Keto TV .  Keto and Stress

Keto TV . Keto and Stress

July 24, 2019 1 By William Morgan

– Am I stressed? Yes, a little. This is a little good stress that makes me move, that makes me shiver and they make me tell you
something new but be careful. Stress is your second enemy after sugar. With stress, no keto will work, no Atkins will work,
no low-carb will work. Nothing will work. Stress makes your body in
a fight or flight mode. It makes you produce cortisol. Cortisol makes you produce insulin. With insulin, there is no fat-loss. Yes, it’s easy to say don’t stress. It’s harder to live it, but
let us ask ourselves a small very easy question. Can I put myself back into top priority? Me, because I can only change the world and take care of others
if I put myself first. When you put yourself first, you don’t stress about anything. All in the world don’t matter. Matters what is inside you. You are a happier person
because you are in keto. You are a happier person
because you are fitter. You are a happier person because you are the center of attention. You are a happier person because you know you don’t have to stress. It’s easier said than done. Sleep longer, eat lighter. Go to the gym if you are still stressed. Let your energy emerge. This is the key. Sorry if my word seems easy, but I’ve tried it myself and it works. It works when you choose
to put yourself first. I can only change the
world when I change myself. I can only help others when I help myself. Remember on a plane, they ask
you to put your mask first before helping somebody else because if you don’t destress,
if you don’t survive, if you are not strong,
you cannot be useful. Everything goes, everything comes, but you, you’re the one that stays. So live your life without stress. Keto diet is your health. Stress don’t help keto,
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