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October 26, 2019 0 By William Morgan

what’s up everybody this is Lila no
hippie BBQ I’m gonna be doing today is
going to be some keto taco casserole now
this recipe was inspired by that you
know that website delish you might see
them on Facebook or wherever I’ve
changed this recipe up enough to where
in the description I’m gonna leave a
link to the ingredients I’m using and
I’ll leave a link to their recipe in
case you want to go over there and take
a look what they’re doing now some of
you guys know that I became an
over-the-road trucker
if you comment on this video if you’d
like I think it’d be fun just leave a
comment tell me what city you’re in and
then I’ll reply back and tell you what
city I’m in when I leave that comment
you know what I just think it’d be kind
of fun anyway
to knock this recipe out all that we’re
gonna need is we’re gonna need some
ground beef now I told my wife to go
give me some ground beef for another
recipe and she went out I was I was
looking for something a little more
expensive but she went out and got me
the role ground beef that’s good though
like somebody trying to save some dough
so she got me these round you know these
this ground beef here so we’re gonna be
using that for the recipe we have some
eggs some mexican cheese some cilantro
that’s been chopped some minced garlic
some chopped jalapenos we have some taco
seasoning oregano salt and pepper and we
have some onion that’s been chopped now
this really this recipe is something
that’s really only going to take about
shoot 30 you know maybe 30 minutes of
cooking 25 minutes in the oven so it’s
super simple the first thing we need to
do is start cooking down these jalapenos
and the onions so let’s get started with
now one ingredient I did not mention
earlier was olive oil so we’re gonna be
using that to cook down our onions and
our jalapeno
and we’re just going to cook this until
the onion has become a little
translucent now our onions are beginning
to get translucent we’re gonna add our
garlic now what we didn’t want to add
this earlier because we didn’t want to
burn the garlic so this is only gonna
need to cook for about another two three
minutes at the most
so right when you start seeing some of
this garlic starting to brown up a
little bit it’s time to add your meat
throw this in just break it down
and once you have it broke down a little
bit is that our feed link so this is
going to be our taco seasoning oregano a
pepper and our song
and we’re gonna cook this down until our
meat is brown but we’re also going to
want to make sure any of the fat that’s
in there is cooked out of this as well
okay this ground beef is cooked and we
really don’t have a lot of grease in
this I think this was 80/20 ground beef
so you’re not gonna get a lot of grease
out of that but if you were gonna be
cooking with the 70/30 keep this cooking
and cook out you know most of the grease
that’s in there now I’m going to take
some of the cilantro we had about a
quarter of it just add that in I’m gonna
turn this off and let this cool down now
we’re about to do was we’re about to add
this to our eggs and I don’t want this
beef hot when we add it to our eggs
cause that’s gonna scramble our eggs so
that’s why we’re lowering the
temperature actually turning this off so
guys I let this pan and meat get cool
enough to where I can add the eggs
directly to the meat if your pan is
still hot or your meat is still hot add
your meat to your eggs it’ll make it to
where your eggs don’t scramble up when
you pour them in here we’re gonna give
this a good mix and we’re gonna pour
them you can use a casserole dish I’m
gonna use some ramekins and I have I
think that would make for a nice
presentation so it looks like I’m gonna
be able to get some of these in a
ramekin then I’ll probably have to put
some in a small casserole dish but these
things right here are the bung these
things are pretty cheap
links in the description in case you
want to pick up some of these but these
things are great for this or like mini
cobbler souffles things like that
leather we’re gonna fill these up don’t
want to go all the way to the top
because we still need to add some cheese
and stuff to that all right so you got
those filled now we’re gonna hit him
with this Mexican cheese any kind of
cheese would work just making sure it’s
not clumped together because I am using
processed cheese
here sometimes you gotta save a little
bit of time
and once I’m done getting these in and
getting my other casserole dish fill it
up they’re gonna go in the oven 350
degrees for about 25-30 minutes
all right guys so that’s a wrap I’m
trying my best to get that big ol head
up in this screen but you know it it’s a
little hard to do get into it listen
what you think you got great Jesus great
that meats so nice and tender juicy is
on top so make it a little better listen
this was so easy I wouldn’t even be
expecting it to be this good this right
here is a winner now you don’t have to
put it in no hippie you know ramekin or
do they call these things we want one
over here
I haven’t garnished this one yet but you
know this was a little kind of casserole
size one
listen winner links gonna be in the
description below or the recipe is gonna
be in the description below I do want to
thank you guys for stopping my no hippie
BBQ I do appreciate it comment Best Keto Recipes