Keto Walmart Grocery Haul I Low Carb Haul 2019

October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey YouTube Family, so we are back at it
again with another Weekly Keto Grocery Haul At Walmart
so y’all in my last
video I ask y’all if y’all do like a
grocery list before you go into the
store and you know a lot of y’all say
yeah well um I forgot to make my list so
we are going into this kind of blindsided.
I mean I have a few items that I know I
would like to get but overall
I don’t know what I’m going to get
y’all I got my best friend over here aka mom’s
with me she’s gonna be helping me record
wanna say anything
I am marvelous…. I’m ready!
Don’t I look beautiful? Oh yes I do!
Y’all see what happens when you give the spotlight to
some people they just don’t know how to
act… they just don’t
but anywho my love so let’s go
ahead and walk into Walmart and start
this weekly keto grocery haul… Let’s goooo!
Alright y’all so like I told y’all I
really have no idea what I’m doing when I walk in here
I don’t know what I’ma gonna get
I mean… you know… I really want some berries and chicken and that’s about it. That’s all I really know
I hope this buggy isn’t broken because I just love to get the broken one.
First thing first we are getting some
strawberries. Strawberries are up there on my top favorite
fruits to have on keto just period. I just love strawberries. I think it may be number 1 for me
Like, yeah I really do love strawberries
Oh wow I did not see you there, so um yeah that was so lame
anyways y’all so up next is some watermelon now some people will say
watermelon is not keto friendly
quick voiceover y’all because the rest of the
clip regarding watermelon somehow
disappeared so like I was saying some
people saying that watermelon is
absolutely not keto friendly and you
know I say those are not the type of
people you need to have in your life
period (laughs) no seriously you can have
watermelon in moderation now I’m not
saying to go and eat an entire
watermelon but a few pieces here there
is not gonna kill you the key to keto is
really moderation and making sure you
are enjoying yourself that’s really what
I’ve learned on this keto weight loss journey
but yeah y’all let me just stop
talking and let’s get back into this video
alright y’all so up next we’re
gonna get some cucumbers I love me some
cucumbers all definitely a great keto
friendly snack to have we’re gonna get
four of these bad boys they are 58 cents
we want the big ones okay whatever we
want the big ones I’m not gonna
entertain y’all because I know what y’all were
thinking and that’s not where I was
yes it was where I was going but
So, up next is the Mission’s Wraps. These are six grams net carbs.
Typically, I like the 5 grams net carbs ones
but apparently everyone else like those too so
there’s none left so I don’t know who
needs to hear this but stop buying them all pleaseeeee
I would really am truly appreciated and
just let y’all know these wraps are the
wraps that I use to make my keto chips
y’all typically like I told y’all I use
the five gram net carbs when but these
make the same type of keto chips as well
I just want to save my one gram net carb
that’s all really so how y’all so up
next is the organic virgin coconut oil
on typically I just cooked with coconut
oil or I look old and those are
basically the only olds I use you know
butter and ice sometimes we agree
sometimes we don’t agree there’s no
telling it’s like whatever my body feels
like doing basically we are just going
to get some pink Himalayan sea salt and
some lemon pepper y’all because
seasonings are fun seasonings are great
like make sure you season your food if
you don’t you should be ashamed of
yourself and I’m just telling you that
because nobody wants to eat on season
food okay okay y’all the veggies we got
are just one on cauliflower one broccoli
one green bean we got some sweet peas as
well sweet peas aren’t like keto keto
friendly but they’re kind of keto friendly
so don’t overdo your sweet peas but
these three are great keto vegetables to
alright y’all so the first meet we’re
gonna get is some neck bones I don’t
know if it’s just like a southern thing
y’all but I love me some good old neck
bones like who just came up with the
idea a beatnik bone like they deserve an
award second thing of meat y’all of
course we getting some chicken thighs so
my mom liked chicken thighs board and I
like it baked them both so I guess we’ll
just be boiling our chicken thighs so
she’ll eat it cousin tybalt she’s not
gonna eat it at all y’all up next we got
some all-natural ground beef this is the
80% lean 20% fat one and yeah let’s go
ahead and keep shopping spend that money
that we don’t want to spend but we got a
spin because food is everything right
