Keto TV: Borders of Keto

September 17, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– [Nicolas] Keto is not
a hop-on, hop-off bus. It’s a lifestyle, yes. Sometimes you drop out of
ketosis for different reasons, like when you do hard gym, you use energy. So, really, you didn’t drop out, you just don’t see ketones in your body, but they will come up
after one or two hours. Maybe, by mistake, you
ate something wrong, but you come back after few hours. The problem is living on the border. It’s a very, very dangerous border. The keto border is the worst diet zone you can put your body in. You cannot be half a day on keto, and half off keto, because at that case,
all that you are doing in keto is useless. The moment you will eat your carbs, mixing it with something else, even what you have burned
on your keto hours, or keto days, you will gain it again. So, unless you are doing my special diet, which I will explain in a different video, where, especially women
prefer to do a week of keto, and a week of low calories, don’t live on the border. Keto is a safe place when you are in it deeply, and for long term. You cannot risk eating lot of fat that are still in your
body, showing ketones, and afterward, have some carbs, because at that moment, something
will happen very simple. Your liver will stop using your carbs, will start using the
carbs, raise your insulin, and you will store the fat. There is no middle zone. There’s no keto-ish keto. Or you are in keto as a
lifestyle, as a diet, as you wish. You are in keto, or you are not in keto. You may be in keto and not
in ketosis for a few hours, but you cannot be in
keto, and eating carbs. So, don’t live in the border. Don’t raise your insulin
level every day or two. Don’t risk losing the hard benefits that you have earned by
being in a state of ketosis. It took you days to come to this state. Nobody can be in ketosis in hours. You need few days to
become in a keto state. So, you did this job,
you became fat-adapted. Don’t live on the border again. Keto is a lifestyle. It offers you everything you need to enjoy life, food, and mental clearness. So, stay in, be in
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