July 28, 2019 4 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome back for another
episode of what I eat in a day on the
ketogenic diet today it’s raining since
morning it’s on and off a thunderstorm
so it’s not that hot or humid and I feel
for some like a comfort food so I’ve
decided I want to make for lunch and egg
drop soup I have my pot I’m gonna put a
bowl of water in there I’m using 2 eggs
1 ounce of mozzarella some spring onion
I love it in my soup buff of garlic of
course some soy sauce and some sesame
seed oil and I’m gonna use 1 teaspoon of
corn starch just to make the soup a
little thicker I don’t have a chicken
broth so I’m gonna be making in my own
with the soy sauce and garlic and some
salt and pepper but you would usually
use that if you have it home but I don’t
I’m gonna put some soy sauce in the
about 1 teaspoon officer Sammy oil I’m
gonna put the garlic in there we’re
using a cheese shredder do not judge me
sorry guys about the rain I know it’s
hard to hear me brag the eggs in the
glass yeah water is boiling
so taking a little of the stock and a
little mixed with water I’m gonna add
one teaspoon of the cornstarch and is
always good
you don’t want to use too much of the
cornstarch because it’s pretty high in
cart so one teaspoon will do just fine
when that’s done I’m gonna pour it right
into a soup
so you’re stirring in the egg by mixing
the soup and slowly pouring the eggs in
the soup
the eggs will cook almost instantly so
you can just leave it boil for 20
seconds and the soup is done now I’m
just gonna put my spring onion in the
ball and this is it I’m gonna pop all
mozzarella and mix it up yeah you don’t
really need to use a lot of cornstarch
so don’t worry that you’re gonna go over
your carbs the eggs in this kind of
quantity it doesn’t really thickened up
just enough just the perfect why how I
like it so I’m gonna just enjoy this
comforting food this to pull me up
pretty good I’m pretty full it had just
300 calories and 4.2 net carbs so I may
end up having some little salad down the
road or I may just have two snacks today
we’ll see how am i hungry I told you
guys that it’s raining right look how
much water is coming down always forms
like a little river here
someone here is in for a treat
yes do you like that one
it’s a romaine lettuce and this baby
want something to put you like something
would you like a treat Casey so guys I
just cooked the cheese in the microwave
until it was really crispy so I couldn’t
break it into like a little naturals and
I’m gonna make someone look what come on
with it I messed up half of an avocado
and I’m gonna add some salt pepper lemon
juice and half of an tomato what at the
end I don’t have cilantro but I don’t
even like cilantro so I do not ever edit
into my glaucoma anyway but look I will
add is a little of red onion here it is
just half of an avocado lemon juice
tomato and red onion so my guacamole and
nachos are done look at that clock so
this is how you’re gonna eat it you just
dig into your wok
umm-hmm you have to try that I was some
craving some Mexican food this is really
good I think again this would be great
if you have a friends over or some house
party this is a great high fat keto
snack was the first time I made them
next time I’m actually gonna cook the
cheese a little longer I wanted a little
more crispy but other than that it’s
success I do really love it it’s great
are you checking her out he’s good Casey
so I chopped 2 zucchinis and one big
bell pepper this one’s was orange and I
have about 12 large shrimp and two
sausages those are our German bratwurst
from all these I’m gonna season it with
some salt and pepper and cayenne pepper
and I’m gonna fry it up in extra virgin
olive oil
I love these one pot dishes I already
done a lot of dishes today even though I
really didn’t cook a lot just the soup
and some cheese but yeah one part dishes
are my favorite I’m just gonna heat up
some rice from yesterday for a wrap to
have a twist and I’m obviously gonna
have it just with the veggies because
I’m the keto girl
this shrimp are already cooked so it all
kind of needs just heat up and sauté the
while this is cooking I’m gonna be
sipping my pomegranate green tea I love
this stuff it really turns down any
cravings and even hunger
I feel like more hot tea I drink during
the day was hungry I guess what’s your
favorite drink do you drink tea coffee
what kinda I would like to know leave me
a comment
all done looking amazing can’t wait to
eat it very colorful I actually ended up
using a little smoked paprika for a
little smoky flavor and a little more of
the color and I’m gonna give it a try
mmm awesome thank you Facebook it was a
great idea
I appreciated great recipe I think on
Facebook there was a spare a goose and
yellow squash as well so I just throw
together whatever I had so that’s it
guys for today’s video
as usual if you did like it please give
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subscribe to my channel and I’m gonna
see you in the next video