Keto Waffles in less than 10 minutes | No Eggy Flavor! | Low Carb Waffles for Ketogenic WOE

October 18, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey guys my name is Ashley and today we
are making keto waffles. So if you are
like me and you just started the keto
diet or a low carb diet this might be
the solution for us so I did get this
recipe online so I am definitely going
to share it with you guys in the
description below
alright guys before we go ahead and get
started I would like to let you guys
know that there are 4 servings in this
waffle recipe it says it’s supposed to
yield 8 to 10 pancakes or waffles but
when I make it for some reason I just
get 4 waffles so the ingredients call
for 4 ounces of cream cheese 4 eggs 2
teaspoons of vanilla extract or
sugar-free vanilla syrup 1 tablespoon of
a sugar substitute or more to taste if
you want it to be a little bit sweeter
for this recipe I am using swerve but
you can go ahead and use stevia and the
other types of sugar alternatives 4
tablespoons of coconut flour but if you
guys are like me and you really don’t
like that coconut flavor you can go
ahead and do 2 tablespoons of the
coconut flour and then 2 of flaxseed one
and a half teaspoons of baking powder if
you guys want it to taste like cinnamon
you can go ahead and add a dash of that
you can also add a teaspoon of maple
extract but I don’t really have that and
you can also add almond milk if you want
alright let’s go ahead and put these
okay guys so you have most of your
ingredients together but if you are
making waffles you do have the option of
adding butter and so that’s what I went
ahead and did all right so I’m going to
throw it into the ninja to blend it you
can go ahead and blend it manually or
use any type of blender food processor
whatever works for you the recipe
doesn’t know how long to do it but I
just clicked the puree just to make sure
that everything gets mixed together so
once you’re done with blending you can
go ahead and put it into your waffle
maker I am gonna go ahead and use olive
oil just to go ahead and put some
moisture onto the iron for the waffle
so my waffles won’t stick so I’m using
this little thing here and then if went
ahead and put a little bit of olive oil
alright guys so after pouring it in the
waffle maker you go ahead and let it be
there until well my light turns off as
soon as it’s ready
I don’t know if you see that line right
there right there but maybe for you guys
it might be a little bit different
depending on what machine you are using
so you can go ahead and use this as a
regular waffle for breakfast or you can
actually use the same waffles for
sandwiches and other types of foods that
you might want bread with of course
you’ll go ahead and just subtract a few
ingredients like the vanilla extract and
the swerve depending on what is the
purpose for your meal okay guys so it
looks like it’s ready look how pretty
that is so now we’re gonna gonna take it
up so this is my very first waffle your
waffle should look something like this
unless it has some other type of design
based on your machine that you’re using
you can go ahead and eat it for
breakfast or you can go ahead and save
it for the week with parchment paper
alright so that’s pretty much it I have
made three whole waffles with my waffle
maker and now I just need to go ahead
and add sugar-free syrup and we are done
I think you can go ahead and see that
3/4 of a waffle but that’s an extra one
maybe because I added a little bit too
much better on to the others but it’s
not too bad remember this is for four
servings so you can go ahead and save it
with parchment paper and throw it in the
freezer until the next time you want to
eat some waffles
alright so we are done if you have any
comments or any suggestions go ahead and
leave that in the comments section below
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