Keto or Carnivore 2019? Listen to Dr Berry!

October 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hi this is dr. berry in this short video
I want to talk to you about a dietary
experiment that you might want to give a
try I actually have given it a try
myself with pretty darn encouraging
results it’s the carnivore diet and this
is something you may have been hearing
about lately I think it’s catching on it
seems like a fad but it’s actually
hundreds of thousands of years old and
so I love it that we are all slowly
rediscovering these dietary truths that
seem to be lost for the last 50 and 60
years while the American Heart
Association and the American diabetic
Association were in charge of our
dietary recommendations the USDA and the
FDA turns out don’t really know much
about what human beings should actually
eat and so I want you to listen to this
video about the carnivore diet in my
experience with it and then you can
decide whether you want to give it a try
or not now if you know someone who is
thinking about trying a two week four
weeks six weeks trial of carnivorous
then please share this video with them
on your social media you can text the
link to them you can email it to them
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message and share this with them and
maybe they can learn something and maybe
they can teach me something as well now
let’s talk about the carnivore diet and
we’re going to talk about my experience
with it and then also I’m gonna explain
it to you what it is why we think it may
help how long you should do it who
should do it
etc so let’s talk about the carnivore
diet so 50 years ago 40 years ago thirty
years ago when almost all of us were
eating the standard American diet or if
we had heart disease or diabetes we were
eating the EHA or the ATA diets well we
all know now looking back over the last
few years that these diets have led to
epidemics type 2 diabetes of insulin
resistance of PCOS of dementia of all
these other chronic diseases including
skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema
they get terribly worse when you eat an
awful diet like that and so more and
more people have been waking up on their
own and with the help of YouTube videos
if they Facebook posts and
to Graham and other social media to say
hey maybe I shouldn’t just blindly
listen to what craft or Kellogg’s or
General Mills tells me I should eat
maybe I shouldn’t just blindly listen to
the American Heart Association or the
American diabetic Association or even
maybe just maybe I shouldn’t blindly
listen to my doctor’s dietary advice
maybe I should think about this and read
about this and do my own research
because you know after all our human
body’s made of the diet that we fed it
over the last year that’s literally what
you’re made of as you sit there watching
this now and so when you think of it
with that new paradigm quickly you see
that your diet is actually the most
important thing in your life in your
health and your in your mental health is
your diet that’s exactly right and so
I’ll tell you my journey
growing up I was like everyone else I
eat the stupid American diet I eat lots
of bread I drink lots of milk I lots of
margarine I ate lots of spreads and
things that were fake and made in
factories I had chronic allergies
chronic dandruff chronic heartburn and I
was quickly becoming an obese overweight
miserable doctor who was almost a type-2
diabetic and so I had to turn that
around and so I started looking and I
found something called the Paleo diet or
the ancestral diet and I started eating
that way and after a few months I got
better lost a little weight my numbers
got better but I didn’t go back to where
I really felt like was my best self and
so I kept reading and researching as I
was eating paleo and I found something
called a low carb high fat or the lchf
diet so I started eating that and I felt
better I lost more weight my numbers
came down even further my dandruff kept
getting better my chronic reflux kept
getting better my skin kept getting
better and then I found something called
a keto diet or the ketogenic diet and so
that made sense is the next progression
and so I adopted that diet and ate that
for a few years and I kept getting
better I lost even more weight my joints
hurt less the reflux was completely gone
the dandruff the heartburn all those
things were gone because I had gotten
flam Ettore crap out of my diet and so
it turns out all those conditions that I
thought were just a part of me that’s
the stiff painful knee this chronic
heartburn that had to have tums in my
pocket for the dangler if I had to buy
special shampoo for the allergies that
literally ruined hundreds or thousands
of social situations for me because I
had to get up and go blow my nose or I
had to clear my throat a thousand times
or I had just sneeze every five minutes
and as a teenager and a twenty-something
that can really mess up your social game
right and so ultimately now lately over
the by about three months ago I
discovered the carnivore diet which I
consider the next progression after the
ketogenic diet and I had heard some some
very positive feedback about it I
thought I’d give it a try
and I’ve been doing it for about three
months now and I’ve lost five more
pounds my joints feel better than
they’ve ever felt and so you know as you
get older you have joints that have
never even had an injury that that are
stiff and painful and swollen that’s the
inflammation that’s coming from your
diet hmm very few people just have
arthritis for no reason right even the
even the autoimmune Arthur – these
aren’t just automatic you do things that
trigger them and make them worse and the
biggest thing that you do is your diet
what you either eat or don’t eat when
you eat when you don’t eat that sort of
thing can contribute to all these
chronic inflammatory conditions and it
turns out that none of those things that
I thought were just a chronic part of my
life were that they’re all gone I don’t
have them anymore and that makes me very
happy to say that and so as I’ve went
through this journey this dietary
nutritional journey it’s occurred to me
that out here is the standard of stupid
American diet this the standard UK
Canadian Australian diet and then when
you tighten that up and you get rid of
all the liquid dairy and you get rid of
all the inflammatory grains and you get
rid of all the vegetable oils then you
got paleo right it’s much better diet
but it’s not and it’s for some people
this is wonderful
I stay right here forever and they feel
