Keto ‘KFC Style’ Fried Chicken Recipe   All Protein Low Carb!

Keto ‘KFC Style’ Fried Chicken Recipe All Protein Low Carb!

July 26, 2019 0 By William Morgan

who thought KFC could be actually good for you I found out the perfect way we’re making my Tito fried chicken so as you know I’ve been doing fast food clones for a decade now and I’m on a low-carb keto diet and I’ve been thinking how can I bring fast food clones into my world how can I do that and one of the big ones obviously is KFC chicken it’s one of my most popular videos here on YouTube but how do I do that I was thinking of a flour substitute and I’m sticking almond flour mmm coconut flour and they do work but the texture isn’t the same so I thought long and hard about a flavorless flour type consistency that I can do the cave sea chicken with and then one night early in the morning I went I got it protein powder the flavorless protein powder works amazingly well and you will not spot the difference between the real thing and this one as well it’s protein on protein so firstly what you want to do into a bowl arrange your eleven herbs and spice mix which hasn’t changed for me I’ve got onion powder thyme leaves some basil ginger some paprika garlic powder some celery salt some oregano some dried mustard powder some black pepper some white pepper and some salt so mix all the spices around and then divide the mixture into two because one half we’re going to be adding in with the protein powder and then the other half we’re going to be adding to our almond milk so adding the protein powder give it a good mix around and you will see that it looks just like that dredging flour that you’re used to with homemade KFC chicken so just put that to one side for now now on our marinating mix which is going to make our chicken nice and tender I’m gonna be adding in an egg and also some almond milk to a bowl mix everything really really well and then I’m gonna pour it over my chicken now the chicken I’ve got here is cut up into three different ways I’ve got some Nuggets I’ve got some tenderloin size pieces and some breast size pieces as well and I’m also going to be cooking this two ways I’m gonna be trying it in the airfryer and I’m also going to be deep-frying up as well so you get the two results and I usually leave this for a few hours you can leave it for an hour if you want to you can do it overnight as well leave it in the fridge and it just makes the chicken so much more moist and takes on all those beautiful herbs and spices flavor breading station is super simple we take the chicken out of that almond milk spice mix place it into the protein powder spice mix now if you want to even crunchy a coating you can go back and double dip it’s up to you and to give it that real cave see look you want those sort of crack looking pieces on the chicken itself now like I said oh there’s two ways the first way is in the deep fryer now I’m going to be using coconut oil but if you wanted to you could use goose fat you could use bacon fat you can do is macadamia nut oil so you know the drill place the chicken in and you want to cook those pieces until they’re nice and golden brown on the outside to cook through obviously mine took about eight minutes in the fryer I kept taking them out just putting them back in and you get that really nice crunchy coating when you do that and of course drain them on a paper towel now alongside the deep-fried ones I’m also going to be air frying them I’ve got this air fryer most people have these now if you don’t they’re so cheap I think they’re selling them for like $80 now they’re really really inexpensive compared to what they were a couple of years ago I’m placing the chicken in and I am going to drizzle just a little bit of coconut oil on the top but not enough that the flavor is going to come through I set the degree set the timer much the same as I did deep frying them the only difference is I’m going to take them out halfway through and just turn them just so it’s all nice and crispy on each side and then you have a kiddo fried chicken KFC it tastes amazing let me tell you now let me tell you the difference between the two what I found is you a much better KFC flavor you get that real authentic flavor with the herbs and spices when you deep-fry it it’s much more milder some of that coconut does come through but you get the look of KFC chicken so really there’s two ways to do this either way it is delicious just look at how tender that chicken is on the inside it is so much so beautiful and the flavor is so good you will have no guilt eating this this is actually good for you so if you’re after the recipe and I reckon you will be check out the link to my website in the description that’s below if you did enjoy this recipe please give it a thumbs up and share it around with your friends and family and until next time have a fantastic day [Music]