Keto Easter Chocolates | Sugar Free, Low Carb,  High Fat  Recipe | No Excuse Girl

Keto Easter Chocolates | Sugar Free, Low Carb, High Fat Recipe | No Excuse Girl

July 31, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Hi everyone! It’s Esther here. I hope you’re
doing well. I’m so excited to share with you
my ketogenic easter chocolates. They’re sugar
free. Uh, pretty much non existent in carbs.
And, the taste really really amazing. So,
I can’t wait to show you how I make these.
It’s super easy to make. Um, but first I just
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rumor has it there’s going to be some really
really cool stuff in there! Now I want to
get to how we can make these ketogenic easter
chocolates! So, for this recipe I’m just going
to go over the ingredients that you’ll need
really quick. So, we have one cup of coconut
oil here. And we have 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
extract. I have 4 tablespoons of organic stevia.
4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder.
4 tablespoons of almond butter. Or you can
use peanut butter. If you’re sensitive to
nuts or some people I know can’t keto adapt
with nuts if you’re on a ketogenic diet. You
can just leave that out. It’s like an optional
ingredient. But I kind of like that nutty
taste with my chocolates. And then we have
4 tablespoons of coconut butter. And 4 tablespoons
of regular butter. So I used this Kerrigold
Pure Irish Butter. It says milk from grassfed
cows. So that’s what you want to look for.
And, just make sure when you’re getting your
coconut butter, that the only ingredient is
organic raw coconut. There shouldn’t be anything
else added. And, same thing with your nut
butters. Whether you use peanut butter or
almond butter, or whatever you want to use.
Um, the only ingredient in here is almonds.
So, if you see that they’re adding like, sugars
or a bunch of other stuff, I say just throw
it away completely. Because that stuffs bad
for you. And this is the unsweetened cocoa
powder that I used. And the organic stevia.
And I got organic pure vanilla extract. I
also have some coconut oil in here. Because
the first thing I’m going to do is coat my
molds with coconut oil so that the chocolates
are easier to get out. And I just got these
molds from a craft store. They’re really cute.
They’re shaped, they’re made from the brand
Peeps. Like, the candy. So, they’re shaped
like the Peeps characters. So, it’s the chicken
and the bunny. Really really cute. And what
I would suggest is that you place this on
something sturdy like a cutting board. Because
it you don’t, when you go to like transfer
this to the refrigerator it’s going to get
all over the place. I know cause I messed
up like the first two times I did this! So,
the first thing I’m going to do is just coat
the molds with the coconut oil. And then what
we’re going to do is we’re going to uh, take
this sauce pan. We’re going to put it on medium-low
heat. And, I’ll grab a stirring spoon. And
we’re going to put all the butter into this
sauce pan and melt them together. So, there’s
the almond butter. The coconut butter. And
the regular butter. And the reason why I like
to do it this way. Like you could put everything
else in but I find that I can’t really see
how it’s melting together. And I want to make
sure I get a consistent chocolate sauce at
the end of this. And once you add in the cocoa
powder you can’t really see it mixing because
the cocoa powder is so dark. So I like to
melt the butters first. And then put in the
rest of the ingredients after. So, we’ll let
this melt. Okay, and when the butter is nice
and melted you then want to add in the vanilla
extract. The stevia. The coconut oil. And,
the cocoa powder. And, again you just want
to keep mixing it until you get a very even
consistency. And I would go ahead and start
turning the heat down a little lower. Maybe
even turn it off. Because it’s already hot
and you don’t want to burn it. So, yeah, I
just went ahead and turned it off. It should
melt together pretty nicely by now. Omigod
it smells so good! Okay so now that we have
our chocolate sauce made. Now all we need
to do is get them into these molds. So I’m
taking this funnel. And this is really cool.
I got this at a craft store. I got the molds
at a craft store too. But you just pour it
in here and you can um, pull this up. Like,
this little thing. And the chocolate will
come out. And it just keeps it like nice and
neat because at first I did it with a spoon
and I was pouring it in. But it was getting
all over the edges of the mold. And, it just
didn’t look pretty. So this way you keep it
nice and neat and nothing goes to waste. So
I’m just going to pour this into the funnel.
And I’ll get it nice and full. And then, I’ll
start filling the molds. So I’ll just very
slowly pull this little trigger. Alright,
there we go! Opps. I figured out the amount
pretty well. It fits perfectly into these
molds. But you can use whatever molds you
want. Just depending on the size of the molds
the macros might come out a little differently.
So, you just have to kind of figure that out.
But, here this makes 12 pieces of chocolate.
With that amount of ingredients. I’ll put
the macros and everything up on my blog for
you guys to see. But the macros are going
to fit 12 pieces of chocolate. So, if you
use smaller molds or something like that,
the macros might be a little bit different.And
now that I got the molds filled I’m just going
to put them in the refrigerator. And, when
they’re nice and done meaning, they’re not
runny at all. They’ll be a solid piece of
chocolate. We can eat them! So, I will taste
one with you when they’re done. And, tell
you how it tastes. Even though I already know
they’re really good because I eat these. I’ve
been eating these for like the past week.
So, I’m just going to take this and put it
in the fridge. Alright, and I’ll see you guys
when they’re done. I’ll try them out and see
how they taste. Okay guys so the chocolates
are done. I took most of them out of the molds
and put them into these little baggies. And
I put easter ribbons of different colors on
them. Just to make them look colorful. And
it’s really cute if you want to give them
to one of your friends or co-workers. Just
make sure you keep these in the refrigerator
because they do melt really really quickly.
So you don’t want to just leave them out.
You want to keep them refrigerated until you’re
ready to eat them. But I kept a couple out
so that I can try them with you guys. So here’s
the bunny and here’s the chicken. So, I don’t
know if you guys can see that but they look
just like the Peeps. So, let’s try it out!
MMMM. It’s so good. It’s rich, it’s chocolatey.
It’s sweet! But I guarantee you when you eat
this, you’re not going to get a big insulin
spike. You’re not going to want to crash later.
These will make you feel really good and calm
that sweet craving. And give you all the healthy
fats that you need. But, that’s it. Thank
you guys so much for tuning in and for watching
my recipe. If you try it let me know in the
comments below. I’d love to hear what you
think of it. And I will be having more recipes
coming up for you guys hopefully in the future.
So if you like what you see please give me
a thumbs up. And subscribe to my channel to
support me so that I can keep making videos
like this. Thank you guys so much. I’ll see
you later. Bye everyone!