Keto Fast Food Day Of Eating I The Fast Food Diet

October 21, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Oh some bacon fell on my shirt I’m still
gonna eat it it’s my body gosh hey
YouTube family so today is going to be a
keto fast food video otherwise known as
the fast food diet yeah as always you
guys sit back relax grab a snack maybe
even a trick and you know what enjoy the
video today is Saturday y’all I woke up
today like feeling all happy feeling
like just so great y’all and tell me why
I ended up like I was like to leave out
the house and I could not find my phone
I kid you not so I spent a good 30 to 45
minutes looking for my phone and y’all I
promise you I looked all over the house
and it ended up being in my bed
Like I told y’all today is Saturday and I’m
just not feeling the whole need to cook
it all today y’all like period we’re not
trying to cook so every single meal
today we are going to have is going to
be from a fast-food restaurant but we
are still going to keep it keto at those
restaurants and yeah y’all I’m like
pretty excited for today’s video cuz I
don’t think I’ve ever done a video like this
that’s fine anyways y’all so
let’s go ahead and go to the first fast
food restaurant y’all but keep it keto
friendly of course duh
hello yes may I
have one steak patty yes and then may I
also have two round eggs drinks are our
dollar right okay may I just have I
don’t need a large man I just have a
medium Diet Coke
a few moments later
okay also as you
can see I ordered one steak patty two
round eggs I was thinking about ordering
some other stuff but I was like nah
let’s not be extra tell y’all something
I don’t know if I ever told you this but
I used to work for McDonald’s I let me
leave my window oh so y’all I started
off working at McDonald’s being like a
birthday hostess type person so I was
like doing all the birthday parties with
the little kids y’all I used to have so
much fun doing that
then I became a cashier then I became a
crew trainer then I had the opportunity
with my with the City of Greenville to
do an internship it was like the first
ever it’s called Go Greenville
internship program and I did an
internship in marketing / human
resources with the office of McDonald’s
and um that was so much fun y’all
like I when I say real-deal like I
planned on working for like the
corporate of McDonald’s just love
McDonald’s so much I still do you know
whatever but um yeah so um after my
internship I ended up like still working
with them. McDonald’s paid a lot for my tuition
and I will forever be grateful for that
today I’m like no if ands or buts about
that because they didn’t have to do that
but um yeah and I ended up working like
for the actual office of McDonald’d and y’all couldn’t tell me anything y’all
Y’all I had McDonald’s food every
single day I am the McDonald’s plug like
I can finesse like my order to make it
cheaper because I know all of it like I
know how to order my food thank you how
are you so you ought to help me keep
track of how long I’ve been intermittent fasting I’ve been using the
app called zero
pretty helpful like I used to use it and
then I deleted it so now I’m back I want
to doing a yes
hashtag accountability over here y’all
I’m gonna put the screenshot of it right
here of my time frame of how long I’ve
been fasting I am so ready to eat this
okay you guys so Keto at McDonald’s we
have one steak patty so opposed to
ordering like a whole sandwich y’all and
saying no bread no what I do
hashtag McDonald’s plug y’all coming at
you right now you asked for a steak
patty and then just do two round eggs
those real eggs that’s this right here
round eggs because they actually use
actual eggs real eggs that’s why it’s
called that yeah okay okay here’s my
receipt y’all one steak patty was $1.99
two round eggs is 360 hmm do the round
eggs go up I don’t know but okay I am
one large Diet Coke y’all I asked her
for one medium coke clearly she knew I
needed that large coke so we go go with
it and a total was 659 so yeah I feel
like I’m really over here adulting now
because I used to not like onions like
okay I would like my food to be cooked
in onions but I don’t want to see the
onions period but now y’all like I feel
like I’m a real adult now because I’m
starting to like onions real now I don’t
know who I am anymore you know you can
either eat it like a little sandwich
like this or you can just like you know
cut it up like a civil um person would
do yeah but right now I’m just gonna eat
it like I said once because just I’m
gonna do
glad she gave me this large straight
because whoo I am thirsty I’ve been
drinking water all day
well whatever and y’all know that you
can add cheese to your meal that’s great
at all but since we are over here doing
basically keto dairy free not by choice
but by force you know okay y’all so we
are done eating we are gonna go home for
a little bit let the food settle and all
that goodness and then we’re gonna head
to the gym I’ll show you a little bit of
what today’s workouts gonna be um I
think today I’m gonna do like a full
body workout y’all know how I feel about
all this new equipment the giome whoo is
so much fun so yeah I’m so excited about
today’s workout okay YouTube family so
change of outfit let me tell y’all I
gotta be 100% transparent y’all because
I am documenting my keto weight loss journey here
and so yeah so the sweater I had like
it’s like a hoodie it’s a gymshark cropped hoodie y’all um and I’m okay
with wearing it like when I’m just
walking around or whatever but when I’m
like working out I’m just like too
insecure about my body right now y’all
like I like my body I’ll say that I
really do like it but when I’m working
out I’m not comfortable in wearing like
cropped stuff yet because we’re just now
um you know getting consistent on keto
intermittent fasting all that good
things and working out like doing the
whole look the Holy Trinity over here
that’s what it’s called we are doing the
Holy Trinity so that’s how I’m gonna say
if now when I’m doing all of it so been
doing the Holy Trinity y’all
consistently for six days I’m so spirit
fingers and so um yeah if I would have
already been doing that you know I’ll be
walking to the gym with crop tops and
all that cute stuff and all that stuff
y’all but I’m just not comfortable right
now so we have on the shirt have it tied
up but I have on a shirt and then you
know eventually we will be wearing crop
tops and being all extra cute in the gym
yeah anyways y’all so we are about to go
