Keto What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight  2019

Keto What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight 2019

October 19, 2019 7 By William Morgan

good morning good morning good morning
YouTube family so we are in the car I’m
feeling happy I’m just feeling like a
brand new person just I’m about starting
off your day with meditation it just
makes everything just feel amazing but I
feel like I could fly how about now
today is going to be I think maybe lower
body day and I may try to work out my
non-existent abs because there’s none
existent for a reason why because I
don’t work them out yeah so um yes when
this video goes out it will be Friday so
I really do hope y’all are having a
great Friday are y’all on your lunch
break watching this y’all at home like
what do y’all doing comment down below
and let me know anywho my love’s let’s
go ahead and go to the gym hashtag
safety first
we put my seatbelt on
so y’all we got some food already being
cooked at home I’m so excited to like
eat y’all just you think it’s just so
much fun like it’s a privilege to eat
I’m not even trying to be funny right
now because there’s so many people
that’s going without eating y’all and we
take advantage of just simple things
that we have like there are people in
this world who don’t have food and not
like trying to be dramatic and out of
stuff y’all but like next time you eat
something if you’re eating right now
just be thankful that you can eat
because everyone doesn’t have that
privilege I will say this though y’all
my October 2019 Keto Krate Review plus
giveaway video will be coming out very
soon I’m really excited for that y’all
that’s like my favorite thing to do on
this channel y’all is doing giveaway
it’s like I really love doing that and
plus I love like reviewing the food you
know tasting and letting y’all know what
it tastes like and what to expect but I
just loved a whole little giveaway
portion like that just makes me so
excited alright y’all so first meal of
the day I have two eggs to boil chicken
thighs some sweet peas and some hot
sauce I’m drinking my water and I have
my Coke Zero and y’all we are currently
on almost season 9 of crazy Anatomy like
I’m just going through these seasons
over here Grey’s Anatomy is so addicting
like I don’t know why I started doing
this cuz now that’s all I want to watch
on Netflix hey YouTube bam bam so I’m
about to go to Zumba class my mother
she’s going to own Bible study
hashtag Jesus is awesome soul and feed
the body is where well y’all I do have
before I go to Zumba class y’all I’m
gonna have this keto brownie I made
y’all so I would share y’all with y’all
the recipe but y’all I don’t like the
texture I put way too much coconut oil
in there and I knew I was supposed to do
all that but I just got carried away
with the coconut oil like this isn’t
even the texture I was going for I mean
it tastes great it just not the texture
I want but the taste is good so I mean
we can go with this still so when I
perfect the texture then I will share it
with y’all my Kido brownie recipe you
know what I don’t think I’m gonna eat
got me one wants me to go to Bible study
so bad happens in the class but I don’t
think I’m gonna eat the whole brownie
cuz you know I don’t want to get sick
before it’s in the class so I’m just
gonna have a little bit of it and then
yeah anyways y’all let’s go ahead and
go to Zumba class
tonight y’all just gonna have to bacon
strips y’all we are not doing anything
fancy I’m just gonna have the rest of my
quito chocolate slash coconut brownies
y’all cuz that’s literally what it is it
tastes good like I told you I was just
the texture it’s just all weird like I
mean whatever I would like to take a
moment to appreciate these two bacon
strips they just look beautiful right
they are just ready for me to eat and
I’m just so thankful for lack of a very
serious right now though y’all oh my
gosh you two family so let me tell y’all
this is the next day coming on here and
talking to y’all um today it’s Thursday
so Zumba classes Monday through
Thursdays we don’t have it on Friday
thank you Jesus y’all who my whole being
is just hurting like I have a date
yes my date tonight is with epson salt
yes I’m gonna be soaking in some Epsom
salt tonight and just doing self-care
I’m just going to enjoy that entire
moment y’all I may have a date this
weekend too
I don’t know if I’m gonna go yeah you
know you know how when you just like
concentrating on your goals and your
career and that’s when like boys just
come at you full force I mean whatever I
am curious to know what are y’all doing
this weekend y’all going on any dates
y’all hanging out at home cleaning up
the house spending time with your family
friends and loved ones what are y’all
doing y’all literally I am so wet do
y’all see can y’all even see this
literally water is that sweat y’all from
sweating in Zumba class my hair was wet
and that it make it any better
so hopefully I don’t get sick y’all I
don’t know why I be setting myself up
for failure but anywho my love so if you
are new to the channel welcome to the
fam and we’ll be here documenting my
keto weight loss journey and your girl
sharing everything we are combining
strict keto and lazy keto so join me by
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upload three videos a week so you can’t
expect a video from me on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays and we have not
missed an upload yet and hopefully we
keep it up to my amazing beautiful
unique YouTube family thank you so much
for watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Monday
alright y’all so I really do hope you’ll
have a wonderful weekend
stay safe I mean it have fun but stay
safe okay now I will see y’all on Monday
I love you bye