great for other people they have to
tighten that up even more to the
low-carb high-fat diet right then
I feel better and then they say yep this
is it I feel great I’m gonna stay right
other people have to tighten it up even
more into the ketogenic diet right and
that’s where many many people feel the
best they felt in decades and they stay
right there but there are some of us and
I’m one of those who I had to tighten it
up even more into the carnivore diet
where I eat only meat and animal
products and that’s honestly where I
felt my best I’ve only been doing it for
three months like I said and I don’t
know if I’ll keep doing it forever and I
don’t and I don’t recommend it to my
patients or even to you yet it’s still
just an experiment but it’s something I
want you to know about there are so many
people out there who have never
considered that what they eat could make
a difference in their health of course
we all say oh you should eat better bla
bla bla but we don’t really take it to
heart we don’t really we might know it
but we don’t know it right and that’s
what I’m trying to do today is wake you
up a little bit and slap you around a
little bit and say hey no it really does
matter alot and so if you’re tired of
taking tons every day if you’re tired of
taking Clarendon every day for your
allergies if you’re tired of buying that
expensive shampoo for your dandruff if
you’re tired of all this stuff and all
the prescription medications perhaps
just perhaps you should try to change
your diet because that’s what all your
body parts are made of right so why why
would the carnivore diet I mean it meat
causes cancer meat causes heart attack
and stroke me meat causes your
cholesterol to go up right we all know
that’s true well it turns out that
probably none of that’s true when you go
back and look at the research the
research was either cherry-picked and
faked or it’s just observational studies
and and
survey studies that you really can’t
prove causation from you can only find
correlations and some of the
correlations in the studies are very
very very weak kind of like the one
correlation you may have heard about
that that every time a new Nicholas Cage
movie came out the incidence of home
swimming pool drownings increased and
that was absolutely true they did a
study and it was it was there’s a
positive correlation between those two
but it doesn’t mean that Nicholas Cage
caused you to drown in your swimming
pool right it’s just a correlation it’s
just a coincidence
and so many of these studies when you
look at them the the correlation between
eating meat and cancer or heart attack
or higher cholesterol was barely even a
coincidence and definitely wasn’t you
couldn’t even call it a true correlation
from the states but news media love to
jump on these studies and make a big
deal out of them and that’s why you may
think you know something that you really
don’t know because it’s just not true
and so the why is is that it seems that
a meat diet for some people a good whole
meat whole food organic meat diet
grass-fed and animals treated the way
animals are supposed to be treated
seems to be a very very uninflated diet
it seems that it can it’s even more
uninflated ori than the ketogenic diet
for some people and so that’s why I want
to I want you to read about this and
consider giving this a try how long
should you do it well here’s the thing
nobody knows because there’s never been
any research done about it and a lot of
you out there right now are going oh ha
I knew it had been proven but here’s the
caveat with that you know that American
diabetic Association diet that you may
be eating just how many studies have
proven that that’s effective none the
American Heart Association diet now
that’s a very academic you know
intellectual diet that has to have been
proven by multiple randomized control
trial studies to reduce your risk of
heart no actually no they’re not a
single study shows that that diet is any
better for heart patients than any other
diets okay now the a da and a HD a diet
may be a little better for you than the
stupid American diet the standard
American diet the sad diet but not much
and then you can’t even prove that they
are better because there’s never been an
RCT or a randomized controlled trials
study done to prove that and so don’t
don’t think you know what you know
because a lot of times you’ve been told
something it’s just not the case so we
don’t know how long I’ve been doing it
for about three months and for for my
patients who are inquisitive about it
they want to know about it they’re
curious I say hey just try it for a
try to eat nothing but fatty cuts of
meat you can add butter you can add egg
yolks because those are animal products
and just see how you feel in a month if
you don’t feel any better go back to
eating keto go buy
low carb high fat go back to eating
paleo but please please never ever ever
go back to eating the stupid American
diet okay who should try this well well
again we don’t know for sure but it
seems to make sense that people whose
ancestry used to eat meat heavy diet
would probably benefit the most from a
meat heavy diet so people of Nordic
descent of Inuit descent anybody who
lived at the very northernmost latitudes
or and perhaps even the southernmost but
more so the northernmost latitudes
because we’ve been living there longer
they might benefit from an all meat
carnivore diet also if you’ve ever had
your your DNA checked by 23andme or some
of the other companies you may have
found that you have a high percentage of
Neanderthal DNA looks like from the the
studies of their diets they were almost
exclusively carnivore so if you have if
you’re an order to sent and you also
have a very high percentage of
Neanderthal DNA then you might very well
benefit from the onion flam Ettore
carnivore diet I’m not recommending it
I’m not advocating it I’m just putting
it out there because I think in today’s
times you’re smart enough to know that
that you can’t blindly trust the experts
about your health and definitely about
your nutrition most of the experts have
taken money from big corporations or the
researchers at least been sponsored by
the big corporations and it’s human
nature to find what your paycheck
depends upon you finding right that’s
the law of human nature and so try the
carnivore diet read about it ask your
doctor about it see what you think about
it and then if it makes sense for you
and your situation try it for a month
and see how you feel now if you enjoyed
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