right up next we’re getting some good
old bacon bacon is everything y’all know
how I feel about bacon we love some
bacon over here up next y’all we have
some roasted pecans we’re just gonna get
one of them because y’all know pecans
are expensive AF and we’re not doing
that we’re doing cute on a budget right
so y’all you remember last time I got
the wrong coke zero well I don’t even
get coke zero I just got cherry coke but
this time I’m making sure to get some
coke zero y’all we already got eggs at
the house I’m just gonna get one thing
I’m some organic eggs so y’all they are
out of my so delicious butter pecan ice
cream y’all so I just have my halo top
dairy-free candy bar this is good too
y’all know I like this one too but you
know you crave it just one thing alright
YouTube family so again we don’t know
how much everything’s gonna be but it’s
not gonna be like expensive expensive
because we didn’t get like a lot of
stuff in my opinion
but um yeah so yeah it’ll be interesting
sing what our total will be
oh and just let y’all know nobody
breathed on me this time so I feel like
our shopping experience was pretty great
here at Walmart today alright YouTube
Bam Bam so the total ended up being 107
dollars and 21 cents mind you I did get
some epson salt – you know soak in the
tub from our none existent muscles and
when I’m working out y’all because you
know everybody needs that my mom got
some applesauce she got some other
things as well and so yeah yeah I’m
telling all her y’all totally got keto
friendly but we’re not gonna judge her
okay but yeah so we got some more things
so honestly the total was actually under
$100 which is pretty awesome we are
doing you know keto on a budget like we
want to enjoy keto but also make sure to
save money as well hey y’all I will say
this I do want to get some kale so I
could make some kale chips but Walmart
does not have any kale I don’t
understand why but yeah I mean I guess
that means people are eating healthy and
that’s amazing so yay for them but I
still didn’t get my kill
so boo I would truly appreciate it if
y’all coming it down below and tell me
you like some items that you plan on
getting at the grocery store or if you
just recently shop let me know what you
got because I really does help me to let
you know get other people perspectives
or food because you know sometimes you
can eat the same foods
and then what somebody else be like oh
they got so-and-so he’s like oh dang I
do like that too so yeah I would really
truly appreciate that y’all y’all when
this video goes up it will be Monday so
I will be back to routinely going to the
gym because y’all kind of slacked off
not kind of but you know I slacked off
I’m going to the gym like I would just
be like oh I’m going to Zumba class
that’s cool which is cool you know
that’s great if you just do cardio but
for the body type that I want I need
like I really need to make sure I still
get in my weight lifting that’s really
important for my body type I don’t know
if y’all know this but some of the
celebrities that I have like the curves
and all this stuff whatever um they are
an endomorph y’all that’s in
shape and that’s really what I want
y’all I really do enjoy making these
weekly keto grocery hauls because they
really do help me stay accountable and
since I am sharing my weight loss
journey with y’all and then also like it
also helps me to get feedback from y’all
and y’all be like hey you know have you
considered something else instead of
that or I like you know if y’all tell me
about the hidden sugars or something
like that cuz you know nothing’s perfect
on this weight loss journey on
especially on keto it’s like so many
things that are hidden in foods and you
don’t look at every single ingredient I
know I don’t I’m just gonna be honest
with y’all I’m not gonna sit there and
be looking at every single ingredients
because no life is too short
it just in case y’all saw something and
I didn’t catch on to it y’all can tell
me like hey girl you know don’t get that
likes everywhere those help me out and I
appreciate that but in whom I love so if
you are new to the channel welcome to
the fam over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey
your girl is sharing everything we are
combining strict keto and lazy keto so
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amazing beautiful fantastic YouTube
family like there’s nobody else like
y’all nothin up to say like very thank
you so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone
else I love you so stay blessed and I
was seen in the next video which will be
Wednesday alright y’all I hope y’all
have a wonderful Monday and just keep
pushing because the weekend is not
almost here but we’re gonna pretend like
it is okay alright love you all so much
byeeeee!: )