Keto Sloppy Joes

October 9, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz.
Welcome back to my channel,
Low Carb with Jennifer.
Today we’re gonna be
making some Sloppy Joe’s.
I’m gonna show you how I make it.
It’s Keto friendly.
So let’s get going.
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So I have already got some
onions and some red bell pepper
in this pot that I have let soften.
And now we’re gonna add
in some ground beef.
We’re gonna cook this
until it’s all brown.
So normally
Sloppy Joe’s has sugar
and a lot of tomato sauce,
so we’re gonna actually,
I just don’t really care
for it being any sweet.
I mean tomato sauce is sweet enough.
So it really doesn’t
need sugar in my opinion.
So I’m just totally eliminating that
and we’re gonna add in
some other seasonings.
Make it really good and savory.
So I’m just gonna brown
this hamburger meat
until it’s all brown.
Okay, we’ve got our
hamburger meat all browned.
So now we can add in
some of our seasonings.
We’ve got some Worcestershire sauce.
And I like to use this McCormick,
what’s it called?
Montreal Steak Seasoning.
I just love the flavor it gives.
I actually got this from
this idea from Rachel Ray.
So it’s delicious.
And it might have a tiny, teeny,
weensy bit of sugar in it,
but I’m not worried about it.
If you’re worried about,
look at the ingredients
on the Montreal Steak and you can try and
create that seasoning or
just use lots of pepper
’cause that’s what’s in it.
And here we have some apple cider vinegar.
And all of the amounts for this recipe
are in the description below.
The entire recipe is down there.
We’re also gonna add in some tomato paste.
Okay let’s stir this up
and then we’re gonna
add in our tomato sauce.
So normally, Sloppy Joe is pretty saucy.
Of course, that’s why
it’s called Sloppy Joe.
But we’re just adding
one cup of tomato sauce
just to cut some of those carbs out.
And I think this is still plenty sloppy.
So here’s our tomato sauce.
So stir this all up.
And then we are gonna cover it with a lid
and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
And that’s it.
That is all there is to this.
It’s a super easy, of course
you know Sloppy Joe’s is
always super easy, kid
friendly, weeknight meal.
So let that simmer.
Okay, let’s check on our Sloppy Joe.
It’s been simmering
and it looks so good.
Look at that.
Looks just like your
traditional Sloppy Joe,
but Keto friendly.
Let’s give it a taste.
I’m gonna see if it needs any salt.
I think that’s perfect.
And how good does that look?
All ready to go.
So you can find the link
in the description below
to the printable recipe and
also in the description below
is the full recipe so
you don’t have to bother
going to my blog to find the recipe.
It’s right there.
So I hope you love this recipe.
You can eat it with my 90 second bread.
If you can make it in a ramekin
and then you would have that round shape
that if you’re attached
to that round shape.
You could also make it
square if you wanted to.
But it’s delicious with
the 90 second bread.
And have you ever had a
Sloppy Joe quesadilla?
Two low carb quesadilla or tortilla,
some cheese and Sloppy Joe mix.
It is so good.
You should definitely try it.
But I hope you guys like this recipe
and I will see you guys later.
(peaceful instrumental music)