October 24, 2019 5 By William Morgan

hello guys it’s Iva Scelfo welcome to my
channel and welcome to day 28 of my 30
days keto diet summer transformation
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it’s almost 2 o’clock so we’re really
you’re ready to break our fast and get
some munch started so I’m gonna make
some of brunch and breakfast patties
using some ground turkey 8520 alene I’m
gonna put some garlic in there I’m gonna
use some Oregon or leave some salt some
pepper and some Chipotle’s seasoning
just make the patties and I’m gonna fry
up some eggs and use some extra virgin
olive oil
and oh damn quick homemade turkey
patties on top of an egg and I just
added some bit of spinach with it and
some tomatoes and I’m gonna enjoy it
turkey patties were great I do enjoy
them better when I make them from
scratch we used to buy the store-bought
one already pre-done but they were
usually too salty and I didn’t enjoy
them as much as I when I can actually
pick which spices I want to put in so
today’s lunch was really really good it
was full of healthy good fats so it’s
gonna keep us full throughout the whole
afternoon I’m ready to have a little
snack so I made myself a cup of coffee
and I’m gonna have this Colby jack
string cheese which has about 80
calories so that’s gonna be my snack and
I’ll make my own a couple of
strawberries as well
this dog was in previous life some kind
of famous soccer player like it’s she
possible we had a couple of errands to
run so we also stopped at Ollie’s just
to pick up a couple things and also some
pork for tonight’s dinner as I don’t
have time really for cooking I’m just
gonna pop it on the grill quickly I
picked up another riced cauliflower just
in case you know I don’t have time
cooking like I didn’t last time just to
have it in the freezer that still was on
sale and this is the meat we picked up
for tonight’s dinner
it’s pork sirloin roast it’s not on a
deck in horror garlic and herbs and I’m
gonna put it on the grill this is gonna
probably make four or six portion for us
so it was a pretty good buy I get some
extra sharp cheddar for my cheese chips
which I love then we got another a head
of cauliflower it was $2.00 so I love
it then I got three zucchinis some of
these turkey sausages snacks this were
really good so I’m excited about those
and then some grape tomatoes and some
romaine lettuce for salads and the
lettuce boats and we picked up some
extra pork sausages wrap love this
breakfast sausages I made today he did
not even know it was turkey so this time
he doesn’t have to feel cheated so I
took pork sausage for him and because we
were out we picked up also some black
cheese and this time it’s a Monterey
Jack and let’s start the dinner I was at
a busy day we were running some errands
robbed was working on a truck there are
some stuff he needs to replace so he was
working on that I do like these daily
vlogs because it exactly show you that
not every day you’re gonna be making any
fancy keto recipe creations it’s just
real life with real time for real people
so as you can tell like sometimes I do
have a time and I feel like I’m gonna
create some a new recipe and something
amazing and you like I did yesterday I
am too then those days like today are
that I do not have time or I don’t feel
like cooking and we just pick up
something already at the store
pre-marinated or I just quickly marinate
some piece of meat and throw some
veggies on the grill and that’s just it
well it’s rob birthday tomorrow so I
wanted to show you what wine we picked
out because I think it’s pretty funny we
get white Savion Blanc which cause
flirty bird and we got this Cabernet
Sauvignon which is a winking owl so I
don’t know if you heard about these of a
Nerys but we all about supporting the
local businesses and how do you feel
about it
I know it’s my birthday
as a side dish for rap I’m just gonna
grill some zucchini so I’m gonna just
probably have some spinach as by the
time the pork will be done it’s gonna be
about 10 o’clock and I don’t really
wanna eat that late in the night so I am
gonna just have a spinach mmm after half
of an hour with the pork Lucas done and
look what time is it today
and here is I just made a set of spinach
and put four ounces of meat Rob is
having a girl zucchini and five ounces
of meat and some what is this roasted
garlic dressing roasted garlic dressing
fancy well I’m not that fancy so I’m
just having a non-organic towson
highland this is my favorite there was
amazing pork I do laughs when pork is
marinated for a little longer it just
makes the meat of really tender and
really good so we did enjoy it that
little side spinach was just perfect for
me it’s about 10:30 so we shot we’re
gonna go watch the last episode of the
season 6 of Sons of Anarchy skipping any
kind of desserts or munchies tonight and
let’s just do the last thing for the day
day 28 of our 30 days keto diet summer
transformation challenge is officially
over thank you guys so much for watching
today’s video and for joining us on this
30 days Kyo journey for weight loss if
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