to the gym today is gonna be a full body
workout day I am gonna have a little bit
of this no cow blue cobbler bar y’all
let me tell ya I don’t know what is why
no babe I like these
now y’all and I know they have like a
my mother said at her own mouth said
they taste like dirt and they do think
like dirt y’all but when you combine it
like when you like eat it and have some
water I don’t know what it is but I like
it now so I don’t know if it’s just me
being weird but I have to drink every
water for me to really like it
so y’all while I was working out I was
sipping on some Powerade zero sugar
sports to drink so good I’m just a mixed
berry kind God no I love this one um
today’s workout was pretty great it
wasn’t even that many people there at
the gym probably couldn’t Saturday so I
don’t know y’all maybe I’m gonna start
working out on a Saturday and use one of
the weekdays of the rest day and keep
sunday as a rest day because we’re not
working out on Sunday that’s the Lord’s
Day I’m so ready to have my second meal
of the day so let’s go ahead and get
into it
keep it keto at a fast-food restaurant
May I have the powerful menu and
may I have it like with um steak no sour
cream no cheese no rice I’m sorry my
orders gonna be a little complicated
just a little bit okay and then may I
have no rent stalls and jalapeno sauce
and add jalapeno peppers I also get some
Madden hot sauce and no drink cuz I have
water I don’t need it no I always
forgets to tell them light pico oh I’m
so ready to eat
like I feel like I’m about to die and I
I ain’t not too long ago thank you you
too Oh y’all they accidentally forgot to
not include the ranch sauce and it’s
perfectly fine and someone has a
background and like actually working in
a fast-food restaurant I feel like
that’s something everyone should have to
do like it should be required because it
teaches you so much like some people
would get angry about that but it’s not
even that big of a deal like the keto
lifestyle if we’re being real y’all it’s
a little difficult when you’re used to
people order them typically the same
thing every day and the inherent some of
us coming in I mean like no we can’t
have this you can’t have that we can’t
have that add this at you know it gets a
little um difficult for cashiers so just
be patient with them plus y’all the girl
at the window she was really nice very
pretty young lady and so like that just
made it better than the fact that she
was nice about it cuz you know she would
had attitude I would’ve gave her a
little uh whatever but it’s okay since
we sitting here chillin
what is something oh we all go to chop a
bill what are y’all typically order I’m
curious to know y’all in the words of
Goody Beats don’t be jealous cause
y’all this food looks off the chain and
I’m ready to eat it yum yum yum just
realize and they still put some black
beans in here but it’s okay I can just
take that out because as long as they
don’t have rice because rice is just too
small but I can avoid the black beans we
are a happy people okay don’t get bad
moral of the story is don’t get mad eat
your food and be happy and grateful cuz
there’s people who wish they could
happen I don’t know where my receipt is
y’all she gave me my receipt I just
don’t know where my receipt is but I
think the price was dollars fifty eight
I think it’s that some around better
mountain y’all I just don’t know where
my receipt is is in the car just it got
lost my car ate it up
one eternity later
ok YouTube family so we are currently in
the drive-thru I was playing on going
inside but y’all I have on these shorty
shorts and I don’t need to go inside at
all these are real deals shorty shorts
oh yeah I’m gonna say myself in the car
mom is here in the car let me show y’all
hi how ya doing it’s been a great day
son have shine in my life today
oh okay hello how are you a man have
just the sandwich the grilled bacon
jalapeño burger but man have it with no
cheese no cheesy sauce y’all remember
how I told y’all about the spicy chicken
nuggets that wendy’s have you know I had
temptation I I kind of wanted to get it
right in because we’re a consistent
Queen over here day six of being
consistent y’all yay yeah I can’t
remember exactly what she said the price
was gonna be but I got money to blow
over here
just kidding y’all I think
it’s so cute that we actually have
Wendy’s right up there so cute to me
well um yeah so y’all this was on me I
forgot to tell them to hold the bun and
I for one do not like wasting food but
I’m not gonna eat it maybe I could like
feed birds with it oh no
just very simple from Wendy’s I
sometimes get this and I sometimes get
like some beef with you know bacon
lettuce and all that great stuff but I’m
so this is just lettuce bacon and
grilled chicken I just wanted some
chicken today y’all like I needed
chicken in my life so that’s what I’m
having for dinner I’m sorry to eat this
like I’m so happy and to drink oh I’m
just gonna finish up my zero sugar power
a makes berry drink and I also have
water as will not really that much I
have a drink so much water being like a
h2o Queen a hydrating Queen yeah
Oh some bacon fell on my shirt I’m still
gonna eat it it’s my body gosh y’all
just hits the soul right now I don’t
know if this is gonna be something we
typically do over here on our channel
but I really like doing it so I don’t
know maybe yeah yeah yeah I would love
for y’all to comment down below and tell
me how y’all keep it keto at fast food
restaurants because they’ll help me out
get new ideas and you know not to order
the same thing cuz that’s boring but I
do decide to have like a dessert I’m
gonna insert the clip right here so
y’all food is right I’m having some halo
top dairy-free candy bar ice cream yeah
I know I love this one I just need my
Walmart or Kroger to get in some new
dairy-free halo top flavors that would
be awesome because I want to try more
flavors so you guys if by any chance you
are new to the channel welcome to the
fam I’m over here documenting my keto
weight loss journey
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y’all enjoyed it and let me know down
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trying different things here on my
channel yeah cuz I’ll be fun you know so
as always if you don’t hear it from
anyone else I love you so stay blessed
and I will see you in the next video
which will be Wednesday alright y’all I
hope y’all having a great Monday yeah
cuz that’s when this video will go out
yeah I will see you on Wednesday
hashtag hump day love y’all! Byeeeee 🙂