keto roti\keto diet\low carb tortilla/flax seed chapati

keto roti\keto diet\low carb tortilla/flax seed chapati

August 6, 2019 2 By William Morgan

hello guys,once again welcome back to my channel
fatfree life with dr.neelam
just keep remembering one thing that fitness is the only way to go
i will tell you how to loose weight with the help of nutrition and different diets
today im going to make low carb or
keto chapati

one thing that e indians miss on keto is keto chapati

it is what exactly im making today
it is made of flax seed and
it is the most requested recipie

people those ho are not on keto and are on diet they can also have this chapati
bcoz it is full of fiber and i have
already made an video on the benefits of flax seeds
you can go and just watch that so,
we will make low carb
roti or chapati or tortillas
so that you can make a wrap out of it
so just lets go ahead and
make this and then talk about it
you just need a half a cup flax seed