show you effects of 7 months
on ketogenic diet
looks like adults movie 🙂
this is a difference in 7 months
on diet
this is how it looks like
my panties, I will not show them 🙂
in general this is how it looks like
so this diet is working
this is my results after 7 months
as you can see
this is a lot of centimeters 🙂
its not only from belly, but also sides

I was shocked today
as you could see we are living example
for ketogenic diet is working
very alive
its this coffee 🙂
this is not miracle diet
this diet require time, in our example 7 months
we will keep going
because in future we want to turn in to low carb diet
but for now is keto for us
I start thinking about this diet
more like a life style
more like way of eating
rather than diet, because word “diet”
it reminds me of restriction only
its one of neighbor quad
back to the subject
ketogenic diet don’t have to be a diet
it doesn’t have to be diet
its a lot of recipes
to compose what you can eat
what you mean it doesn’t have to be diet, this can be misleading
this is still a diet
it doesn’t have to be perceived as diet
you can treat it as normal way of eating
like a lifestyle?
yes, kind of lifestyle and way of eating
I don’t want to convince anyone about this
if this is good or bad
I think my and Beata result are self explanatory
because we don’t have to deny yourself of food
on keto is a lots of food what we love
I love cheese, you can eat fruits
I eat raspberries, I love them
blueberries less but also eat them
strawberries with cream, back to the childhood
where before keto, when I could eat carbs
I didn’t eat strawberries with cream
now a like to eat them from time to time
I never like strawberries
I was never a big fun of fruits
and vegetables
strawberries fine I ate them
but not throw oneself at them
now is opposite 🙂
now I throw myself at them
raspberries are better, they have less sugar
but they annoying me because of seeds
it gets in my teeth
I told you wipe it in a strainer 🙂
we don’t have this small strainer
I tried last time for chicken livers
I got annoyed and I was throw them all into pan 🙂
summary, minus 14 kg
and minus 13 kg
million centimeters
wait, we could disappear after million 🙂
In every part of body
not in every
I also check biceps
and there is almost no move here
maybe 1 cm
it was change in my body
you can see it in other movie
I saw my picture in jeans jacket
I was shocked
whole biceps was, jacket stretch on it
now I have plenty of room in the same jacket
I’m comparing in cloth sizes
difference is very visible here
for me is not big difference in biceps
you see difference in ass 🙂
oh yes, and I’m very happy for this 🙂
the rest of fat
on belly, on the thighs
from ass, I know
now this will be the worst part
probably I will have to go to gym
or at least be more active than now
anything related to more activity
till now, I’m avoiding any activities as I can 🙂
me too
everything what we achieved
its completely without exercises
without going 3 time a week on gym
its a result only of change a way of eating
its wort to mention abut this
Its not like, I’m asking to not be more active
I want show you its possible without
losing weight is possible with no exercise
but I have to mention also
much better result
you can achieve with exercise 🙂
we are just very lazy…
it’s not we don’t have activity at all
at least on a day in lunch time we try to go on some walk
its our lunch replacement, light cardio
maybe we not seat whole day on couch
but we seat 8h a day in work
seating type of work
reason why we try to have at least 20-30min of walk
we don’t have lunch so we chose walk

we done our coffee
its time to finish
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that is it, I hope you enjoy
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